Saturday, November 28, 2009

叶子好美。。。。。。Beautiful Leaves

Cute Cacti 2

Another few pics of cacti from Cameron Highlands...


Do you love my garden? Actually this is because my mum has green fingers...

Parents' Love

Parents' love are as deep as the sea

As high as the mountains

As infinite as the universe

Parents' love are beyond bounds

No matter how many rounds...

Parents' love are as warm as a fireplace

With non-stopping pace...

Love them,

Just like how they love you...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Beautiful World

It's a beautiful world

If you'd see it
As it look so wide, look so good
And if you look it
At another angle
You can see it
So infinite, so special

First, look at the trees
So gigantic, so lovely green
Be a cooling shade
Be a treasure box
All you want is in a tree!

Then, look at the flowing river
So cool, so soothing
Filled with fish, seaweed
And everything nice...
And now, look at the world
The world is made of love
And smiles
And the world is made of warmth
It's full of specialities
Be it languages, food or culture
It's a beautiful world
And if you see it
It's always nice and good
Give it a smile, a helping hand
To create a better world.



You are always there, forever
No matter in the day or night
But your glory is shown only, in the dark

You are always there, forever,
To give the people a sense of gentle touch
In the night, when everything is black
You chased it away

You never give a sense of loneliness
Only a sense of cool mood
You gave the light in the darkness
Even deep in the woods

And whenever you're here,
Nobody ever did complain
As you never show off, just naturally
Showing your infinite glory.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Aku gemar bunga
Kerana kecantikannya
Yang tidak terhingga

Aku gemar bunga
Kerana Keberaniannya
Untuk menampilkan dirinya

Aku gemar bunga
Kerana ketabahannya
Untuk menyerlahkan dirinya

Aku gemar bunga
Kerana ketabahannya
Untuk bersua
Dialah contoh semua! cute...


Setitis air
Sememangnya amat bermakna
Walaupun sedikit pada zahirnya
Namun tidak terhingga nilainya

Setitis air
Boleh menjadi laut
Boleh menjadi sesuatu
Yang berguna jua.

Setitis air
Banyak membantu kita
Dalam segala-galanya.
Tidak kira apa jua.

Setitis air
Melambangkan kasih yang mendalam
Melambangkan sayang yang tak terhingga
Melambangkan kepentingan kepada semua.

Setitis air
Tidak harus dilupakan
Tidak harus diabaikan
Tidak harus diperlekehkan.

Flowers Galore!

All My Friends!

(Clockwise from left) Song, Cynthia, Latha, Priya, Keerthana, Saras, Ameera. A funny gang!!!

Sze Nee and Xin Ying.

Hanan and Fatin. Boisterous duo!

(Clockwise from left) Aina, Atikah and Atilia, my class monitor in Form 3.

Shir Li and me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Blues

holidays are here!
A time to play,
A time to relax.

It may seem fun
As we can rest
After a year's study.

but it has limitations
As it may be dangerous
To us young people.

Hanging around is fun
But don't go for too long
As you might face a high risk...

Outings are great!
Apart from strengthening family bonds,
You can also have fun!

Reading? Not bad...
You will get smarter,
You will learn more!

Painting, is good too!
Sharpens your creativity
And enchances your imagination.

So many ideas for a great vacation
Choose good activities
And you will have fun!

Tipu Again

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my friend, Latha, which informed me about a Pariwarta meeting which was supposed to be held today. Therefore, I went to school today, only to find out that Latha was absent.
In fact, there was no meeting at all, but I had to help the teacher, Pn Haslina to clean the Pariwarta room. I had to help her to move her items as well! I was quite fortunate as there were Naomi, Poh Sun and Sin Yee to help me.
Thanks, guys! Somehow, I had to help wash the CURTAINS......


Sunday, November 22, 2009


The mighty one
Lays high up the blue sky
Giving warmth unselfishly
To everyone

The mighty one
Brightens the land
Give life to everything

The mighty one
Brought cheer to all
And lightens all

The mighty one
Is treated as a depiction
To be prayed by all









Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bye-bye Lower Form!

