Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 4 第四篇)

The lessons officially began. End of orientation. I'm proud to announce that...


Reports, committee list and all... And they were to be completed in a couple of minutes. As I've mentioned earlier, Form 6 is all about "Sense of Urgency", thus it is just normal to complete them while the Pengajian Am lessons are on.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I would like to invite you guys to join this! I sponsor Doodles. :D First time getting honoured to be a sponsor man! #Touched

Okay sorry for the interruption but I was just too excited to be a sponsor!!!

My class teacher was the ever cheerful Mister Sri Rengan, who happened to be my Pengajian Am teacher as well. I was fortunate that the lessons were not at the least monotonous under him! He did not read straight out of the book; instead, he explained them in detail and in an enthralling manner. Well, that's what a Pengajian Am teacher should be in my opinion! (Remember that day when I posted that Pengajian Am resembled a mixture of History and Civic Education?)

Guess I will have to read it up although I hate memorizing stuff. :X

There comes the essays. Urgh! I have not wrote a single Malay Essay after those months after SPM! Sure enough, my essay turned up horrible and it failed to keep to the word limit. Guess it is high time for me to brush up my writing skills now.

As for Chemistry and Mathematics, I still fail to make  head or tail to comprehend to the lessons lectured. Time indeed flies! In one split second, the teacher has covered THREE topics. Gosh! I bet I will fail my Mathematics. :'(

Guess there's no need to mention the homework overload. (That's why I called myself Miss Roti Canai! Ha ha.) Despite that, I still managed to sneak some time out for my favourite activity-BLOGGING!!!

How I wish that there was blogging class in From 6 and university! That will be fun!

By the way, do pray for me that I will soon get recruited into Teacher Training and my Contest will go smoothly. 2 JUNE. June will be really eventful to me. Good luck Sharon!

#And sorry for the mini post by the way. I've to hurry my homework now.

Stay tuned peeps!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 3 第三篇)

Four days without update is just like four centuries to me. Homework is annoying, seriously, but what can I do? It is for my future!

Okay guys and girls, before I begin babbling again, do allow me to give a piece of advice to this year's batch of SPM students:


It is pathetic if you do!

The Chemistry lessons were on. Page after page of handouts were distributed to us right after the briefing. My eyes were fixated onto the paper at first. They opened widely, and I almost shrieked in horror.


Scoring a brilliant A+ in Chemistry in SPM was ridiculous at that moment. My mind went blank.

Fortunately there were just some facts which remained glued in my mind. Without any hesitation, I hastily scribbled down the answers while peeping at my friends' answers, hoping for high scores.

Sure enough, I got HALF of the questions right!

We took turns to answer the questions on the whiteboard. Mu luck! Question on alcohol! I have returned the alcoholic stuff to the teacher eras ago!

My hand was trembling immensely. Sweat trickled down my forehead and palms. I cannot answer it!

"Cikgu, saya tak tau lah!" (Teacher, I don't know this!) I gave an apologetic look.

Chuckling, the teacher whispered the answer into my ear.

Thank God!

Back to my seat, my friends asked me to show then the answers. My answers were indicated in black while those copied in blue.

"Genius! At least you still remember most of them!"

I was bewildered.


The Physics laboratory was just a flight of stairs away. Lugging my heavy, untidy bag, I hobbled up the stairs, only to find out that the boys had occupied the front spots.

"Good morning Sir", a weak chorus ensued.

Chairs roared in the laboratory, and in a split second the lessons officially began.

Dimensions of Physical Quantities.

For goodness sake, he merely copied down and read them in a hushed voice. Yes, READ them. A couple of minutes later he was out wiping racks, leaving us girls perplexed and lacked of solutions for the questions!

在我又再滔滔不绝地大吐苦水之前,先给今年SPM考生一个警告:(我很善良对不对? :P )










"Cikgu, saya tak tau lah!"(老师,我不会!)我满脸通红地对老师说。












(To be continued)(待续)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wait for me yeah!

Really busy these days with the homework and materials blog. I have loads of posts in my list waiting to be scribbled down.


  • YTM Camp
  • Form 6 life 中六生活
  • Chatbox Backgrounds 聊天室背景
  • My First Essay in Form 6. 第一篇作文

Oh, and I'll be opening a page specially for my blogs soon! Do support me yeah! :P
I'm looking for feedback for the content in my page and the design.


I have some wishes here: 我还有些小小愿望:

Pray for me that I'll get recruited into Teacher's Training! I love teaching and languages, and I promise I won't be a teacher that slacks behind the desk and get easy money.

Pray that I can master my Mathematics, fast enough!

Hope I can write better in my blog! As long as my voice is heard and my efforts are appreciated, it's enough!

Thanks guys! :')

Friday, May 25, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 2 第二篇)

It was the second week of orientation and we were briefed on the subjects to be learnt. New Syllabus in STPM! It should be easy alright? Unfortunately, no. (for me)


No if you are a lazy-bone. Yes if you are the bee who works hard for honey.


MUET (Malaysian University English Test) and Pengajian Am (General Studies) were made compulsory. For MUET, I could picture myself scribbling down essays at a furious pace and sitting for the listening test in an atmosphere filled with the cacophony from the motorcycles around. Pengajian Am? Hmm, it sounds more like a combination of History and Civic Education (So obviously it will hardly arouse my interest in the subject at all since I am a dreamy daydreamer who live in Fantasy-land. )

MUET(大马英文考试)和Pengajian Am是必考的。我能清楚地想像我考MUET时以高速胡乱地写下一篇作文,并在一个喧哗嘈杂的环境下做听写考试。(当然咯,这不是普通的听写哦。你要仔细地聆听所播放的资料,然后回答问题)Pengajian Am?我倒觉得它是历史和公民教育的混合体。(可见我对它没有丝毫兴趣,因为我是妄想家。哈哈!)

