Sunday, March 27, 2011

Karnival Jom Masuk "U"

Hi guys! Today, I am sharing my first school trip. Actually, it was not literally a trip, rather it was a visit to "Karnival Masuk 'U'", which was held by the Counseling section in school.

This trip is aimed to let the students to explore further about the opportunities to further tertiary education after Form Five. It was led by the Counselling teachers, Puan Indra and Puan Saliza. Around 43 students joined the trip. We left Taiping for Ipoh at 8.10 a.m.

Around 9.15 in the morning, we arrived the Carnival. The first destination for us was the TOILET! XD

Before we entered the Carnival, we toured around the area, not to forget some pictures~!!!

Li San (left) and Wern Ching at the great monument.

In the spirit of 1 Malaysia... (From left: Farhana, Thibaa, me the big Momma. haha!)

The Carnival was crowded. Thus, is is not advisable to tour around the carnival alone or you will get lost... -.-'

The Slot by the Community College which caters for all skills. (Jabatan Pendidikan Kolej Komuniti)


Why is drawing this DIFFICULT?

The person in charge was looking at my childish drawing. Note the monitor.

My "masterpiece"... !!!

This is the exact way an expert will work.

Cartoon in the making.

The Awesome Foursome. From left: Siti Rohaya, Sakinah, Puteri Syahirah Ezzaty, Hasrifah, all from 504.

The carnival was crowded like a can of sardines.

It was at 11.30 when we left the carnival. Here are just some of the scenes...

MIC of TMGS branch. From left: Kayalvilly, Vaniisha, Vitthiyes, Punggodi (behing, hidden), Thavani, Shamalaa, Rajeswari, Jennifer.

Big Momma between Yus and Isnabila.

From left: Isnabila, Thibaa, Farhana, Yus.


Thibaa, Farhana and me with our "shopping bags"!

We are one step more to the university! See what we had got! From left: Anis Fadhilah, Husna, Ezzati

My gang almost went to the bus late! What a close shave! Of course, everyone returned with LOTS of information about tertiary education. It was really bad when it began to rain. Luckily we left in time or we will end up like drowned rats!

Wern Ching and Li San in the bus.

The hills are veiled with thick fog, drizzled with rain too.

Anis and Husna

Blur~ -.-'

At 1.00 p.m, we stopped at the Sungai Perak R&R station to have lunch. We had a forty-five minute break.

Camwhoring time!

The meals served there were slightly costly but of course, they came in LARGE portions. I shuddered when I saw the portion of "nasi campur" served as it was way too big for me. I had two "paus" and a boc of milk. The pau cost RM1.40 each. Somehow I forgot to take the picture to show the exact size. Sorry guys!

Here are just part of the scene at the beautiful rest station. It was clean and comfortable.

We love our lunch! Clockwise from left: Alifah, Ezzati, Anis Fadhilah, Husna, Adila

Sisters forever...

A warm scene at the Sungai Perak R&R station.

Farhana and me.

Fruits and snacks galore!

Back into the bus, everyone was ready home. However, the bus had a little mishap at Simpang.. O.O The engine SMOKED! Some of my friends took the chance to have some CRAZY shots. Haha!


Someone's been CALM...

Someone's getting RELIGIOUS! Look at the centre of the picture!


WAIT! What is next?

Finally, the commotion is OVER!

Luckily, we managed to return home safe. It was at 2.45 p.m, which was a little later than expected.

I had a wonderful journey and this trip was really beneficial. I got more information about the pathways to further my tertiary education. I hope the school will organize such activities again in the future.

Good night, everyone! Ciao~

Gracious! I missed...

I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good night,
that tonight's gonna be a good night,
that's tonight's gonna be a good, good night...

Haha! Hello friends! Today, I started my post for this week with part of those lyrics from "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas because I blogged quite late at night. Besides, I love this song very much-God, it is damn CUTE...!!!

Okay, I am not going to talk about the Black Eyed Peas or whatsoever. First, I am going to reveal my Monthly Examination results which is not really good-I missed an "A"! Goodness!

I will tell the WHOLE thing here...

  • Bahasa Malaysia: 85
  • English: 90
  • Chinese Language: 84
  • Modern Mathematics: 93
  • Additional Mathematics: 81
  • Biology: 83
  • Physics: 88
  • Chemistry: 77
  • Civic Education: 87
  • Moral Education: 89
  • History: 62

Okay, I will summarize it: 2A+, 7A's, 1A- and the worst of all... C+ for History! I know that I had a sharp increase in that subject (51 to 62), but still, I cannot escape from "C"! What a damn freaking hell! It spoils my otherwise straight A's results.

Some of my subjects such as Physics and Moral are quite close to "A+" but I cannot get them...

Besides, I am quite careless in this examination, especially in Additional Mathematics where I forgot to write the complete form for indefinite integrals. Otherwise, I would have got 86!

Yet, I can say that I improved in this test. That is why I am quite happy, but not really happy. I had too little "A+" and a "C+" in it...

Okay, let bygones be bygones. Perhaps it is time for me to work doubly HARD...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Condolences to Japan...

That was the beautiful, lovely Japan...

I almost CRY when I watch the video, "Just Can't Get Enough" by The Black Eyed Peas. The song is lovely but the video is quite nostalgic.

This is what happened to Japan...

That is Tsunami and Earthquake at Richter Scale 9. That is deadly enough. Yet, worse was yet to come.

