Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sepcial Merdeka TV Programme

Another benefit of celebrating National Day: Public Holiday! Now I can use this time to study and have a little story with you.

I woke up quite early today to "chop" my mountain of homework. What else? History, of course! It was a considerable amount of notes to be done until I missed half of the drama. I started my day with my History homework, then I feel so bored that I snacked on some mooncake. Later...


My History Homework is done! It was around 8am. I went to watch the Merdeka show aired by TV3 and it was special-no processions and monotonous parades. That was due to the Ramadan month, where the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Friends, just to ask you a question: Can you imagine marching under the hot sun without a drop of water?

That explains the procession which was in the Bukit Jalil Stadium next year. Themed "Satu Malaysia Menjana Transformasi", the event was oh-so-awesome. I missed the first three segments due to the homework. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

The first scene I saw was a musical performance and the volunteers shaking colourful, flashing cards as neon lights and logos. I knew the process was not easy. The forth segment, which was the group dancing by 600 people, was great! The movements may look delightfully simple but the various formations were tough enough. Just imagine-changing from flower to logo and whatsoever-in merely 20 seconds, I think.

Shortly after that, the soldiers (if I am not mistaken) came with enormous pieces of white cloth holded neaty side by side as though it was merely a piece of it. Laser lights displayed colourful images and patterns on the cloth, displaying the glory of Malaysia. Later, it was their performance with all the millitary acts-with the volunteers forming slogans (I forgot the slogans-sorry). Oh my God! All of them had spun into fast and furious millitary action! At least 100 soldiers perform that simultaneously.

After the soldiers displayed their outstanding talents, it was the TTS (Tempur Tanpa Senjata, i.e. Battle Withous Weapon) team who awe the audiences with "silat" together with some gymnastics elements. It was real and looked like if their teammates were in the danger of being stabbed anytime. I cannot imagine the feeling if I was at the actual venue-watching it on screen is stumming enough for me.

Later, it was the band performance and silent marching from the Malaysian Navy Forces. The band played music well! The silent marching-as it sounded-look difficult enough. The team marched neatly and with many patterns as well, showing great cooperation among the team members.

After that, it was the performance of people donned in colourful traditional outfit-cheongsan, baju kurung, saree... They swayed their flags in pride while singing patriotic songs, such as "Jalur Gemilang", "Malaysiaku Gemilang", "Satu Malaysia"(if I am not mistaken). Once again, the rhythm and synchronization of the moves were near to perfect.

In the spirit of One Malaysia, let we, the Malaysians CHEER-for her 53rd Birthday!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Too many feelings
Yet there is never a definite beginning
And an undefinite ending

The butterflies flutter
Make us smile wider
And make the doomest souls brighter

Yet when your heart's in the winter
It is so cold that you will shudder
In misery and horror

And when your heart's on fire
Ignites your desire
To get anything without tire

Random feelings
Surrounding us for life
Making us hard to fathom the tommorrows

Friday, August 27, 2010

Teenage Years

The modern teenager's life is so cool
It's real, it's full of variety

The modern teenagers life is an evolution
From a larvae to a cocoon
The modern teenager's live is fun
But may be complicated, too.

The modern teenager's life is mainly in school
Studying, homework and activities shape their life
School is a part and parcel
Of their teenage years

Sometimes it may haunt their lives
Because they had to work till the still of the night
Or they had to race for time
Until they eventually returned...with fright of their life

When they had their leisure time
All they did is play with their heart
Facebooking, SMS, shopping and more
Not to forget sports and games.

"Do you wear lip glosses? Do you wear mascara?
Do you have the latest platforms and jeans?
Do you have your Prince Charming?"
Teenage girls will say

And for young guys,
"Do you have the most powerful motorbike?
What is your latest gadget?"

Yet many will greet you like this:
"Hey pal, do you know what happened to Miley Cyrus?
I love Kesha's new song, she's hot!"
And the list goes on.

