Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Week before Taking Off (Part 2: Fifth and Final Time 第五次,也是最后一次)

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It was the prize-giving ceremony again, minus the rigmarole of having to attend rehearsals during extra-curricular hours, this time!

I was more than just being proud that that was my fifth prize-giving ceremony in SMK(P) Treacher Methodist, Taiping, my high school which stayed steadfast after travelling through 123 years! My position as a cooperative shop assistant, my not-at-all-ladylike gait (I used to RUN around the school!), the joy of chit-chatting non-stop with my friends, the mischief of running around the class and taking the back seats to avoid getting spotted for not completing homework, the comfortable cooperative shop in which I could even enjoy free ice-cold drinks after a day of hard work! (Say, Co-Curriculum Day. The shop will be broke if we were treated daily!)...

(Hey, go back to the title!)

Donned in a navy-blue baju kurung, I tiptoed my way up the staircase after registration, while chatting with my friends I had not met for days since I left Form Six. Days were like YEARS to me without friends to talk non-stop and fool around. Sigh...

Fortunately the VIPs were quite punctual. Not punctual. Not really punctual they were but at least we need not wait for hours as usual-just a mere fifteen minutes. Thank goodness! Profesor Datin Dr. Zuriati Zakaria was the VIP of the year. For goodness sake, her speech was more towards her bombastic life which circulates around Chemistry, from her career beginnings to her jaw-dropping awards. I bet her script was a novel-it took almost thirty minutes!


Traditional dances were dished out as usual. Somehow I felt that the Nyonya dance was more to a dance teaching students how to fold hankies. They swayed their bodies to and fro while folding hankies into triangles-WHAT WAS THAT SERIOUSLY???!!!

At least the corporate video was different this year with music played in circuses and recent achievements. No more irksome scenes on our school toilets and the scrunched-up face of a student during the 2007 Drama Competition seen! Best of all, it was much shorter! The "Bicara Berirama" (Malay version of Choral Speaking) was really hilarious to the maximum as the students from the lower form mimicked voices by engines and animals and spoke silly dialogues.

#Alright, wish you girls top the finale in the National Level then!

As usual, we the achievers for SPM were the last to achieve the awards.

My heart thumped faster and faster as the recipients for excellence in SPM 2011 were announced and as we marched closer towards the center of the stage.

"Pelajar Cemerlang SPM 2011, Sharon Ng Huey Yuek."

Photobucket There was a loud, thunderous applause. My face beamed in glee. I inched my way to the center of the stage to receive my prizes from the Professor, taking care not to trip over my kain kurung. (First timer, okay??!!)

A sudden pause.

"Beliau juga merupakan pelajar cemerlang dalam subjek Bahasa Cina dan Biologi."

I was bewildered. Best student in Biology? Man, I thought of severing relationships with that jargon-rich, bacteria-infested subject right after I left the examination hall for SPM last year! Never did I ever thought of furthering ANYTHING related to Biology, I mean, medicine did not arouse my interest for even a little bit as I hate them a lot, and to make matters worse, I faint at the sight of even one pint of blood! I would even flee from a slaughterhouse and cry when even a chicken's neck got severed. (Perhaps I'll turn vegan when I finally turned into an adult? Maybe?)

What worried me even more was myself being pictured getting fired onto me, each playing the same, monotonous, sickening tune:

"Sharon, are you furthering medicine?"


True enough, that actually happened. I gave them nothing but a blank stare.

I have found my niche in languages and education, especially the English Language.

#Okay, the post was freaking long, so I will separate the Chinese version.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wanna Know More About Me? 想更认识我吗?


Here's another activity for you guys whilst I am away. Best of all, this is open for non-bloggers as well!

Besides THIS activity,  you guys can take part in this as well to know more about me! Tsk Tsk

#Actually I have no intention to get famous in one day or something, I just wish to get interactive. C: Plus, I would love my blogs to stay active while I'm away!

Ask me about my life, my faves, how do I complete my stuffs, etc. However, please do not question me anything that is too sensitive or confidential, e.g. my feuds, my body measurements (okay, no one's going to ask you this. Stop being narcissistic! ), my contact number or even worse, my password(s)!

