Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today I went to a Science Competition to SMK Taman Tasik with my friend, Ameera under a teacher, Puan Norzila. There are lots of contestants there! We had to go through 5 stations-slowing paper helicopter, using microscope, chemical mixup, water from a can, and weigh vs mass. It's fun!!!My school was the 4th in the competition. Same as the previous year but better luck next time!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello! TaikaHo

Hello! I am Sharon and I am 15. I am currently studying in TMGS and will sit for PMR this year. So please be patient as I am busy for my exams!!!
My blog will be filled with short stories and poems. Interested? Well, live to learn and learn to live, so it is always better to share ideas...;)
大家好!我是Sharon, 今年15岁。我就读于太平美以美女子中学,并将面对初中评估考试。所以,请耐心等待哦,因为我正忙着应付考试呢!