Saturday, June 26, 2010


Serene scene,
Pleasant picturesque,

Stars glittering on the sky.

Time to return to slumber
Time to rest after
A day's work.
That's for us.

But it was not
The same case,
For some others.

To them,
It is the time
To feed the mouths.
It is the time
To gain the future.

Some nocturnal beings
Help us too many
They help us
To devote to the society
Unfortunately, they are often
Unsung heroes.

Too many of the others
Went out to scavenge
And create dumps
For us to pick.

Night is beautiful
For us to appreciate
The creation of God
For us to remorse
everything done during the day.

May You bless everyone a peaceful night
May you bless everyone a virtuous tommorrow,
May you bless everyone with the power and aura
To face the future, to build the nation.


Life is not a fairytale
But many think it is

Fairytales are beautiful
Portray a perfect world
Where the Good always
Beat the evil
Where the virtues
Beat the vices

Buoy the kids to sleep
Immerse them in an
Infinite world of dignity

But the world
Is not a fairytale
Is full of hatred and
Evil culture...

Prince Charming is rare
And Fairy Godmother can be found
No magic powers
To help you here and there

And there is not always
Good which defeats Evil
The world has turned
Upside down...

Let us pray
For the peace of the World
To make it as peace as
The garden of Eden.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Results...

It was long after the Mid-Year Examinations ended. I will tell you my results but it is quite bad...

I start from those A+ first! (90-100)
  • English 91
  • Modern Mathematics 91
  • Sivik 90

Then those in grade A (80-89):
  • Chinese 85
  • Moral 83
  • Bahasa Melayu 80
  • Physics 80

I am totally dissastified with those after this. Here are those in grade A- (75-79)
  • History 75
  • Additional Mathematics 75

Then this in grade B! I am totally devastated! (65-69)
  • Chemistry 68 ( But nobody gets even A- for this! The highest is Chung Yuwen (U-wen Silver on Facebook). She gets 70 marks.)

Biology is unknown. Why Puan Norkamaliah was absent today?!!! Ish...Ish...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How Dumplings are Made

Videos on how my mom makes dumplings. The video below is the dumpling wrapping in detail. The result: YUMMY, MOUTH-WATERING DUMPLINGS!!! I do not mind even if the appearance is just satisfactory...

School's Here!

School is going to reopen tommorrow... By the way, do you enjoy your holidays? I do, of course. Well, I will tell you what have I did during the holidays.
  • On the first three days, I went to Hadyai with my family. (Refer my previous posts)
  • On the first week of holiday, there are almost no tuition except for Chinese Language and Prinsip Perakaunan. (I will take extra subjects in SPM) I went online daily and finish my homework.
  • At the same time, I did a bit of revision.
  • On the following week, I went to tuition classes as usual. Study as usual, Online as usual too!
  • On Wednesday (If I am not mistaken), I changed room. Now I am in seperate room with my sister. It is quite pleasant except that the bathroom is small.
  • I love today. I went to do Civic Education project with my friend, Sarasvaathey. Today is Father's Day at the same time! We had durian cake for lunch and spaghetti for dinner.

Anyway, the holiday will soon be over. Good luck to all and have fun to school! Happy Fathers' Day to all fathers as well!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Your eyes see me
And my eyes see you
Your eyes tell something
And so do my eyes

Your eyes are the
Window to your soul
Telling me something
That I cannot fathom

Your eyes tell me
What you feel
What do you think
And what do you know

The eyes tell about you
Tells your heart
Tells your soul
To be true.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


You set your own boundaries
And the boundaries restrict you
To anywhere you wish to go
To anything you wish to know

Your boundaries are invisible
To you and to all
But they are visible
To your soul

You can either build your boundaries
Or let them go
The boundaries will determine
Where you will go

No boundaries can limit your mind
Unless you limit them yourself.

Yesterday, Today, Tommorrow

Was a beautiful story to say
Yet everything has gone away
It was, yet a sad thing to say

Did you left anything to go astray?
It was, just on that day,
To keep your memories, from going away.

Now, to think,
You will not return a candle
With its flames died away,
And its body melt away!

On yesterday,
Did you build a castle faraway?
Or did you
Let everything to simply flow away?