Friends are a must during teenage years
School for them? Oh my God!
While some others will like it,
Others will feel like been thrown into the 18th level of Hell.

While some may like in glam,
Others were to their path of destruction
Drugs, beer, gambling and more
The male may flirt, the female horsing around

Teenage years are precious and glamourous
Yet some of us misused these golden years
Teenage years are the time to build our souls
Before walking into a brighter adult world!


Book Review-I am Gifted, So are You!

I am very happy because I found this book at last in the library, which is recommended by Grace Yee last year in a book review competition. It is near to perfect except for its exhorbitant price.

This book, written by Adam Khoo, is mainly about the methods to improve your memory and study abilities. At 268 pages, it gives a pricise explanation and guidance on reading techniques, such as speed reading, mind mapping, etc. It also gives a detailed analysis on the functions of the human brain and their role in studying.

I love this book as it helps me briefly (at least) in correct studying techniques. I hope you can get it as well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

English Oral Test

It was the English Oral test in my school last Tuesday. I was the first to be called on and I was to present on a topic, namely "Homework-The Boons and Bane". I presented my notes with the help of two extra-large mahjong papers packed with flowcharts and pictures, with the help of sticking them from my friends as the papers were enormous.

The response was quite overwhelming and when I asked a question, "Do you like homework?" to begin my presentation, quite a number actually said "YES"! Minority, of course. Not me! When I explained the topics in sequence, I gave some questins to my friends as well. Most of the results are that:
  • They do not like History, Civic Education, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry homework.
  • They find Additional Mathematics and Chemistry comfusing.
  • Counting and reading subjects are not their cup of tea.
  • Without homework, their activities will be sending text messages, Facebook-ing, listening to the music, and hanging out with friends.
  • They admit that homework takes up a lot of time. (I think like that too! I did my homework until 1am almost everyday. I do not write fast.)

At the same time, they relate some of the notes with their friends, such as friends collapsing in class due to exhaustation. Oh my God...

Meanwhile, I shared some of the funny encounters when I do my homework, especially when I am drowsy. Here are just some:
  • I used to write "I want to eat Maggi mee" in my tuition homework. Fortunately, It was in pencil.
  • My writing is shaped like waves.
  • I wrote scientific terms in my Account Principles book. (I am taking Account Principles as my extra subject.)
  • I even wrote words like "sneezy", "Lady Gaga" and "Paparazzi"(my favourite song) in my Chinese Essay book last Tuesday. They startled me when I was awake again. (This made my friends laughed loud, especially Cynthia-almost fell down! I don't know why-it is common among night owls like me, I guess.)

I got 28/30 for that. To me, it is just alright...

Yet, once again I stress that this is quite a REVOLUTIONARY method for English Oral Test, thanks to Puan Sharifah. I HATE MESMERIZING STORIES foe an English Oral Test-I love to do everything impromtu. (hehe... I don't know if my spelling is correct...please leave a comment if there is any spelling mistake, thanks)

My Test 2 results (complete version)

Finally I got my complete Test 2 results! Do not laugh too much or you will get a ... (hehe... guess this word: s??????ache) because my results are quite BAD this time... (for me of course, please give a FEEDBACK!!! Arigato~)

I will start from the lowest.

Sejarah 66 B
Additional Mathematics 71 B+
Physics 74 B+
Chemistry 75 A-
Chinese Language 75 A-
Moral Education 83 A
Modern Mathematics 90 A+
Malay Language 91 A+
Civic Education 93 A+
Biology 94 A+
English Language 95 A+

I know that majority of my subjects have A+ but my average marks is only around 82.4% (Note the subjects above, I experienced a decline in the no-A subjects, Chinese Language and Modern Mathematics. Chinese Language is the WORST! 10 MARKS DOWN! Sejarah 9 MARKS! Physics 6 MARKS! Aaarrrggghhh!!! My Physics is constantly declining from 85 to 80 and then to 74. It is merely 1 more mark to an A- this time!