To make matters worse, I almost returned to dreamland as the speech on Pengajian Am began. My lousy ear simply could not pick up a thing (No, I cannot hear things well! Poor me.) and the raging levels of serotonin kept signaled me to switch off.

更糟糕的是,老师开始滔滔不绝地讲解Pengajian Am时,我差点呼呼大睡,什么都听不进耳。



The following days dragged past. Mathematics T was nowhere easy, and I stumbled even at the first chapter! (I have no idea to call it as Additional Mathematics or Technical Mathematics or whatsoever) With tears welling up in my eyes, blood vessels striking through the sclera which resembled thunder, and my head spinning fast. After getting briefed through the eighteen chapters (if I am not mistaken) in the subject, our lessons began immediately.




Functions should not be too big a challenge right? Not after you have not practised for five months. I was fortunate to have an ever-in-the-blur sister asking for me to help in Additional Mathematics constantly. Well, not for now. However, as the teacher spoke at the pace of a jet and went straight into the topic of graphs, I began to feel dizzy. I wrote-or should I say scribbled-down those formulas and graphs at an extremely slow pace while trying to make a head or tail of whatsoever that was taught.

#From the Internet of course. :P

Not too long later, there was homework. My mind went blank.


(To be continued)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 1 第一篇)

Yes, roti canai. Thin and yummy yet packed in calories, and that is what I am right now (but I'm not thin!)

If you are wondering the reason behind me calling myself as "Roti Canai", do take your time, sit back, enjoy your tea and read my post. I have changed the music and gave my diary a totally BLUE makeover!

Let me tell you how do my school look like. I have told you about the exterior, right?

Now the interior... LET'S GO!



#Please calm down everyone. Put your weapons and fists aside. I know I'll get a very good bashing for this!

Grilles and grilles and grilles. As I looked around the little school compound, these were abundant almost at every single staircase available. At that moment, I was wondering if I was in a castle or in an army camp after all. Old and haunted it is. Fortunately it did not freak me out! Yay to my guts! :P


The stairs in the main building lead to various parts of the school, which made going around the school quite complicated. I mean, just a little bit. You will get accustomed to the maze after a couple of days, so girls, do not worry! Do take a friend or two along wherever you go, though.


I was stunned when I noticed some of the classrooms do not have doors. Students had to sit for their examinations at the corridor. The canteen and cooperation shop were mini-sized. For the cooperation shop, I cannot walk in just as what I did back in high school. Here, you place your order and the cooperative shop assistants will sell it for you, just like typical counters.


For a plus-sized person like me, I will really be a roti canai here! Everything is mini-sized. Never mind I can put up with these! Ha ha. (You should learn how to adapt yourself anywhere at all times, okay Sharon?)


Nevertheless, I managed to find a green meadow and some beauty beneath the "castle" which looked like as if it has just survived from an apocalyptic battle. The La Salle Garden which was right in front of the tiny canteen never fail to greet the Georgians and Georginas with its infinite beauty and smile. Greens growing healthy, strong and lush, with flowers cheering up the otherwise solemn mood. The stairs, some still made of wood and were slanted at a moderately large angle, made the staircase seemingly haunted, yet intricate.


Different school, different environment. Stay as a precious princess and you will NEVER, EVER survive.


(Okay, I know that I'm nowhere good at describing buildings XP)

(To be continued)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To My Teachers

My History in Schooling:

Tadika Kasih Sayang 
SJK (C) Hua Lian Satu, Taiping (2001-2006)
SMK (P) Treacher Methodist, Taiping (2007-2011)

Currently studying Lower Six in Saint George's Institution, Taiping,

(Sorry for not being in the poetic mood today. Just a simple note to my beloved teachers. However, it came straight out of my heart.)


Teachers, I would not be in this place if not for your selfless dedication and patience towards your mission of grooming the younger generation into worthy leaders. 


Greater than the Sun you were, because you have illuminated our otherwise naive minds with the bright rays of wisdom. The rays which has brighten our minds. The rays which have shown us the journey of life ahead.


You gave us more than just knowledge. In fact, you are our mentor as well. You are with us, whenever the sky is literally crashing down.


Now that I am on the verge of entering adulthood and leave my honeymoon memories behind, I would like to thank all my teachers for guiding me (and putting up with my overly craziness and nuisance). 

If not for you, a brat would I be. A brat in the making. 





Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saya suka segmen mimi !

Okay, I am joining segments for the first time ever. Hopefully I can enter into your bloglist Mimi! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dedicated To My Mom

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Nightfall approaches and here I came
To view the world with wit and sane
A pain, to my mom, and a bane
But courage made her defied the pain

As I grew and face the sunshine
You were there, holding my hand
Guide me through, step by step
Throughout this funny little place called life

As I shed my tears
You were there to cuddle me
And listen to my moans and groans

As my face beamed in glee
You were always there
To share the seeds of glory and victory

And when I burst in flames
You set rain to the fierce fire
The sweet dew thy sprinkled across
For that sweet escape from Satan.

Mothers, you rewrote the glorious history
And yet chose to remain unknown
It were you, the greatest women all-time
To nurture and guide us kids
To strive for a better future
To paint the rainbow
To reach for the stars.


To all moms out there,

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! God Bless mothers. :)

(And hope you can enjoy my oh-so-unplanned poem yeah.)