Is another story to say
Is a day for you to build your way
To a hill peak faraway

Is a day to fulfill your way
For your dreams and for your say
It can be done, but just today

Now, to think
Building a wonderful palace of dreams
It's easy to say, but to build it
That must be done today

On today,
Bit by bit and your work will soon say,
"Now you've done it today,
You'll go a better way ahead someday!

Is an untold story to know
To go high or to go low
It's something to bestow

Is a day that comes from your row
Down a river that always low
Against the way where people go

Now, to think,
What to be for a better tommorrow
To build a path, that
Leads to a beautiful place that no one knows!

On tommorrow,
Follow the way for a better place to go
Or to go
To a world that is good for everyone in this world!

Dumpling Festival端午节

My mom prepares glutinuous rice for the dumplings, A lot of peanuts inside!

Mom wraps dumplings

Dumpling to be

Soaked strings
The end product: YUMMY DUMPLINGS!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hadyai Trip Snippets

Oops! I may have forgot some pics. Here are the extras...

Yummy, succulent dessert

Freshly-baked dried cuttlefish

Klonghae Floating Market

How they sell drinks?

TMGS Choral speaking Team

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hadyai Trip-Day 3

It was my last day in Hadyai. We woke up early in the morning and had breakfast in the hotel. Later we went to the morning market via an open-aired truck. The market was large and had a vast variety of goods, but unfortunately it was very filthy. We bought many stuffs home, including my shoes.

Around two hours later, we packed up for departure. We bade farewell to this beautiful city at 1.30 pm. We then arrived the Changloon Phoenix Pharmaceuticals shortly after the Customs Check. Oh my, I hate the speech! It was simply advertisement on medicines!

At 7.30 pm, we went to the Mantis Shrimp Village Restaurant in Tambun, Penang for dinner. I love the seafood dinner very much! It was yummy! We continued our journey around an hour later and finally reached Taiping at 10.00 pm.

I will miss Hadyai very much.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hadyai Trip-Day 2

It was 8.00 am when we had a morning call. We had a scrumptious buffet breakfast at the Grand View Restaurant in the hotel. After that, we left for the magnificent White Steel Pagoda in a crammed up van.The winding road worsened the condition. There were many large, golden Buddha statues there. The path was made of gold, so we had to visit the deitied barefooted. The platform was very high!

The whole gang!

Later at, we went to a hill with many Elephant God statues, which was above the Hadyai Municipal Park. There were many elephant figurines and their way of worshipping the God was by igniting fireworks. Pretty Deafening...

After that, we went downhill to visit the Kuan Yin Temple. Half an hour later, we paid a visit to the Mahapanya Vidayalai. There were many Buddhist statues there, once again. A tall, magnificent pagoda was found there as well. A serene, peaceful ambience surrounded the Temple environment.

In the afternoon, we went for a lunch at Kan Eng Restaurant which serves spicy Thai food. The food was extremely spicy and some of them were exotic. I love only the curry crab, fried fishcake and omelette.

After that, we went back to the hotel for a rest. At around 3.00 pm, we visited the Klonghae Floating Market. It was indeed unique. There were many stalls set on "sampan" and that ared was particularly crowded. Drinks were sold in clay bowls and bamboo sticks instead of disposable cups. I like that! My mom bought a bowl of dessert after being crowded for long. The dessert was yummy!

Later, we went again to the same restaurant for dinner. This time, the food was better. We went shopping at the Odean Supermarket nearby. My family then went to a stall nearby which sold desserts and had supper before we returned to the hotel.It was heavenly!

Okay, I shall tell you about the last day in my next post...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hadyai Trip

Today, I will talk about my trip to Hadyai, Thailand.

Day 1 (6/6/2010)
My family and the other Kwangtung Associaion members gathered at the Kwangtung Association at 1 am before leaving for Hadyai by bus. The bus was cold. Everyone fell asleep despite there was a television show going on. The oldies which were broadcasted later made a good lullaby!

It was almost four hours later when we arrived at Changloon. Here, we changed our currencies. 1 Ringgit equals to 10 Baht! Wow! Two hours later, we arrived at the customs department. Checking was fast and easy.