Yet I am quite satisfied for the last 4 subjects (except for Civic Education...it is not an SPM subject) I managed to get an A+ AT LAST for my Malay Language! I want to maintain it! Here I will share a little secret... This is not the actual examination format as my teacher will not give high marks at one go. I think she wants us to strive for the better. My Biology-INCREASE OF 11 MARKS! Of course-1 chapter only. At the same time, I managed to maintain my English Language at A+. I want it FOREVER AND FOREVER!

Now is the post-test programme...

Declined subjects: Here is my mom's plan and it is not at all easy, but I believe that I can do it if I am determined for it. She wants me to do Additional Mathematics and History revision daily. At the same time, Physics must be done as frequent as possible. I know that I was doomed by MOUNTAINS OF HOMEWORK DAILY until I went to school with bloodshot eyes, yet I must try to steal some time out.

Increased subjects: READ AND READ. I got some English novels from my grandaunt which are considerably old-one of them is even published in 1938! 56 years older than me man! I have 8 of them, and I know that reading them will take a long time. The language styles in the books had startled me-even the first page is tough enough to understand, with all the flowery languages used. Yet, according to my grandaunt, those books given to me are the easiest in her collection. I cannot imagine my grandaunt's language ability now...

(Note the words from the first page in one of the books: "The Robe" by Lloyd C. Douglas, dated 1942: alcove, wrought, bedchamber, peristyle, tesselated)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Howl... till your hair stand on end

Not very scary actually, but this happened at around half-past one today. I was doing my Chemistry homework when I heard a creepy, loud howling sound from the window near the computer.


What? I almost jumped out of my skin. I thought my sister was crying. Impossible. I knew that she will not drop her tears easily. Yet, I questioned her.

"Ah Bi, why did you cry?" (Ah Bi is the way I used to called my sister as she is younger than me.)

"Jie jie, why did you cry?" my sis replied. Whoa, she gave me the same question! I was not crying-I was just totally engrossed with my Chemistry homework which was due tommorrow.

Later my mom walked in and we enquired about the matter. "I don't know, I heard it too!" she replied. Both of you better be careful as this is the seventh lunar month!" (Hungry Ghosts' Festival is on this month, which explains the reasons that we Chinese are quite careful during this time. Ceh~)

Later, she waited. She sounded, reciting something...

"Namo Amitabha..."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eye the Day

When I open my eyes
I see the day
I see the rays
Into my soul

I see the morning
I see afternoon
I see night

I reminisce yesterday
The days that are gone
See what did I
Did for yesterday

I see today
For whatever that happens
And to lay a foundation
For a better tommorrow

I see tommorow
As a day to
Pursue my dreams
Reach for the stars

Forgive and forget
Forget the Past
Eye the Future

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food Heaven

Another Merdeka post...

Malaysians are quite fortunate as we have LOTS OF FOOD to be savoured! Again, I must stress that this is due to the multiracial community in Malaysia.

Walk down the urban streets and rural alleys in Malaysia-you can see scrumptious food everywhere.

Kuih ketayap, a Nyonya snack. My mom made this, which proved that every race is free to taste and learn each other's delicacy.

Rice Dumplings

Malay Traditional Food:

  • Lemang
  • Ketupat
  • Sate
  • Dodol
  • Rendang
  • Sambal Belacan

Chinese Traditional Food:

  • Kuih Bakul
  • Rice dumpling
  • Mooncake
  • Dim Sum
  • Noodle dishes
  • Dumplings shaped like balls (Tang Yuan)

Indian Food

  • Idli
  • Capati
  • Roti Canai
  • Sweetmeats
  • Masala Vadai
  • Laddu

Besides, there are many other food by other races. At the same time, overseas food are available in Malaysia as well, such as Japanese Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Western Cuisine, etc. Indeed Malaysia is a food heaven...

(Pictures of other food from other races are not available in my computer storage. Sorry...)

Oh Puan Sharifah!!!