Saturday, May 12, 2012

St george Institution, here I come! 圣乔治,我来也!(Part 2)


一开始,我们整大班高三新生被瓜分成十个小组。(昨天不是分好了吗?)小组是暂时性的,只限Orientation Week而已,以供游戏作用。当然,这也能使我们乘机认识新朋友哦!(本小姐目前只结交了女性朋友,看到男生,我就会脸红······)小组的”见面礼“既是自我介绍。哎呀,我真的不知道一生中要自我介绍几百、几千甚至几万次啊!自我介绍,即介绍你的名字以及最喜欢的电视节目和食物而已。我跟你们说,我最喜欢的食物是:

Day Two. (for me)

We Lower Six students were really privileged for being allowed not to wear the school uniform that day! Wearing it and I felt like if I am actually having a sauna, although it was obviously better than my high school uniform which looked kinda an apron. What do i wear? Sports attire obviously, DUH!

The whole bunch of us mischievous and rambunctious Lower Six students were divided into ten small groups. (Eh, I thought we were in groups previously?) The group was temporary and was strictly just for Orientation Week. for games and stuff. Of course it allows us to make new friends as well. (I have only made female friends for now. Boys made me blush!) Introduction about ourselves again for the start. Damn goodness. HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD I INTRODUCE MYSELF IN MY LIFE?  Okay well fine, we just need to tell our team mates our names, fave food and television show or movies. 

Here's a list of food which made my mouth water-I mean, flood!

Cakes 蛋糕(魅力无法挡!所以,可想而知我有多“瘦”,哈哈!)(So you can imagine how "slim" am I. Ha ha!)
fruits 水果
Mee Rebus
Mee Jawa
Vegetarian Food 素菜

还有很多呢!And MORE!




Television shows? Oh no, only food and variety shows manage to glue me in front of the television set. My fave movie will always be THE HUNGER GAMES!!! Fighting till death for life and food! :P

For an absent-minded student like me, I found it a rather challenging and difficult task to remember people's names, and trying to stash their fave food and movies add insult to injury. (THAT SERIOUS??!!) I need three days to remember your names, sorry for that.

We had a mini cheer competition that day. Nothing sophisticated nor bone-breaking actually-just throwing out your voice and shouting out slogans. Seems like my group was a way too daring and creative until we actually went on stage to perform our "cheer"...

Toma Toma Tomato

Pota Pota Potato

Tomato (拍掌两声)(Double Clap)

Potato (喝!)

One, Two, Three..

We Will We Will Rock You!

Tepuk La Salle!

Energy was all around, which lifted the otherwise solemn mood in the school-A LOT! *Thumbs up for the boys. 

(To be continued)

Friday, May 11, 2012

St george Institution, here I come! 圣乔治,我来也!(Part 1)




I have hibernated at home for almost half a year and got seven kilograms heavier! My goodness, I eat little daily and do not have a ginormous appetite. (One fried chicken drumstick is enough to stuff me up) And exercise daily. DIET PLAN FAILED.

Those who don't know me, just imagine me as a Sumo wrestler. Okay, I know that I'm obese to the maximum.



As usual, I rose and shine even when the golden rays of the sun were yet to illuminate the world. Yet, there was something really unusual. I am wearing a SCHOOL UNIFORM! I am officially a Georgina! Yes, I'm currently and officially a Lower Six student in St George Institution. My classmates looked extremely smart in crisply-ironed uniforms.


Okay, that's broken language.

Roll Call!


To tell the truth, that was the most weird roll call I have ever seen in my life! The students were required to sing the National Anthem daily, but when the anthem began to play, everyone was as silent as a mouse! The radio was humming to the tune itself though. Back in my school, we Treacherians would have to sing it repeatedly until the authorities got satisfied, if we ever dare to stay quiet in such a way.

"Kenapa Tingkatan Enam Bawah tak menyanyi? Nyanyi lagi sekali!"

哟,真是丢人现脸呐!我们不就是Tingkatan Enam Bawah吗?没关系,再唱一次,这次唱得较有劲些!幸好,校方满意我们唱国歌的状态!(拜托啦,我唱国歌唱到几百几千次了好不好?)


That really made me flush in shame! Weren't we the Lower Six students? It's okay, just sing again, so what? This time, just add some zest and energy into our singing and voila! Fortunately the school authorities were happy, well, at least satisfied of the horrendous way we sang. (Hello, I've sang the National Anthem BILLIONS of times already!)

The way the students return to class? Wow, brand new sight man! WHAT? A commander to the rescue? Are you freaking kidding  me?  It was an uncanny resemblance to an army camp indeed.

Plus, students would have to make their rows till the corridors during roll-calls. My goodness. Yes, the school shone with regal splendour and it was no different with a castle apparently. What about the interior? (Okay, I know that there were stairs everywhere. Get ready for a workout and sweat-out! HA HA.)

集会完毕,即是Orientation Day 2。妈呀,该校纪律老师一开始就口若悬河地大谈校规、纪律问题等等,连“不尊重老师、巡查员”也视为严重犯罪。这么说,我一到校就严重犯罪了咯!(听致词听到打瞌睡)昏昏欲睡的我,只好伸着脖子,瞪大眼睛看着那些令人眼花缭乱的幻灯片。


The Orientation for Day 2 began shortly after the insane roll call. I totally shut myself of into my world of dreams as the Discipline teacher spoke about those ubiquitous, long-winded list of school rules and regulations, disciplinary problems among students and all. Even "not respecting the teacher and prefects" were considered as serious offence as well. That just simply meant that I've committed offence oat my first day in school! (I dozed off during the speeches. YAWNS!) Stretching out my neck like a giraffe and staring blankly at the Powerpoint presentations, I found it difficult as sleepiness was catching up on me.

