Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animal World

Orang Utan Family

I am hungry...Who give me FOOD???

I love it...Yummy!!!

Where am I??!!!

Bird Friends

Hee Hee...Now you see me, now you DON'T!!!

We are Happy Family

Come on, let's go for an outing!

Come, mommy carry you.

I love my baby...
Look at our animal friends...
See how they love their loved ones...
And look at how we treat between beings...
We are all the creations of GOD.
So treat the nature well, treasure it...
Guard the earth dwellers, no haterd, no revenge...
In the spirit of LOVE, we are the smartest...
So we must show our LOVE to the surroundings, so that WE CARE!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Results...Hehehe...

The notorious, scary exam was over and the results were out. My results, too! I will tell you guys mine but it may be quite shameful...
Well, I will not tell my Sivik results as it is not an SPM subject.
Bahasa Melayu-89 (A)
English-88 (A)
Chinese-63 (C+)
Modern Mathematics-90 (A+)
Additional Mathematics-68 (B)
History-65 (B)
Biology-79 (A-)
Chemistry-75 (A-)
Physics-85 (A)
Moral-76 (A-)

Hahax...It is the worst... So malu but got to work hard!

Friday, March 19, 2010

All My Friends!

(Clockwise from top left) Ameera, Atilia, Amirah, Atikah, Aina

(Clockwise from left) Vaniisha, Thavani, Vitthiyes, Lalithsri

Two Drama Princesses, Hanan and Fatin

Durga, Saras, Keer. Very nice girls...

Actually, there arew many more friends but they were not photographed...


I want a dream
A sweet dream
A real dream
Turning into reality

I want a dream
Without boundaries
Allow me to imagine
All the sweeties

I want a dream
Which is not a simple dream
Which is not just imaginary
But a reality

It is not achievable
By just being a thinker
But you just have to work harder
Be braver...

Friday, March 12, 2010







The monthly test is finally OVER~~~!!! I can finally heave a heavy sigh of relief. But however, there is a question---What will my results going to be?
And therefore, I am blogging now. I really want to tell you guys everything that happened this week! Well, I was banned from online due to exams. And the exams are not really easy, though. The Add Maths test is hard... and so the History. I almost went mad because of that. It's gonna make me lunatic... But I love languages! It's cool!
Now it is relax time. I turned to Country Story on Facebook because Pet Society cannot be opened! Just played for a while... not as fun as Pet Society... ^^ Heehee...
And Sharon please don't forget to study!!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy Life

Form 4 life is not easy

It is very queasy

And makes me go crazy...

Increased mass of books

And decreased mass of fun

Increased mass of worries

And decreased mass of happiness

Add Maths, History, Biology...

All racked my minds!

My brain is now a rocking chair

Or a boat in the vast oceans

Rattling here and there

Friends... all matured already!

That's great but some has

Become so stuck-up!

Form 4 is so difficult...

Tan Revenge?!!

I wondered that what on earth had I done to the Tans at the previous life until I "suffered" under them today! (Well, we Buddhists believe in rebirth!)

When I was a primary schoolgirl, there were almost a dozen of Tans in my class, and those who treated me well were near to null. I was always jeered of whenever I talk to boys, being misunderstood... ALL due to the Tans' pranks! And besides that, they isolated me in all means.

Things never changed when I stepped into secondary school. One Tan goes everywhere to backbite me. She attracts friends like a magnet. Then here comes another Tan. She was very kind, but UNFORTUNATELY she was influenced by that Tan. She was no longer friendly as before. Poor her!

Just, I cannot imagine why I am always bullied by Tans...