Since I enabled anonymous comments, ANYONE can comment it. (Please include your names or I will treat as spam!) Of course, please be patient if your queries are not published because I have enabled comment moderation as well! (I don't want spam but at the same time wish to make commenting easier for you guys without the hassle of typing Captchas. )

You can also ask here: (Please like it first)



任何人都能留言,因为我允许匿名留言(当然,匿名者记得附上名字,不然我会把它当成垃圾邮件处理。)还有,我用Comment Moderation,所以没看到留言也别着急,我会慢慢看。


One Week before Taking Off (Part 1: Say Hello To Short Hair! 哈罗短发)

One week. Just ONE WEEK.

One week before I finally bid my hometown goodbye, I would like to tell you guys a recount of the past week. A brief recount actually-life is actually mundane without school!

The whole week was basically about rush for documents, shopping sprees and packing up for admission into the Teacher Training Institute at Bukit Combee. Days without friends and work can be hardly called as "days" in my life-well, at least, there were my "kids" to accompany me at home.

#Yes, my blogs are my kids. :P






At least, there were something interesting last Friday!


There went my long hair. Not very long though-it was middle-length, i mean, shoulder-length only. However that length was enough to make me sweat every five minutes (indoors) and feel as if I am the hottest girl on Earth ever! I mean, hot due to excessive perspiration and the surrounding temperature of more than thirty Degrees Celsius.

CONCLUSION: STAY WITH SHORT HAIR. (Although I would love overflowing locks too! Imagine them on my ginormous face and frame. Yurghs!)



Here is a picture of me with middle-length hair. So pale... zzz


Okay, this is certainly NOT my best picture. I looked sleepy, with my hair pinned up into an ultimate mess.

No thanks to my sheer indolence, my scalp became THAT bald. I was not used to having such a bald scalp-my hair was always thick but not really shiny though. :P

Almost bald. 差点就要变尼姑了。

While my hair got snipped off. Looking like a monkey here.

Potong Potong... goodbye shoulder-length hair! No more mop hanging over my head! (This is a mop? How can I possibly keep very long hair then? :P )


There went my hair! Another failed mission of sporting Paris Hilton's short hair though. (Hello, she's a BEAUTY okay? Ha ha!) However, Aunty Mei Ai, the hairdresser said that this style made me looked younger and cuter. Since I was to attend my alma mater's prize-giving ceremony later, I had a wash and blow as well. Price?


Damn cheap man! Best of all, Aunty has excellent workmanship and cropped my hair cleverly. My hair was naturally wavy, and my hair looked curly and cute. (The hair, not myself yeah! ) Mom said that those less skillful will end up cutting my hair like tinsels dangling here and there. (Which was awful indeed!)

再见头发!我的Paris Hilton俏丽短发发型效果好烂 ==(人家这么美,哈哈哈哈!)不过,美爱姨大大称赞我那种发型让我看起来青春可爱。我还洗头、吹头发,因为等下还要出席中学颁奖典礼。






Upnext: Prize-Giving Ceremony

Sunday, June 17, 2012





还有,事情已过五天了啦,哈哈!(Lao-beh 到······)



平时有趣的大学英文班,此刻却变得枯燥无比;当天,我突然在高级数学节变得精神奕奕(我平时根本就看不到老师写啥,听也听不懂她的课,就觉得她在自言自语 。呵呵。)化学课里的术语,分明就是外星文嘛!往常我引颈以待的Pengajian Am课,竟然在当天变得乏味无比,我差点在课里会周公了。




学校铃声响起。放学了,我马上飞往后门去。一分钟。五分钟。我的天,为何汽车还未到呢?(我开车上学,可是由我爸爸开车回家。显然的,我开车技术倒数一级棒。)我跑到前门,忽然,双脚不听使唤,停下来。后门出现了一辆蓝色的Proton Alza。我像火箭般的飞入车里,几乎把车窗撞地七零八落。





"Error 503."






"Sharon, saya sedihlah tak dapat."














也许有一天,我们一同相聚,到时我请你们吃炒果条或拉沙,行吗? :P


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let Go and Move Forward. I'll Miss You!