Fortunately, it was the prefects' turn after recess, otherwise I would have returned to slumber in the hall.

刚刚开始当然还是沉闷得很的幻灯片咯。巡查员们先是介绍学校悠久的历史(近100年)(喂!我的中学历史比较悠久好不好?1889年成立的叻!)再向我们叽里咕噜地讲解La Salle。La Salle 是什么东西其实我也不太清楚啦,啊哈哈!不过,我知道它是一所天主教学校,当时是专为贫寒子弟而设的。想知道La Salle的来龙去脉吗?点击这里

It began with the PowerPoint presentations that turned me off from focus. The prefects elaborated on the history of St George Institution which has spanned for almost a century (Hello, my old school survived longer! It was established in 1889!) and the Glorious History of La Salle. I'm pretty unsure what on earth La Salle is. As far as I know, this school was a Catholic School built for underprivileged boys back then. Click here to know what La Salle is all about.

紧接而来的是La Salle鼓掌。我这个傻瓜被选为女生代表,带领众女新生鼓掌。经巡查员教导一番后,他们就让男女双方比赛,看谁拍得最大声。顺便说,我可爱又可恶的朋友选我,因为他们说我的声音响亮。(有这么响亮么?)男对女,很不公平啊!

Soon after it was the special La Salle applause. I was unknowingly selected to represent the girls to lead the applause. After a brief lesson from the prefects, boys were against girls to witness whose applause was louder. Well, my cute yet crazy friends chose me simply because I had a loud voice. (Is my bvoie really THAT loud?) Boys versus girls, that's unfair!

"Tepuk La Salle!"


2 times claps, followed by thrice, lastly four times.


我竟然差点把"La Salle"说成"Laksa"呢。

I almost mentioned "La Salle" into "Laksa" by mistake, goodness sake.

Tepukan La Salle之后,我们又被教导唱校歌。校歌节奏轻快,一点也没有严肃语气。很好!不过,至今,我竟然连一个歌词也背不到。(其实很好听的咯,起码不会唱到睡觉。)

After that La Salle Applause which was supposed to lift up we new students' spirits towards the school, I mean, regalia, we were taught the school anthem. Light and cheerful, it was definitely an anthem which was fresh and unique, with less seriousness. Nevertheless, i could not remember even a single wod though. (At least it kept us from sleeping!)

#找不到video,抱歉! Unfortunately, no video was available.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camp! (PART 3: Time for Work!)

#Bet I'll get bashed for updating Part 3 this late! Even the YTM results were out already!

Okay, take a deep breath...

Despite getting checked into hostels, there was barely time to bathe. For a slow, lenggang-kangkung nerd like me, I bathe hastily. Well in Malay terms, mandi kerbau. Sports activities were coming out soon!

We rushed to congregate at the field for the activity-Bola Gila-Gila. Latecomers were to run around the field ten times. Yes, the field was indeed vast, almost double the size of the school field back at my alma mater.

It was indeed gila (insane)-a handball game with no rules to adhere to. Football, rugby, handball and basketball, this game had them all! A weird and quirky mash-up of games indeed.

the only rule to follow: The ball should not go beyond the field. YOU DON'T SAY?

The Warriors and many other fellow armies prepared for the crazy battle at the field with warm ups. (ABUDEN?) Before they portrayed their courage and render the poor ball the victim by throwing and kicking it around violentkl;y. Laughter and energy was so infectious that the blazing sun felt less burning, and that the camp was infused with a zest!

Of course I did not take part in the game because I know absolutely NOTHING about ball games. Yes, I always end up making my team lose because I'm just not agile enough. I can only dance. Chicken dance. :P  (Imagine a Sumo warrior running around the field! And oh, please don't slap me! Yes I look quite like a sumo warrior. ) Hey, I'm not idle! There are some of my team mates who chose to be the spectators too!

Not taking part in the games did not indicate that we were free. ESSAY! Oh yes, we had to write a resume, our bio-data and everything about the family income. Start: 5.30pm. Time to submit: 8pm. Imagine how hectic it would be to finish these in the form of Essays! Worse, barely after my friends and I have begun penning down our essays, we were ordered to join the game! Yes, the G-Warriors managed to dodge into the FINALS!!

As a "ke-leh-feh" (I don't know how to say "orang sampingan" in English!) I served my role as nothing but an ornament on the field, like a puppet moving along the way. I was glad to say that G-WARRIORS HAD FINALLY SHOWN THEIR HEROIC STUNTS ON THE FIELD!!! We will be victorious...

Well, you do not need me to describe the dinner right? (Don't tell me that you don't know what's dinner like in camps)

Come nightfall, it was the dreaded time to hand in assignments and for group meetings. Clad in a knee-length skirt and a checkered shirt (yes it was formal attire) after scribbling down my essays in an almost illegible handwriting, I rushed straight to the meeting room to wait for our meetings. Most of the participants were squatting or sitting along the corridor, racing against time to get their assignments done. "Weh, macam mana nak buat ni?" "Weh, awak sudah habis ke?" Questions were around. Everyone was in a panic to get stuff done perfectly, ehem, at least comprehensible.

Hell luck! Our group got assigned the "Transformation Room" which was on the fifth floor! We were so diligent that we actually took the stairs all the way up and huffed and puffed by the time we stepped into the room! Ah, the breeze from the powerful air-conditioner in the room was indeed a relief!