About Puan Sharifah (my definition)
  • English teacher and Senior Assistant for extra-curricular activities
  • One of a kind
  • Never a monotonous class
  • Humourous
  • Likes to use interaction method instead of the BORING NOTES, NOTES, NOTES...
  • Her class is filled with LAUGHTER
  • Open-minded
  • Brain filled with ENDLESS IDEAS!
  • Loves fun methods of learning, e.g. drama performance in literature)
  • Loves to give SUPER-DIFFICULT paperwork
  • Never use textbook (in my class)
  • Fashionable-one suit with a pair of shoes if I am not mistaken...
  • One of the best teachers I've ever met

Recently, there will be an oral test. The other teachers will call you to mesmerize a text and recite it to the class. Yet she did not use the STANDARD, STEREOTYPED WAY! My oh my, she wanted us to present everything in a mahjong paper and present the information like public speaking, and I LOVE IT! (You should know that Sharon Ng Huey Yuek is very lazy when it comes to mesmerizing facts and text, that explaines her bad History performance.)

Initially, she wanted to use MULTIMEDIA but the classroom had no such facility. I hope that the money allocated to the school next time will be used to transform the classrooms into Elite Classes (Classes with multimedia facilities). However, that will cost a bomb.

Anyway, she is one of the best English Language teacher I had ever met. I hope she will teach my class next year.

Extreme Values...in My Exam

Form Four students, I am sure that you know what "extreme value" is! (especially for those learning Additional Mathematics) It happened on my exam as well and I am not crazy-it s the truth.

Extreme Value #1: Speedy Gonzales
Oh my GOD! I fnished almost all my papers an hour before the designated time! I do not know why-maybe it is because both hands were used in answering the questions (left hand for rounding answers, right hand for writing). Of course, being too speedy, I made TONS of mistakes as well, especially in Additional Mathematics (of course, it is difficult as well...)... STUPID ME!!! WHY AM I SO CARELESS THAT THE CHARACTER KILLED ME IN MY EXAMS???!!!

Extreme Value #2: Exam Results!
Of course, some of the papers are still in the marking... Yet I will reveal some of my resulis here, from the lowest to the highest.
  • History: 65 (marks subject to change as I let Encik Baderol check my paper again.)
  • Additional Mathematics: 71
  • Chemistry: 75
  • Chinese Language: 75
  • Modern Mathematics: 90
  • Biology: 90 (Puan Norkamaliah is going to change some answers and mine's got some problems too, marks may change as well.)
  • Civic Education: 93
  • English Language: 95 (Oh my God, I never even thought of getting such marks in my life! My friend, Sarasvaathey was shocked as well as she got 94. Her quote: "Is this my results? This is my FIRST A+ ever!") I am equally happy of her performance as well. Congratulations, Saras!!!

Note the difference between the lowest and the highest value. Quite a large gap, right? This gap is enough to pull my average marks... DOWN.

Yet, I had to WAIT patiently for the other results (Malay Language especially... and the teacher mentioned that I can only take the results NEXT WEEK!) Oh my God, I cannot wait the results for Malay Language any longer... Yet I can wait for Moral Education and Physics... Maybe my results for those subjects are just satisfactory.

Anyway, friends, good luck for your examinations, especially to Form Five students who are sitting for their trial SPM. NEVER BE TOO PROUD if you succeed and NEVER GIVE UP if vice versa. I believe that you can do the BEST!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

School Cheer Competition

Date: 29 July 2010

Venue: Badminton Court

Cheer Performance by Craven House

Cheer Performance by Horley House

Cheer Performance by Keir House

Cheer Performance by Olson House

Cheer Performance by Treacher House

Cheer Performance by Thoburn House

Hope you will enjoy them! They are cute and some are awesome and thrilling!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Malaysia's 53rd Birthday!!!

Malaysia is turning 53! In conjunction with this National Day, I will publish Merdeka little articles until September 16.