NUKE EXPLOSION! Oh, heavens!

The earthquake and tsunami which struck the Fukushima Power Plant caused 8,199 deaths. It is Japan's greatest natural disaster after the great Kanto Quake at 1923.

Due to nuke explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, many countries took preventive measures to prevent radioactive substances from entering the country. People found contaminated with the substance are quarantined, and the food imported from Japan is checked, too. Japan was once a beautiful land of the Rising Sun, but now, it is feared that the northeast coast Japan is gone.

Due to that devastating disaster, the death toll has skyrocketed to almost 21,000. More than 10,000 people were still missing after being swept by tsunami.

(Adapted from

Let us pray for Japan...

To the deceased, Rest in Peace. We pray for God to bless your souls...

Japan, we are with you. :'(

My Crazy Hands back...!!!

Hi guys! I am here again for the second time this week! Life is getting really hectic. Somehow, I managed to steal some time out to relax and have a little chit-chat here...

My mom's latest: Chocolate rice bubbles cookies

I had made my own EXCLUSIVE cards too! Check them out! ;)

My Handmade greeting cards collection!

Teacher's Day card.

The other exterior of Teacher's Day card. I got the poem from the internet.

The interior of Teacher's Day card. I did the left via Packaging Image Transfer.

Mother's Day card #1 (Simple). I used the pistachio nut shells as the cases and buttons as cookies!

Change an angle of view... Voila!

Poem inside! I got it online because I was really damn busy!

Mother's Day Card #2 (Slightly difficult, have to be EXTRA CAREFUL! ) Mom's had extra heavy makeup!

One side of the card. Poem online too! XD

The interior of the card. I-am-W.E.I.R.D...

Father's Day Card. I do not have much ideas... :( I wish I can make the clock REAL! )

The interior of Father's Day Card. Sorry... I am not used to boyish patterns...

How are my crazy creations? Feel free to SHOUT in my new Shoutmix Chatbox or directly on the posts! Thank you...!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry guys! I have not...

Updated my blog for long... and it was more than a week...

Well, there are TONS of stuff which had happened. I will only describe in brief as I am quite busy these days until I have little time left to go online. Sorry guys..

First and foremost, here is my latest drawing. Check it out!

Here are just my recent happenings...

Last Saturday, it was the School's 72nd Sports Day. I joined the Rangers March and 400m race. We had a preparatio
n frenzy early in the morning in 503 classroom. Goodness, many were not even prepared! It was a last-minute insanity streak. There were many teams preparing as well, such as the Fire Brigade Cadets and the Horley House.

We started the parade at 7.30 a.m. I was relieved when the guest of Honour, Dr Maxine Olson who came all the way from New York ca
me in time! She was soft-spoken when she gave her speech. After the speeches, it was the Dancerobics performance. Unfortunately, I cannot record the video down as cameras were forbidden. Besides, I had to get ready for the race too. It was the FIRST race for Sports Day in my life, haha!

It was not long before the 400m race for c
lass One (Upper Form) began. Oh my goodness. I went out like an arrow at the beginning, but I became tired at the second round! In the end, I lost the race... :(

Somehow, I was happy as the Rangers won the THIRD for Marching at the end of the day. It was the FIRST time we won after many years! Horley house got the second for Marching... Yahoo! My house beat Olson house in marching but lost to Treacher house. Better luck next time! My house went fourth, overall. All the best next time! =P

There comes the blues for the following week... It was barely a breather after the examinations, and there comes the results. Of course, not all of them are out yet, thus I can only tell some of them. The results were just satisfactory for me...
  • Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan-87
  • Chinese Language-84
  • Biology-83

And I am not certain if I can get at least a "B" for History as I only got 27/40 in Paper 1. It was the selection for the Debate team too. My role is only to provide information... Not only I have to waste money and paper, my role is... eh, am I minute? I need an answer... As usual, there comes the "Holiday Package" and all kinds of stuff. Never mind... I love to keep myself busy, except for homework! =P Greeting cards, essays and stuff... I will upload photos of my greeting cards once I have finished with them. Last Friday, I went to help out to make friendship bracelets for the upcoming 90th Anniversary of Rangers in Malaysia. I was happy to have Vitthiyeswary and Song to teach me the ways to make them. Check out the slide shows below... Of course, I made those at home.

Slide show 1: Double-side plait (Sorry, I do not know the exact name!)

Slide show 2: Spirals (I call it DNA...!!!)

Slide show 3: Simple Checkers

Slide show 4: Simple Checkers with handle

Slide Show 5: Candy Stripe
After much time and effort, here are what I had done so far.

My very first handmade braided bracelet.

My finished but undecorated braided ornaments.

Hang them anywhere!

It was the holidays, but not for me! Why?

My school had holiday classes for Form 3 and Form 5 students during the previous Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Somehow, there were many who were absent! XD Yet, there are lots of assignments. Luckily I was present.

Yet, I had to stayback with my friends at school until 2.30 pm for Debate Practice...!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011 was the Education Fair at Legend Inn. The hotel was terribly packed when I arrived. I met Latha, Shamalaa and some ex-students there. Of course, I went only to those sections which offer Information Technology Courses. :D I went to enquire about academic opportunities for Sunway University College. Somehow, I want to further my studies at a local government university if possible as it is more affordable...

Okay, it is almost midnight now, and I will write more later. See you soon! Bye!