It began with self-introduction of the group members, where all pair up with each other and were to introduce about each other to the others. Later it was the project work, in which we were to produce a prototype of anything which could be potentially marketed by the TM company, obviously something related to telecommunication. Ingredients? Green beans, dhall beans, tapioca flour, mahjong paper and Manila card.

Use your wildest imaginations to figure it out!

Being too smart for good, I actually VOLUNTEERED to make glue out of tapioca flour! (Bet it must be easy since it's only tapioca flour and hot water) However I went with two female friends for the job though. WHAT? Making the glue in a small plastic basin? That's insane man!

Hot water plus cold water plus some tapioca flour equals to disaster.

Hot water + A little bit of cold water + A whole load of tapioca flour equals to too thick glue. It's pretty apparent which will be our choice.

Racing back to the room at almost ten at night, I was not at all surprised to see everyone busy at work. Puzzles and prototype. (Sharon you are very cruel!) The boys were so creative that they came up with such an idea: 4G Public Phone. (Sorry no picture)

Can you imagine making a sophisticated prototype with those itsy-bitsy materials? Like, BEANS?

The group was divided into two: One for puzzle, the other for prototype. the boys basically did the job. (Hey, they are really creative and good in drawing and designing! Overachievers, should I say?)

Once again, we were given assignments-I mean, long-winded essays to be finished by the following day! Let's see them:

  • The Most Satisfying Thing I Had Done in My Life
  • An Event in my life which made me Furious the Most

This, is not an Essay though. We Were to write down our Names, IC number, Complete SPM result, family income and ambition.

Mind you, to comp[lete these and the prototypes/puzzles in less than eight hours? It was almost impossible man. Yet, we were warriors right? Warriors should not be cowards; they should strive. Thus, we put in our utmost effort to complete the assignments, some of us even taking naps.

3.15 am, I called it a day. YAWNS!!!

#Sorry for my crappy post! My eyelids were half shut when I was typing this. I'm in Form 6 now, and at the same time I was trying to login the UTM website-in vain unfortunately.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Choose Which Course now?

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I will NEVER be a Doctor. Do not ask me anymore about that! 

And yes, I've repeated it many times verbally and in Facebook. Imagine this: If every single straight-A scorer is to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer in the future, then what will happen to the other sectors? Agriculture, Fishery, fashion, or the sector which actually engineered our lives-EDUCATION?

I've told you guys that I was not selected into matriculation. I was depressed at first. 9A+ and I did not get matriculation? Is this fair? However, after much research, countless queries from my friends, parents and teachers,  I made a firm decision:

MATRICULATION IS NOT FOR ME!!! (Oh yeah maybe. I don't know)

So here are my choices: (and some additional details)

Form 6 

New syllabus: THREE semesters and school-based assessment! Oh yeah, guaranteed to be easier than the old system! (Sharon, do not be overconfident!)

Get high pointers and I am free to choose any desired course.

STPM certificate is acknowledged in universities abroad and local!

The downside: Dressed in school uniform and have sauna everyday. But hey, reminiscing on school days are cute, isn't it?

Teacher Training

  • Yup, I got TESL for Chinese Vernacular School. I have a strong passion towards English by the way, but of course I['m nowhere up to the mark as a prominent writer who can write like J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins.

  • I am interested in this noble profession since I was a kid. Besides, my aunt who is a "Guru Cemerlang" in English Language has inspired me a lot-she has written several revision books and has taught students to master English well, regardless of their class.

  • Get the chance to meet cute kids during practical! (Unfortunately kids nowadays are devils.) Able to try my brain and hands on teaching (and torturing them!) :P

  • job guaranteed (because being a teacher renders me as a government servant) plus a stable income. 

Diploma in computer Science (Multimedia) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

  • Hey, that's my first choice when applying UPU man! Plus, a teacher told me that it was rare for Chinese to get admitted into UPU straight after SPM! 3 yays for me!!!

  • My dream subject. I am interested in design and programming. 

  • I LOVE challenges. I love competitions! 

  • The thing is, I will need to study Diploma for THREE years! I would have been eligible to vote for elections by the time I've finished Diploma. Of course, having a Diploma is sufficient to land you into the Job Market!

  • Is it applicable for my JPA Bursary?



Okay, about my Interview this time. (And if I have the time, I'll be typing a Chinese version of this post tomorrow. Seriously, I cannot get over my addiction to blogging and designing! )


#If only my blog can earn me big bucks like Lyssa Faizureen's.

Interview? Oh NO! I can write well but a total bard when it comes to conveying ideas orally. Worse, I find it rather difficult to stuff facts into my brain in merely three days! Names of the Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Falsafah Pendidikan Negara, KSSR... 

#Gone nuts!

8 May is my much dreaded day. Interview! My goodness. I had thrown in large bucks to purchase book files, a name tag, heels etc just to look fit and formal enough. Spending long hours in front of the computer simply to obtain information about the Ministry of Education, consulting my school counsellor, repeated failed attempts at singing and playing my old recorder... All for but two and a half hours of interview in the Teacher Training Institute in Ipoh!

Upon arriving at the institute, i frantically looked for my centre, A01C. Where was it? Where was it? I was pretty dazed as dad and I went into the wrong road in Chemor and tried to find the Institute in vain! 

The Institute was ginormous and it looked more like a maze than anything else. Let me tell you this: There are only SIX candidates interviewing for TESL for Chinese primary school together! Yes, SIX GIRLS, me included.