My goodness, lots of post are in the wait! (As usual) Being too occupied for the preparations for teacher training, mainly for documents and basic necessities, I was left with extremely little time to dawdle and blog. Staying at home did not cheer up the mood even a little; instead, it made me feel rather withdrawn and sleepy. It was only a couple of days ago, in which I woke up at 5.00am to get ready for school, meet my friends in front of the hall, listen to endless lectures and complete schoolwork in an extremely hurried pace.


Now, they were just part of my beautiful, eternal memories.


Time to part from my old life, my lovely hometown (Yes, I was born, bred and grew up  in Taiping for eighteen years. Time to Penang now!), my dear family and my bunch of insane buddies. Three weeks of reunion in Form Six was indeed too brief! It was gone in a blink of an eye.

Yet, I know that it was time to move on for my future and to reach for the stars and rainbows.






From being in the delusion of choosing the right career, to being computer-crazy and aiming to study in Computer Science, and later got over fascinated by languages, school and kids, and decided to move into the educational sector, I felt that, life was like an action movie. You will never know what happens next.

Till now, i was still wondering if my decision in taking up teaching as a career was right for me after all, despite being really keen in it. I mean, I MEAN it! Teaching kids English will, hopefully, be pleasurable and a rewarding experience in my life. (No monetary aspects here.)



Malaysians are certainly in dire need of brushing up their proficiency in the international language. Hopefully, I will succeed in the mission and stop using Manglish myself!



Here is a drawing specially dedicated to my friends. As childish as it seemed to be, this drawing actually took me five hours to complete! Ha ha ha ha!!! 

#Shows that how good am I in managing my time and drawing.

Buddies, you will always be in my heart! I will never throw your crazy antics at the back of my brain or forget every single moment you guys are with me (even if they were just in school or tuition classes).

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Turning Point

I will have a break from my stories. Turning point, man! TURNING POINT! URGENT!

Yes, my life will NEVER be the same again.

The school days were as usual. However, knowing that the results for teacher training will be out today, my hands were shaky as I drove to school. My mind was chaotic. Images of the slow-loading screen, myself being a Form Six student and being a teacher flashed into my mind as the time inched in school by the second. The usual fun-filled MUET lessons immediately reduced into boredom, while I became extremely sober out of the blue during Mathematics T class. The jargon in chemistry were hardly comprehensible, and I almost doze off during General Studies class (which I usually love it!)

Walking into distorted directions and with blurred vision and slurred conversation, with my voice deeper than usual and me having cold sweat, those were definitely unbearable!

What on earth was happening to me?

As the teachers went on and on with their lessons, I was secretly counting to two in the evening. Ah, How I wish time flies! Physically I was trapped among the four walls in school, but my soul was way back home.

The schoolbell rang and I immediately headed to the back gate. 1 minute. 5 minutes. Heavens! Why hasn't the car arrived yet? (I drove to school but my dad drove it home. How "good" a driver I am. as you see.)I raced to the front gate when, a blue Proton alza appeared at the back gate. I literally flew into the car like a rocket. Slam!

The computer was plugged. I hit the website for Ministry of Education and headed to the app for Teacher Training results.

"The Webpage was not available."

Another click. Almost successful since I managed to key in my Identification Card number.

"Error 503."


While chatting with my friends about the matter, I tirelessly hit the "reload" button again and again.

God please, let it load!


A Malay friend's answer.

"Sharon, saya sedihlah tak dapat."

"Fling!" again! This time it was from a crazy Chinese friend of mine. Miss Anxious, because she always seemed worried all the time as the days drew near to the big day where the results would soon be announced.

"I did not get"

Those added to my anxiety. Yes, I may be an excellent scorer in the examination hall. However, it was a totally different case altogether when it comes to speaking. I would be tongue-tied!

Yellow colour flashed through the screen! Yes, I was almost there! There went my Identification number.


WHAT??!!! I almost shrieked out of joy. To think that I was among the lucky few to get recruited into Teacher Training? Wow, I can't believe my eyes!