Yesterday was my last day in Form Three, that was the lower form. Early in the morning, the Malay friends invited me to play "Truth or Dare", but it was very all the crazy things ordered such as saying "I love you", hug the teachers, etc. So LAME!
Later, we had to spring-clean the school compound for next year. My friends and I weeded the school compound.
At 12.00 p.m., we were summoned to the badminton court. The head prefect election results were out: Esther wins! Gambateh!
Bye-bye form 3, Hello Form 4!!!

昨天是我在初中的最后一天。一大清早,我的巫裔朋友约我玩“Truth or Dare”,可是它好闷啊!说“我爱你!”、拥抱。。。。。。白痴!

Clothes Galore! and Victorious Day

Two days ago, my school organized a fashion show for the Form Three students. The representatives were dressed prettily, while the others wore traditional attire as well for the year-end party. So shame...I borrowed Xin Ying's shoes for not bringing mine! Again, almost NONE of the food suited me as I was not fully recovered!
Later, it was the prize-giving ceremony. My class won plenty of prizes! They were:
  • First prize for Malay speech
  • Second prize for Malay poem-recital (that's me!)
  • Third prize for Malay poem-recital
  • First prize for Malay proverb games
  • Choir champion
  • Second for handcraft-making
  • Senamrobik champion




  • 国文演讲冠军
  • 国文诗歌朗诵亚军
  • 国文诗歌朗诵季军
  • 国文谚语游戏冠军
  • 歌咏团冠军
  • 环保手工亚军
  • 团体运动冠军


Hanging Out

Today, my class had a lunch at Rasamas. Alas, only half of the class came. Everyone at my table ordered chicken rice except for Durgainy. Some even ordered kids' meal! Aiya, everyone has her favourite food, right?
Somehow, everyone forgot the table manners taught! Haha! Symphony around. Bones in the cup!
Later, my friends and I went window shopping at Taiping Sentral shopping complex. It was so noisy that I found it difficult to contact my mother!I went home at 4 p.m. I got a good telling-off! Aaarghhh!!!
今天,我班在Rasamas享用午餐。班上只有一半的学生到。我们吃得毫无吃相呢!我们还制造很多“音乐”。过后,我们到Taiping Sentral走走。好吵哦!吵得我不能联络妈妈,还得挨骂!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Awwwww...Last Wednesday, I had a terrible stomachache that I had to go home early. I had to quit Senamrobik as well! Later, I watched the performances with my friends when I suddenly felt a terrible urge to vomit. First, I managed to withstand the urge till when I reached the toilet. Unfortunately, for the second time, I vomitted on the field! Laughters around. It was really embarrassing...
Later, I had to call my mother to fetch me home, using my teacher's cellphone. When I was about to go to the clinic, I vomitted beside the drain! In the end, my mother had to spend RM 28 on the medicine and I had to lie in bed for the whole day! No more yummies! Sigh...


Sampah Hour

It was on Monday again. This time, it was the Recyling competition. All the classes were required to create handicrafts out of recycled items, such as egg shells, cardboards, tissue papers, etc, with the theme " One Malaysia".
Our group made a sculpture on the races of malaysia and a map. It looked funny-the "citizens" were made of egg shells, while the map was of cardboard box and tissue paper.
Of course, many classes jeered at hours! But never mind, we got the SECOND! Not bad...


La La La

Last Monday, all the Form Three students had an English choir competition. My class presented a song entitled "When You Look Me in the Eyes". We took almost a week to practise.
The day has came. All the classes had to present their songs. Some sang well, while some were quite hilarious.
In the end, our class gained the champion. Hurray!


Friday, November 13, 2009

No Hall Day

Haha...No hall day! Because, today is the first day we did not carry out our activities at the school hall. In fact, we had our activities at the handball field.

Early in the morning, we had language games, they were WordWhiz and Know Malaysia. (Sorry, I can't remember the exact name!) i played with Wei Li and Pei Hua. The game was So boring...

Later, we had "Stand and Deliver"-Public speaking, in truth. It was simply enjoyable1 Yeah!