It started with the INSAK (Teachers' Attitude Inventory) in which we had to finish 135 questions in 30 minutes. Mind you, some answers were pretty confusing as both options were logical! (Each question has two options) To make matters worse, the room was freezing cold and I was shivering like jelly! (Despite the overabundance of fat cells) Fortunately, my hand did not lose touch; it managed to race at a furious pace, dancing on the Objective Answer Sheet gracefully and wrapped up its not-at-all-spellbinding performance ten minutes before time ran out. Phew!

The session was proceeded with the Group Interview. Te topic is given in the Malay Language but we were supposed to answer it in English Language. Please do not laugh when I reveal the topics:

TOPIC 1: Factors causing Disciplinary Problems

TOPIC 2: measures and Actions Taken by the School To Curb Disciplinary Problems among Students.

That's damn freaking easy! Oh wait, not when you had to speak it spontaneously and grab your chance from 5 other fellow candidates fighting for the golden place in Teachers' Training! Worse, there are only 2 minutes for you to prepare your points without jotting them down. 

Thus, yes, I began the discussion for both topics, and added some what-the-hell points such as "Loser of the Month" Award, "punishments by washing the toilet", etc. Frankly, I did not know what did I muttered out!

Instead of fluent, information packed, powerful sentences, we ended up chalking up a string of Manglish words along with some simple, colloquial English words such as "gonna". What a joke for English teachers!

#Forgive us please. :P

MY ADVICE: Brush up your speaking skills at home and speak only on ideas, not about Lady Gaga's tea cup auction or Rihanna and Chris Brown or Bersih 3.0 or whatsoever. For those taking up language subjects, do speak in correct language!


Individual Interview up next! As the clock ticked by, my heart pounded faster and faster. No "lah"s, "ma"s, "hor"s, "loh"s please! It would be embarrassing! Can I actually dish out the required answers? Oh please, I HAVE NOT MEMORIZED ANYTHING AT ALL!!! I mean, just a lil' bit.

I was trembling with fear as my fellow comrades were called into the freeze chamber, one by one, to get bombarded by endless questions by the interviewer. Every second added to my fear. Please, I MUST answer fluently! 

"Sharon." a solemn voice dropped. I knocked the door gently and inched into the cubicle.

"Good morning Sirs." I spoke softly. They burst out in laughter and it beats me. 

Fear was clearly written all over my face until it was unmistakably read by the Indian interviewee. He told me at the face that I was nervous! Gosh, I blushed!

The interview began with all the repeated-way-too-frequently stuff such as about me and the reason for me to choose this course. Interviews were just too schematic, I mean, can't they have a twist? Oh well, good for me too to remember every single detail in my life. 

"Where did you came from?"

"I came from Taiping, err... north from here, 1 hour and 30 minutes journey...." 

"Why did you choose this course?"


Of course I have to be passionate towards a course to make every effort pursuing it worthwhile! My goodness. I harbour such an ambition to be a teacher since I was a kid. Plus, my aunt's a successful English Language teacher too. Her roaring success in becoming a "Guru Cemerlang" and publishing several revision books has inspired me a lot to pursue this noble career. 

What did I told them again?

I intended to pursue Multimedia, but pursuing it will only result in only a single Multimedia Engineer, that's me. By being a teacher, I can actually educate many aspiring professionals! 

The Chinese interviewer then questioned me on the current issues in education. Gosh, I could hardly remember any thanks to my fear! Using the Kirkby Approach to teach English-that's what I remembered the most since it was relevant to my course. Besides, I got asked on my foresight on the education in the future, particularly in the field of teaching English Language towards Chinese School Students.

Thank goodness I managed to answer the questions eloquently despite with words as elementary as ABC! I was ready home after obtaining the necessary documents. I gave a heavy sigh of relief as I stepped out of the freezing lecture hall.

Ehem. Time to pen off now as I have to return to school once again tomorrow! Hopefully, I will have time to return with more essays, materials and Chinese posts! 

Sweet dreams everyone!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Camp! (PART 2: Life Sneak Peek)

ATTENTION: I will not be update as often as before as I will be pursuing Form Six. Hopefully, you will still be reading my blog and do not forget to click my Nuffnang. I put in a lot of time and energy in every single post, no matter how short it is. I swear on only PROPER language. :D


Hungry? Tired?

Time to check in to our hostels and lunch! Grrr...

Being allocated the room D-064, which was one of the cubicles in the sixth floor for the Delima Block, taking the lift obviously did cut down lots of hassle. However, the long roe of female participants waiting for the lift was enough to shun me away! Thus, lugging two heavy bags and one ginormous suitcase, I inched my way up the stairs to my cubicle. Perfect workout for weights and cardio indeed! Ha ha. 

Prior to the camp, I was often haunted and brainwashed with the thought of hostels being small, unkempt, uncomfortable and crowded. Fortunately, my hostel room did not turn up as disgusting as what had I pictured to be. Besides the stale air and malodour of old furniture whisking in the air, there were basically nothing else to whine on. The solution: Open the door for gaseous exchange (which is obviously did really often!)

Each room is for two participants, thank goodness since the room is about 2/3 the size of my bedroom back home! Unfortunately, the door for my room is unshuttable and unlockable. (Eh what happened to your English? Too creative for your own good, like, seriously?)

I was lucky to have a pleasant room mate, Ainun who was from Group J. She was quiet and highly religious. (Yes, she came from a religious school) Practically fine she was, except that she was a little slow-paced at getting things done.