The Community in Malaysia


  • Accounts for more than 50% of the Malaysian Population
  • Largest Ethnic in Malaysia
  • Language commonly spoken: Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Malaysia (National language)
  • Dialects: Kedah, Perak, Johore dialect, etc
  • Traditional Attire: Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Baju Melayu, Songkok
  • Traditional Food: Lemang, Ketupat, Rendang, Sate...
  • Celebration: Based on their religion, Islam, namely Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Aidiladha
  • Music: Hadrah, Dondang Sayang etc
  • Dances: Inang, Joget, Zapin, Kuda Kepang etc


  • Accounts for around 30% of the Malaysian population
  • Second largest ethnic in Malaysia
  • Language commonly spoken: Mandarin
  • Dialect: Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew...
  • Traditional attire: Chinese Tang Zhuang (The ones you see in mythology, not common now), Samfu, Cheongsam (They are from the Manchurian reign!)
  • Traditional Food: Mooncakes, Kuih Bakul, Noodles, Rice dumplings, dim sum...
  • Celebration: (Customary) Chinese New Year, Dumpling Festival, Mooncake Festival, Ching Ming, Hungry Ghosts Festival, Dong Zhi; (Religious-mainly Buddhist) Wesak Day
  • Music: Opera, Chinese Folk Music, Chinese traditional music
  • Dances: Fan Dance, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, etc


Third largest ethnic in Malaysia
Language commonly spoken: Tamil
Traditional attire: Saree, Dhoti, Salwar Kameez
Traditional Food: Capati, Idli, Sweetmeats etc
Celebration: (Mostly religious-main religion Hindu) Deepavali, Thaipusam, Thaiponggal
Dances: Bharatanatyam

I will only introduce briefly on the three main races here. We are of different races, yet we live harmoniously in the spirit of 1 Malaysia.

(P.S.: Please leave a comment to add information as the information is not really complete. Thanks!!!)

Monthly Exam

Yeah... The second monthly exam is finally OVER...!!! I will tell you about it here...

The exam preparations were not good enough, in my case. Worse of all, everything is almost a LAST-MINUTE JOB! Then, it was a bad beginning for the exam. The first day starts with one of my favourites-Bahasa Malaysia-and the other one-History-which I LOATHE VERY MUCH! My goodness, why we had to study History? It is my Achilles' heel! Please tell me why study History and how to read it... T.T Yet, Bahasa Melayu is fine and I want an A+ for it this time!

Then comes the English, Add Maths, Biology... and all the stuff. My Add Math? K.O. already because for your knowledge (This is my last time telling this), I am bad in Maths. The other subjescts are just alright... English is such a blessing. As for Biology, only questions on Chapter 5 (Cell Division) came out! Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Wasting my stupid time reading the other topics... :(

Today was the Physics and Moral Education. The Physics questions may seem easy but it is a real challenge! Moral Education test is not really good... I just simply answered some of them especially Question 6.

What a bitter lesson to learn. I really should not burn the midnight oil next time... Anyway I have my goal... not very high... And it is a secret... Only Sharon Ng Huey Yuek and her family knows.

To friends from TMGS, I hope you will pass your exams in flying colours, and Good Luck to those currently facing or have not facing theirs. GAMBATEH!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy... but Worried


I am happy because my sports house, Horley House won many awards in the last month's activities! Somehow, we did not make into the top three because we got the first in only ONE activity. We won the following activities:
Champion: Futsal
1st Runner-Up: Tug-of-war, Netball, Modern Fashion(Traditional Attire)
2nd Runner-Up: Handball, Futuristic Fashion, Aerobics, Cheer

Not bad... at least we won something...

HORLEY, TRY YOUR BEST IN SPORTS DAY 2011 AND BULAN KECERGASAN 2011! (Bulan Kecergasan is the month where those activities were held-of course there were more, we did not win all, just some...) GO! GO! GO! YOU CAN DO IT!