Explore Me!

Yesterday, there were two interesting activities. They were "Eksplorasi Kerjaya" and Anti-Drugs drama.

My class representatives for the "Eksplorasi Kerjaya" are Durgainy, Nadiatul hanan, Voon Hui and me. Somehow Voon Hui was absent. Never mind, we presented our very simple presentation-why there's no interview?!!

Later, there was the drama competition. Our class stood out of the rest, as we presented a drama on a man who became a drug addict after his lover died, while the others showed that peer influence create drug addicts. Haha! Somehow, the settings are too much...Good Luck, 300!

昨天,我校举办了“Eksplorasi Kerjaya"和反毒戏剧比赛。

我班“Eksplorasi Kerjaya” 的幻灯片蛮简单。。。。。。。为何没有访问记录呢?



Monday Newspaper

On Monday, all the Form Three students went for a Newspaper in Education (NIE) programme at the school hall. We were divided into groups of six to eight. Firstly, we were introduced to the parts in a newspaper. Later, we joined a hands-on activity-knowing the latest news. After that, we had to make a collage out of the newspaper. The collage must be based on the common qualities of the team members.

From this programme, I knew that newspapers can be a great fun to play with. Indeed newspapers are beneficial.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Story Time

Today was the inter-school story telling competition in conjunction with the Malay Language week. My school representatives (Ameera and me) had only a day to prepare! Gosh!

Yesterday, Ameera and me had to search for stories and mesmerize the whole day long. Mine's four pages! That day, I mesmerized the long tale till I had a headache. Midnight, again!
This morning, we left for SMK Dr. Burhanuddin with our teacher, Miss Ng. The contestants were divided into four groups: A, B, C and D. I was in Group C, while Ameera was in Group B. I felt quite NERVOUS as I was NOT well-prepared...

Luckily, I was the SECOND LAST to present my story! I felt afraid, though. Oh my God, I forgot almost 25% of my story! The story was terribly long, and it was times up just before I finished my story! So embarrassing...

今天,我们和领队老师-黄老师到SMK Dr Burhanuddin 比赛。我们被分成四组:A、B、C和D。我再C组,而Ameera在B组。我根本就没有准备好,真的不寒而栗。。。。。。

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marathon! Aaah!

Yahoo! PMR is over!
And we regained our freedom!

But wait,
the marathon was not over yet!
Housework, Programmes...

So many activities in school
Started off by workshops,
Then the talks, then the class activities

Go home!
Ai...Still as busy as before!
Housework, newspapers...
Same as pre-PMR days!

Network time still limited
Card making, as well
Because sister has to do her studies...

Never mind, because freedom has its limitations
Sacrifice a bit...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sister's Birthday

3rd November is my sister's birthday. On this day, my mum made a scrumptious strawberry shortcake for her. We wished her Happy Birthday and gave her many wishes. I wished her good luck and success in the future. May she pass the exams in flying colours.


Yahoo! The day was started off with movies! First, all the Form Three students watched a Spanish movie on the adventures of a girl named Ofelia. It was quite tragic as it was based on war. The ending was disappointing as well-Ofelia went back to heaven. Later, we watched "200 Pounds Beauty"-it was hilarious and gave me many moral values as well. That movie was about Han-na, a talented but fat singer, who made many attempts to look beautiful including going under the knife.

Then, it was the talk on Road Safety. Oh my God! It was really eerie! Blood scenes everywhere! Oh no! The face was separated from the body!

After that, we had aerobics practice. Quite interesting...but I returned with body aches! Muahahaha!!! ^^

Anyway, today was quite fun. I love this day!





Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Today

Today, we had many talks. Firstly, we watched "The Orphan". Aarrghhh! I was scared out of my wits! Blood everywhere!
Then, it was the talk on Crime. The talk was pretty interesting! Quite afraid too...when the talk was on. Later, the talk on straight A's was presented by Mrs Ong, a former PK 1 of the school. Bravo!
Later, my class had practice for Aerobics and Cheerleading. I joined Aerobics. Pretty, tiring, duh!