Bathrooms were shared by the participants from Two Floors. I mean, there's a bathroom in every two floors. In my case, those from Level Six and Seven could use it. And, oh, should I say that there was only ONE bathroom which was in tip-top condition? There were three bathrooms altogether; the first cubicle was for those in a hurry; the second is for you if you are sexy and you know it; you can choose the third if you did not mind putting your fresh clothes on the floor.

As for food, we had six meals daily: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. The meals mainly comprise of fried snacks and drinks which resemble to thick syrup, but a severe lack of vegetables. Till today I was still stupefied at my weight loss at the camp despite eating on a bloated tummy!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Camp! (PART 1: Ice-Breaking!)


Without any delay, I plugged on my computer and headed straight to my Google Mail Inbox. Sure enough, it was clearly sent into my inbox and indicated that I was chosen.

What? Chosen? I simply could NOT believe my eyes. I was chosen, I WAS CHOSEN!!! I was on the top of the moon.

Finally a GOLDEN opportunity to polish my skills in getting interviewed, experience living away from home (even for just three days two nights), and make new allies!


My eyes must be playing a joke on me. Was that Dewan Rumpun Seri in the TM College along Jalan Lumba Kuda or a crowded bus terminal? The hall-front was already packed of people Despite arriving there ten minutes prior to the designated time, the hall front was already crowded like sardines, with heavy, boxy bags placed haphazardly along the way.  I was fortunate that I came early, as I got a nearby hostel room which was not too high up in the Delima Block. Oh yeah!

#Yes, I took the stairs to my hostel room. Much faster than waiting for the elevator!

The camp began with an introductory session with the facilitators. We were told that the selection process for the most suitable scholarship recipients are divided into three: The online application process, the interview camp initiated to get them know us better, and finally, the ACTUAL, formal interview. We were considered fortunate as we are are the 300 lucky candidates shortlisted, out of thousands of hopeful candidates around the nation.

"Just be yourself. Have fun. We just want to know you better through this camp We won't get any information from your result slip."

WHAT? No interview? I should have brought casual wear for goodness sake.

The ice-breaking activities were in fact more to unleashing our inner (and failed) athletic self, with a dash of spice from Bollywood. Running around to the nearest seats to avoid from getting punished to dance in front of the 300-strong crowd, it was indeed a fun way to exercise and get to know one another! (Even for just one minute in my case, I have a memory like a sieve) We were even commanded to get into groups according to our gender, month of birth, courses applied, state and race. You can imagine these:

  • massaging your friends' shoulders or belly buttons while chanting "Kamu sayang saya, saya sayang kamu. Kamu tolong saya, saya tolong kamu"

  • Dancing with your friends of the same gender. We were supposed to spin around like typical ball-dances. In fact, we ended up bursting in laughter and the supposedly "romantic" ballroom party FAILED!!!

  • Telling about yourself to every single friend in every single group. Normal but it certainly will not prove to be a problem if you are a prominent debater.

  • Mimicking the sound of motorbikes and run around in groups like one! The ladies' version sound like damaged motorbikes by the way. -.- (Imagine eagle and chicken chasing game minus the eagle)

By far, the most unique yet bizarre ice-breaking session was specially brewed and systematically organized by the organizers-right THERE!!!

#At least, no usual "I am..." stuff as in other ice-breaking sessions which are just too monotonous and schematic! :D

Later after the energetic, hilarious and cheerful ice-breaking session, the more formal session came: Dividing us into groups of around twenty according to our courses applied. Due to the overabundance of us prospective IT students who were to pursue Alpha MMU (Local Foundation), we were divided and placed into other groups of other courses.

As for my Group, Group G, which was mainly made up of mainly future engineering students pursuing Alpha MMU, well it was a Malay-and-Chinese group made up of 12 boisterous boys and 10 girls from various states across the nation. Nerds, hotties, princesses, leng-zai (handsome boys), leng lui (pretty girls), aspiring Albert Einsteins, Younger versions of Shah Rukh Khans, the super-religious, my Group, G-Warriors had it all.

(Please click here to know who they were. Busy researching about Teachers' Training at the same time! )

Yes, only FOUR Chinese! Encik Gulam, fondly known as Pak Teh, was the facilitator of our group. Being the officer to govern the operation of the primary schools in my hometown state (obviously Perak), he was bubbly but strict at times.

We were given a notebook, pen and our numbers, in which we had to pin the numbers back and front. It was the insanity once again-DANCING! Duh!

  • Group dancing. Three members were picked to lead their group members to dance according to the song played, from easy-listening, soft music to the spice of India. Mind you, boys do dance well, extremely well! I sweated like a pig in just five minutes. Eeewww......

  • The cheering competition. The super-creative boys cooked up such an idea-to name my group "G-Warriors". Our slogan had a take off Spongebob Squarepants. Mind you, every single member of the hall was so high-spirited and enthusiastic that it sounded more like a morning market than just a mini cheering session! Should have a cheerleading competition instead... Anyway my group lost. Yet, we did not lost in EVERYTHING. :P

  • The Ayam Serama. Mind you, the entire group members pushed me to take part in that! Well, it's chicken Dance actually. so you can visualise how was it. I actually danced out of the circle and got disqualified. Muahahaha!!!

COMING UP: Kaki Bola, Adrenaline Rush on Assignments!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Training Know-hows

To save time, I will write this post in Malay yeah., since many friends asked me about the Teacher Training stuff. See, I've got it! I'll be teaching English. :)

Persediaan-persediaan untuk Temu Duga Program Perguruan 2012

Etika Pemakaian

Pakailah pakaian formal dan bersopan semasa temu duga dan semasa kelas di Maktab Perguruan dijalankan. T-shirt, Jeans, dan pakaian mencolok mata  tidak dibenarkan SAMA SEKALI. Bagi pelajar perempuan, pakaian yang dibenarkan adalah baju kurung, gaun ringkas tetapi bersopan, kemeja berkolar yang berlengan pendek, skirt melebihi paras lutut, dan kasut bertutup bertumit satu atau 2 inci. Seluar slack adalah dilarang.

