Friday, April 30, 2010

The Climb

Very nice! You''ll love it!

Pressure, Kiss Me Goodbye

Yahoo... pressure gone now...

I quit the NILAM... very stressful... because of it I slept at 1 am daily and fell asleep during Chemistry class...

Then it was the Public Speaking. Cannot speak well... sigh... cannot bag a prize...

Later it was the Physics class. I slept late at the previous day but not tired today! Congrats! (haha...syok sendiri...)

However, I was humiliated during Add Maths class for answering the question wrongly. Not the teacher, but the "Telur Busuk #2"! Do not ask me who I meant as I prefer to keep her anonymous. @#$%!@#!^$#&^@#$$@!!!

Anyway, I love this day. What a once in a lifetime chance... the internet runs well!!!







Saturday, April 24, 2010


Frisky little creature it is
Cute little pet it is
And fluffy its fur as it is

It is helpful, can catch mice
And remove the malice
But likes rice
And hates ice

Green eyes, so pretty
But beneath it is infinity
It can see you and till it scare
And see if you dare

Cat family, a long while ago
Was so big and magnificent
Now many have meet their end
And will never reach the happy end...

Cats may be at times malignant
But it is our cute little friend
Chase the mice, chase the lice
And make us feel nice......

I Have a Dream

I have a little dream
I have a little hope
I have a little song
To sing...

I want to achieve the stars
I want to reach the unreachable
Beat the unbeatable
Beat the impossible

I want to reach for the stars
I want to gain everything
I want to sing the unsingable song
Realise the impossible dream

It is not a simple soap opera
It is a reality
Without dignity and diligence
It will be an infinity

If you put in some effort
You will reach the impossible
Brave the currents and winds
And reach for the stars and galaxies...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's Saragame by Boys. Full of Moral values. you must enjoy!

Weekly Happenings...

There are quite many items which happen this week. I'll tell you guys one by one:

  • The profits for Canteen Day is unknown. Yet we were reprimanded for not being able to earn as much as the Methodist Girls' School, which gained six-figures for their Canteen Day, despite the hard work and dedication we had poured in. Hello, you want RM33000, now the profit was unknown and we were scolded just because we are not as siperior as the others? WE ARE HUMANS AND WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST!!!

  • Yeah, school Chinese teacher has showed some progress at least. More hardworking now! Hurrah!
  • Renjer Puteri "Adat Istiadat" Practice. Hehe, I don't know how to say that in English... Sorry ya! Quit hot all right... T.T

  • The Physics tuition again. The teacher thought about the safety features in a car. Later when she talked about air resistance, she related it with the athletes. According to her, the athletes with a flat front cannot run fast. Thus, it is quite unfair as some athletes do not have flat fronts and can run fast. Don't faint when she offers the "Best" solution: Every athletes, tie a board at your front and run!


  • I love this day. Treasure Hunt and Spelling Bee for English Week! Treasure Hunt needs brains and brawn. My sports house, Horley (Green House) managed to reach the end FIRST!!! Somehow the winner is yet to be found.
  • The Speeling Bee (Open Category) was held right after the Treasure Hunt. it was so fun spelling around with friends. And oh my, how cruel is Puan Surinder's remarks towards those who were expelled!


  • What has happened to the youths today? Simply dump their babies everywhere. That was what I saw on the school noticeboard. Babies for prayers! Oh my, the God will be angry!
  • To my horror demerits are everywhere. Late homework and Facebooking about the teachers were wrong as well! Merit points were hard to find... Even prefects are not spared...
  • But the good news is... No schooling time on Monday! Yay! But as a result, we have a super-duper BIG "HOLIDAY PACKAGE"! Oh my God, can't you spare us just for three days?!!
  • And there was no electricity for the night. Cannot enjoy online hours... T.T

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Canteen Day

Today was the school Canteen Day. Eveyone was making preparations for their stalls. However, it was a bad start for my class. The paper table covers were ruined by the rain. Therefore, we had to make them all over again.
Later, it was the opening ceremony. Oh My God, the officer was LATE!!! After a brief speech, my friend, Xin Ying and I walked around the school and had a shopping spree. We ate a lot from my stall and 502.
10.00am was my working hour. I sold a lot of food with my friends. I had to be there until 2.00 pm. Sigh... Why must I do continuous shift? IT'S SO UNFAIR!!! We had to do until very late.
Anyway, this day might be a successful day...

Friday, April 9, 2010



No Lessons TODAY!!!

Oh my, it was such an exclusive day. Today we did not study for the sake of the School Canteen Day's preparations which will be held tomorrow. Many stalls will be there on that day, and there will be even horse-riding, "Kota Sesat" by 503 students, Horror House by 403 students and song dedications from my class (401). Fancy joining the fun?

Today, every class was setting up and decorating their stalls. It was quite enjoyable. All the students cooperated at their best. Our class? 2-in-1! Some did the song dedications, while the others did the stall. Our stall is "Green Mazeltov". We will sell fried mushroom, bear cake, fried chicken, mashed potato, milk shake, iced Horlicks, Iced Milo, and chocolate with marshmallow-at quite reasonable prices.

Besides, today, everyone were free to move around. I went to my friends' classes to see that what was going on. Everyone were taking part.

I really hope that the Canteen Day will be a success...





Friday, April 2, 2010

Music Mania~XD

Recently I gone really music mania... Since the day I joined the Aerobics Club and had to listen to the music often... Besides, I have started going gaga to Lady Gaga's music as well! What was more, I had to train aerobics with three of my friends with that music as well!
Later, there was a song dedication activity in conjunction with the upcoming Canteen Day. Songs which were subscribed were broadcasted everyday during the Program Gemilang period (1:50pm-2:30pm). Wow, so much music to enjoy...!!!
Now I was really going crazy over music...and MORE MUSIC!!! I even visited Youtube often especially on Fridays just fore more MUSIC! If this was going to happen at my home, I wonder what will happen... I will dance till I drop everyday...
But there is a hitch---actually I know only some titles, don't even know some of the singers... Muahahaha!!! I am quite an odd-minded person, right???!!!

Canteen Day

Come to my School Canteen Day, guys!!!
Venue: SMK(P) Treacher Methodist, Taiping
Time: 7:30am-4:00pm
Horror House
Movie (Open to public of not for this is unknown to me...)
Yummy foodies
Come have some fun while doing charity work. Arigato and Sayonara~

English Month

April is the school's English Month. Yesterday, the month began with the Roll Call in English in place of the usual Malay Language. How nice!

Then, it was the opening ceremony. The speeches by the teachers on the importance of the English Language. Later is the most interesting activity of the day-Spell It Right. I got two prizes-notebook and key chain. Well, everyone was wondering why the School Genius cun Head Prefect-Esther did not show. I'll till you a hint...she was the one who set those questions! Ha ha!

After that, it was the singalong session. My class lead the school sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Sigh... If I sing more, I will sleep... so boring...
Well, I will join the Public Speaking at 29 April 2009. Anyway, speak English, LOVE English!
Thanks to all!!!