Dad mused that it was due to my outstanding results. Not really outstanding actually. This was God's gift actually. Another piece of great fortune! I love the English language and would like to build a Malaysian community with a better command in the language, so that's that.

However, it simply meant that it was time for me to part with my beloved friends, after a short reunion for three weeks in Form Six.

To my dear friends, do strive well for your future undertakings. Form Six was by no means easy, but I have faith that you can fare in it well. Keep your head up, strive against all currents and waves ahead and strut the path of life with confidence. NEVER SAY NEVER and the best is yet to be!

To Thillai (a friend of mine who was in the same boat with me), congratulations to you! May we eventually excel in this noble profession for educating the future generation and sow more seeds of wisdom everywhere across Malaysia. Let the wisdom sparkle. Let the young minds grow healthy and strong.

Who knows, one day I will spend with you guys some laksa or fried koay teow?

Friendships will always stay evergreen despite of the vast distance that will tear us apart. do keep in touch ya.

Now with my fingers waltzing on the keyboard, despite rejoicing my recruitment into teacher's training, there was a sense of loneliness in the deep corner of my heart. Being flung from the serene Raintown into the hustle and bustle of the city which never sleeps, it would certainly mark a significant transformation in my life. Worse, I am alone, counting the days for me to get into the Institution while viewing the days ahead in angst.

Sunday, June 10, 2012






我其实也蛮落伍,竟然到初中三才懂得谁是女神卡卡(Lady Gaga)、泰勒史泰芙(Taylor Swift)、Super Junior等等。(我听英文歌和韩国歌)而且,那还是我正要完成幻灯片时,征询朋友意见选配曲时知道的。

当时,我朋友们正热谈着David Archuleta这位从《美国偶像》出身的歌星。我就忙问她:

"Excuse me, may I know who is David Archuleta?"


"What, you don't know who is David Archuleta? Oh my God he's cute!!! "

"Seriously you don't know ah?"



Thursday, June 7, 2012


Nah, actually this is a sequel from the previous post.

The Gardens was a high-end mall like no other. If you are fashion conscious or are fascinated with the luxurious lifestyle, or perhaps you might want to pamper yourself, this is the place!

(Okay, I took the images from the Internet since I did not take any pictures there.)


The Gardens可是间非一般的高级购物中心哦。潮流美眉、向往豪华生活方式者,或者说,若你想放纵自己一下,来这里最棒啦!


A shop selling T-shirts imported from London caught my eye. The T-shirts were attractive and made of good materials. However, when I flipped the price tag...


Fine. Goodbye T-shirt.




My parents took us to The Robinsons, which was a department selling household goods and clothes. As I told you earlier, it was a high-end hub. As beautiful as the stuffs may seem to be, the prices were equally "beautiful" as well. (Imagine a kitchen knife for RM 150 and a pack of coffee beans for RM83 per kilogram) My mom mused that real chefs will NOT use such stuffs; they will go for the cheap. Noted.

Somehow mum managed to bring some canisters home!

父母带我们到The Robinsons购物,那儿售卖衣服、家用品等等。我早已跟你说,它是高消费区,物品精美,价钱更美咯。(想像一把价值RM150的菜刀和售价RM83的咖啡豆,每包一公斤)妈妈笑言真正的厨师不会那么破费选厨房用具。


We had Thai food for lunch! :D


Vietnamese coffee. Gosh, it's super sweet! You have to wait till the coffee stops dripping, then you stir it. The bottom layer is condensed milk.

Tom Yam fried rice! Not spicy at all =='''



"Want to drive?"

Dad asked me when I had just barely used the Internet. Learn driving? I gave a big flat YES. My driving skills were nowhere good and I really needed lots of practice!

To Bukit Merah we went. Gosh, the road heading there was winded-like a snake you know. (In Malay, we called it "bagai ular kena palu". ) The slope to the resort was steep (I bet it was like 20 degrees) and by the time we arrived at the resort, I almost fainted.




Just a simple and holiday. The rest was filled with work after work. Homework, materials, blogskin and all. I'm seriously busy to death, yet I still got hooked to going online everyday. Sigh!

I'll be writing a Chinese story soon! A sarcastic story actually about my life and yours.