#Pakailah seperti cikgu sebenar ya.

Sebelum Temu Duga

Jika anda dah terbiasa dengan kehidupan "relax", sedarlah ya. kerja-kerja yang banyak sekali menanti anda; harap-harap anda masih kekal waras. Ha ha!

Sedialah dokumen-dokumen yang diperlukan. Antaranya, borang-borang yang dapat diperoleh dari Internet seperti yang ditunjukkan di atas. Isikan borang-borang tersebut dengan lengkap dan tulisan tangan yang kemas. Selain itu, anda juga harus menyediakan sijil berhenti sekolah, sijil kelahiran, kad pengenalan, sijil-sijil kokurikulum, slip SPM, sijil-sijil pertandingan, sijil-sijil perlantikan jawatan, dan dokumen-dokumen lain yang berkaitan. Gunalah semua sijil yang anda peroleh dari Tingkatan Satu sehinggalah Tingkatan Lima. Jika terlalu banyak sijil, guna sahaja sijil-sijil semasa di Menengah Atas. Walau bagaimanapun, sebagai Langkah Keselamatan, sediakanlah semua sijil.

Perlu dititikberatkan, anda mesti menyediakan dokumen-dokumen tersebut dalam kedua-dua bentuk asal dan salinan. Gunalah fail yang berlainan untuk tujuan tersebut. Saya sarankan fail yang mempunyai banyak lapisan plastik di dalam yang kelihatan seperti buku dengan 20-30 poket. Walaupun mahal, fail tersebut akan memudahkan penyimpanan maklumat anda semua. Harap maklum. 

Seterusnya, tanyalah guru sekolah rendah anda tentang selok-belok subjek yang ditawarkan kepada anda untuk diajar. Informasi ini amat diperlukaan semasa temu duga anda kerana pengetahuan tersebut membuktikan bahawa anda sememangnya berminat dalam profesion keguruan dan mata pelajaran yang ditawarkan. (Dalam kes Sharon, Sharon ditawarkan kursus Bahasa Inggeris, oleh itu Sharon perlu tahu tentang skop pengajaran dan pembelajaran subjek terssebut dalam Tahap Satu dan Tahap Dua.) Walau bagaimanapun, kalian tidak perlu berasa gundah-gelana kerana anda hanya memerlukaan pengetahuan secara UMUM sahaja. 

Anda juga perlu memiliki pengetahuan tentang KSSR, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, dan sistem pendidikan terbaharu di Malaysia. (Tanyalah Encik Google kalau tak tahu ya. :P )Catatlah segala maklumat berkaitan, bacalah info tersebut. Anda sudah tentu cara melakukannya kan?

Rajinlah belek surat khabar. Anda perlu mengetahui isu-isu semasa berkaitan dengan dunia pendidikan. Janganlah bimbang kerana penemu duga tidak akan menanyakan perkara sensitif seperti isu Bersih 3.0. Jika mereka tanya, berilah jawapan yang berpihak kepada kerajaan. Kalau anda memberi jawapan yang berpihak kepada Bersih misalnya, maka terus kandaslah anda.

Semasa Temu Duga

Berperawakan sopan. Janganlah lupa kata-kata salam yang asas. Janganlah terus duduk di atas kerusi seperti tauke besar. Biadab namanya. Sebaliknya, ketuklah pintu sekiranya pintu ditutup, ucapkan salam kepada panel temu duga (biasanya antara 2 hingga 4 panel), hulurkan dokumen dan duduk apabila disuruh. Duduk dengan betul dan bukannya dengan kaki kangkang. 

Berilah jawapan secara bernas dan tidak terlalu pendek. elakkan jawapan satu perkataan sahaja. Contoh situasi:

PANEL: Adakah anda anak tunggal?

ANDA : Ya.

Outlah anda ya.

PANEL: Adakah anda anak tunggal?

ANDA : Ya, saya anak tunggal. Saya tidak mempunyai sebarang adik-beradik. Bapa saya bekerja sebagai petani di kampung saya, manakala ibu saya seorang suri rumah tangga...

Ikut cara inilah! Cakaplah panjang lebar tetapi jangan sampai meleret-leret pula!

Semasa temu duga secara berkumpulan pula, jangan amalkan tolak ansur. Jika sesuatu topik ditanya kepada kumpulan anda, berilah jawapan terus secara bernas dan sempurna. Jangan bertolak ansur. Rebutlah peluang anda kerana pihak panel sedang menguji kemahiran bercakap dalam diri anda.

Sekiranya percakapan pihak panel kurang jelas, jangan sesekali bercakap "Hah??!!" sepertimana anda bercakap dengan rakan-rakan. Kurang bersopan tu. Icaplah "Minta maaf tuan, saya kurang jelas dengan soalan anda."

Jika anda mempunyai sebarang kekhilafan, tanyalah Guru Kaunseling anda.

Harap-harap tips ini dapat membantu bakal guru semua. Oh ya, saya dapatkan maklumat tersebut daripada guru kaunseling saya, Puan Indra Anandan. 

#Tolong klik Nuffnang dan undilah saya juga. Jangan lupa tinggalkan komen. Terima kasih. Balaslah budi tu. Penat nak menaip semua ini tahu tak?