Thailand, here we come! Oh my, the SMS charge rates are more expensive than usual. Later, we went to the duty-free shop. My,my, the items were damn expensive!

The first place we visited was a chicken rice shop for breakfast. According the tour guide, this is one of the most famous chicken rice shop in Hadyai. However, I do not like it at all. After a long journey, we arrived a temple near the rubber estate. The temple was grand and there were many Buddha statues there.

Boddhisatva and me

Laughing Buddha

Avalokiteshvara Boddhisatva


Sleeping Buddha

After that, we went to a shop selling local goods and birds' nest. The birds' nest soup is cheap-only 200 Baht (RM 20). We bought some ornaments there at a low price (20% off, wow!) My sister and I bought ice creams there before we left. The ice cream is special-coconut flavoured with sea coconut, sweet potatoes, dried bread, peanuts and glutinous rice.

We visited a local produce shop nearby after that. The shop was big but hot, and the items were sold in bulk. Of course, the items were cheap. We bought many items which worth around 700 Baht altogether. Try to calculate them in Ringgit! We then went for lunch at a restaurant which was quite far away. It was very hot but the food was worth the cost.

In the evening, we checked into Sakura Hotel. It was elegant and had a pleasant ambience. Our room may be of the lowest grade but it was very comfortable. We then went shopping and then to Washington Restaurant for dinner. I HATE the combination ordered: pig trotter was served when there was a roasted suckling pig, and there were two kinds of soup. Gosh!

The Entrance of Sakura Hotel

Sayuri Ancient Massage Centre, pictured from downstairs

Grand View Restaurant serves yummy food.

Look at the magnificent staircase!

Lobby Bar

I went to bed late as I enjoyed the day. I will tell you about the next day in my next post. The related pictures will be published later. Bye!

Friday, June 4, 2010


The mid-term examinations are finally OVER!!! Well, it was after a "war" for a fortnight. We had to struggle to get the best for this examination! What's more, Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) are no child's play, especially for Paper 2.

My opinion? The test is just right, but it was slightly tough. We had to write pretty fast to finish our papers. Subjects which require calculation almost "killed" me. What a shame! I am a Chinese, but my Counting skills are just average. Yet, I simply LOVE the anguage subjects. Just pour in the creative juices and correct grammar and voila! You can get a good writing.

Yet, it was totally different for Malay Language Paper 2 (Comprehension and Grammar). The komsas part is damn hard...

Chemistry is the hardest of all. How is it possible to score a distinction? Furthermore, my pre-exam preparations were inadequate...T.T

Today, finally we gained INDEPENDENCE!!! I got my Add Maths results. Just a very minute increase by 7 marks... is now 75...Sucks...

I will leave for Hatyai until Monday night. See you later!






Teacher's Day 2010

Sorry for not updating my blog for long! Why? It was due to the Mid Year Examinations. Now that I am free, I have a lot to share with you.

I'll tell you guys about my school Teacher's Day in Pictorial Form. It was at 17/5/2010.

Pretty field decoration

Green and White balloons are the main highlights. There are plenty.

Balloons, balloons, everywhere


Speech by Encik Mahathir

Thank you, thank you. (Pn Rosnani)

Pn Sharifah presenting the "Perutusan" from the Ministry of Education

PIBG President, Encik Adnan bin Abdul Rahman

Speech from Pn Haryati
The Ultimate Celebration!

Hey, when's the celebration? I'm waiting for LONG!!! ( Maroon Kebaya)... :D

What's this...

Gimmick. BAM!!!

Aiyo, so hot. Let's... PICNIC!!!

Kami Guru Malaysia...

Thank You, Teachers

Prefects giving presents

PRS Giving presents

Librarians giving presents

I cannot wait to EAT the cake... (Purple Baju Kurung)

TMGS beauties presenting a Malay Dance gracefully.
If the teacher don't come early, I'll drink them ALL up! Why? To prevent food wastage!
Actually there are many other events but I recorded them in video form. I will upload them later in Youtube. Just key in libragurlzsnhy94 to search and you will see many others! Uploading will be slow so you have to wait. Sorry and thanks!!!