Exam is just a couple of days away and I am not even half-way prepared! I am really tired these days-for an unknown reason. Maybe it is because of the stupid female problem every month! (Don't ask me what is that-you know yourself)

Sejarah (History, in Malay Language it is Sejarah )...I dread it very much...because of YOU, SEJARAH my brain is crammed up with the ENDLESS ARABIC TERMS! (In the Malaysian Syllabus, we learn about Islamic History in Form 4.)

Add Math? Okay, at least it is better than Sejarah but it is still difficult for me... For your information, I am not a Maths Whiz... just a satisfactory degree...

Languages? Oh my God, I LOVED THEM! LANGUAGE IS MY PASSION FOREVER AND EVER! Yet, I am worried of the literature component in Malay Language. The traditional proses used a lot of "berbelit-belit" terms... But I loved essays, of course! As for English, I want to MAINTAIN MY A+!!!

The other subjects? So far, so good!



And, last but not least, Where there is a will, there is a way. GAMBATEH TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND NEVER GIVE UP!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fashion Parade

Date: 21 July 2010
Venue: School Hall
Pictures by: Umi Fadzira Natasha

That is me as I was joining the futuristic fashion category, representing Horley House. I bet this was the WEIRDEST... After all, all houses have to use TRASH in their design!

Posing... posing... looking at the Queen...

From left: me, Cik Afifah, Umi Fadzira Natasha (Umi was joining the Retro Category)

Look at these Indian beauties! No... Some are Chinese... "Satu Malaysia" spirit, right? Happy Deepavali to all Treacherians!!! (Hey, is it too early to wish that?)

The TMGS Fashion Show! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Legend of White Steel Pagoda

Sorry for typing this so late... But I will tell you about the story of the White Steel Pagoda in Hadyai, Thailand here, which was built at around the year 2006.

There was a wealthy man who owned five hardware shops and many lorries. His business was flourishing but it soon went to a downfall in a house development project. There was no response from the clients and thus he bankrupted. He became a beggar.

His wife had became extremely thin due to breast cancer at the same time and was waiting at Death's door. He was in a sad state of desperation.

One day, he was sleeping when a white snake crawled over him. According to the snake, he was sinful in his previous life. To prove it, he had to go to a mountain, and then ignite two candles and nine incense sticks under the blazing hot sun. If the incense sticks burn completely, then he was innocent. There were raging storms and heavy downpour when the incense sticks were ignited. Of course, they cannot burn completely, thus proving that he was sinful in the past. He was then given three wishes and hoped for good family health, prosperous business and to build a stainless steel pagoda if his wishes were granted.

One day, the man saw a feeble old woman by the road. He helped her and was given 100 Baht (approximately RM10), but he rejected her offer. After various times that he turned down the woman's offer, she gave him eighteen lotteries. All of them won the next day and the man became rolling in money once again. He wihed to thank the old woman, but alas, she was never seen again.

To thank God's kindness, he built a white steel pagoda with golden floor on a hilltop, which was undeniably costly. That explains the reason that we had to remove our shoes when we worship there.

Well, friends, a good turn deserves another. If you do not believe me, try going there-you can see many photographs about this event in a golden building there. Yet I wonder if those pictures were still there now...

In the Still... of the Night

Yes, I am blogging on midnight while doing part of my Chemistry project and uploading the cheer and aerobics videos. Somehow, I will have to consult my friends about the project in school later!

It was because of the NOTORIOUS SYSTEM which made the browser window shut-just like that! The video was 95% uploaded and then, it's gone! What a silly waste of time! I will have to wait until 1.15 am for the upload to be complete! :(

I groaned, but my mom told me that patience is a must to achieve my ambition-computer programmer. According to her, my granduncle had to do his computer programming job until 2 am once due to computer breakdown! However, I was burning the midnight oil these days and went to school like a panda (Note my post "Panda People").

Never mind... I'll try to be patient somehow... but sometimes I could not help wishing that there is a more advanced one than this!

And in the dark, eerie silence, my fingers continued its moves on the keyboard and mouse as time flies...