Friday, July 30, 2010

Disgusting Person

That was yesterday when I went to the Catering Room to collect the bookmark money from the students of class 500. (The Cooperative Shop was having a bookmark sale) While I was busy with the business, a 304 student tapped me on my arm.

My goodness! I sensed that something was amiss. True to my expectations, she asked me if there is any prefect in my class. When I answered "yes", she wanted me to name one of them. I was impatient then (What's the feeling of being DISTURBED?) and I simply gave a name, hoping that she will leave soon.

"Sharon, go and tell Cynthia that someone brought barang kemas (jewellery) to school!"


"Sharon, go tell ah!"

"Hey, I am busy! Why not just tell yourself?"

"Sharon, you must tell. Bye!" Then she went.

OH MY GOD! Anisa was witnessing. She told me to ignore her as blaming the others was what that 304 student likes to do, according to Anisa.


Don't ever hope that I will tell Cynthia or any other prefects! Go and tell yourself!


(The 304 student will be kept anonymous, so please don't tell me who is her. Thanks...

School Aerobics

Aerobics Performance of Craven House

Aerobics Performance of Horley House

Aerobics Performance of Keir House

Aerobics Performance of Olson House

Aerobics Performance of Treacher House

Special acknowledgement to:

Magdalene Ng Huey Phiing (photographer)

Saravaathey a/p Latchimana (Video-she helped me on some of them)

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Blur Blur Evening...^^

Read this dialogue below and give a comment! (Actually in Hokkien dialect, translated to English).

(I went to nap at around 5.00pm)


Me: Dad, what day is today? Saturday?
Dad: Saturday? Then you'll better get ready for Miss Louisa's tuition. Today is Friday!
Me: Morning already ah? I'm done, I had not finished my homework! Now it is morning or evening?
Dad: It's evening! Your sis is going to tuition, remember?
Me:Evening ah?

(I saw my sis)

Me: Going to school? Why wearing like this? (She was in black shirt and jeams)
Sis: What? Hey, will I go to school like this?
Me: Yes if there is an after PMR program maybe!

(At the dining hall, I saw some yam fritters, which I thought it was nuggets)

(Then my sis related everything to my mom)

(But I forgot the dialogue after this! Sorry~)

Panda People

Friends, don't get offended when you read this post, but it is TRUE!

Recebtly, there are quite many panda people in my class, including ME as well. Why? Homework, activities, endless tuition... so much that many come to school feeling exhausted and sleepy and drowsy. Me as well! What else if people come to school with dark circles around their eyes?

Well, well, well. I will tell you why...
5 homework per day in my class is a norm.
Then comes the school sports house activities. I do not really teach (I don't know why, but never mind).
After school, there are many tuition classes (for my case, I attend tuition classes almost everyday except for Friday and Sunday). Many out there have tuitions as well, I think.

At last, I ended up sleeping only four hours a day, which is far too little for a teenager.In school, I am not in very good condition either, just like some of my friends.

Exam is just around the corner. I barely started anything, just so scared...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angkasawan's talk

Pictures Courtesy by Latha, Keerthana and Sarasvaathey

Club Aerobics

Time: 3.00pm

Date: 14 July 2010

Venue: TMGS School Hall

Friday, July 16, 2010

Futsal Mania @ TMGS

Date: 14 July 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue: TMGS Handball Court

Are You READY???!!!

Warming up! Ooops, somebody's startled and surprised...!!!

Futsal Match between Craven (Yellow House) and Thoburn (Purple House)


Komathy, the cute goalkeeper

Futsal Match between Craven and Keir (Blue House)

Run for the...ball

I "tanduk" you away! (Thoburn girl)

Dance, dance, ole ole ole ole...

Futsal Match between Treacher (Red House) and Olson (Orange House)

Hey, why not give me the BALL???!!!

Ball snatch! Oh no, almost a wrestling...

Atilia, the "motherly" goalkeeper. Don't be angry ya... just simply joking

Futsal Match between Keir and Thoburn

Ball, don't go away...!!!

A pearl is found! (This is Peraavinah, my sister's classmate)

Futsal Match between Horley (Green house---my house too!) and Craven

Huei Chern in furious girl action!

Huei Chern posing on the ball. Looking on is Encik Suhainizam

A hysteric Yusra (Green in tudung) after Horley scores a goal!

No gymnastics on the field!

Sorry for not providing the pics for the finals on the next day. Yet I am glad to say that my house, the Horley House--WINS!!! Yay!

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I was extremely sad when someone in my class will say that those from the Art Class or the Vocational Class are stupid. How can she say that?

Actually, everyone is clever in his/her own way, it is just the field that matters. Some of them may show poor academic performance, but they may excel in another way, such as sports and culinary. How can some people humiliate them like that?

I often hear that people from the rearmost classes are undisciplined and those from the top classes are arrogant. Which scum started this "philosophy"? Not all people behave the same way, right?

Every cloud has a silver lining. God made us special in our own way. Therefore, do not look down on the others-you will get the bad points yourself- a punishment from Him.

Appreciate what the others had did...
Remember that everyone has his/her own role in this world...
The world is nothing without balance...
Those who seem unimportant may be heroes one day...
The unsung heroes are here, to say:

"Pride comes before a fall.
Don't be too vain for good."


Oh my God, I had met too many double-faced people these days! Such people were nice in front of me, but they talked bad behind me, saying that I am stupid, ugly and lonely.

These type of people are those I loathe most. There are TOO MANY of them, well, but they will spread to everyone like big news if any teacher or whoever scold them. Sous horrible!

These words are reminiscent from a Malay friend of mine:
"Mengumpat itu dosa besar." (Backbiting is a big sin.)

And from my mother as well:
"If you backbite others, God will punish you."

I admit that sometimes I do backbite, but only in extreme cases. Actually, I HATE them, just as I do not really like backbiting others myself. I was fortunate that somehow there are true friends who do not like to backbite others, though... They love JOKES!!! ^^


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Parent's Day

Today was Parent's Day. I went to school with my mom and sis early in the morning. However, the teacher was not around yet! Later, my sis's form teacher, Puan Farah Naz came and we went to take her results first. OK only...

After that, we went to take my results. Some were happy and some were sad. The teachers-in-charge were Encik Ikhwan (form teacher) and Puan Norani (Bahasa Melayu teacher). I was stunned when I got my results... WHAT??!! I'm the first! I was on cloud nine as I progressed by six places!

Yet, that was not something to be proud of. I must work harder next time.

My Gratitude list:
First, God. You blessed me and guided me throughout my journey of life.
Next, my parents. They gave me moral support and financial support to study.
Then, my friends (Especially Latha, Keer, Saras. They advised me to determine my priority and cheer me up at the same time. Thanks!

My Friends and me

Farhana and me

Me, Latha, Durga, Saras

Me and Keerthana

Me and Latha

Me and Saras

Saras, Keerthana, Anuja, Jenny, Barosha, me

I took their pics secretly. Hehe... Fatin, Hanan, Cynthia, Song. Fatin was throwing rubbish, Cynthia was making a "no" sign and Song was stunned. Only Hanan was ready! Haha...^^

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Most Damn Thing

The most Damn thing that I ever had
Is a person who comes to my life
When she needs
And walks away from my life
When she does not need me
The most damn moment I ever had
Is the moment
Between truth or lie
Between reality and virtualty
Which determines
My way, my destiny
Or if it builds
The path to destruction.
The most damn place I ever went
Is a dark place
A beautiful place
Which blur thy' eyes
From separating right from wrong.
The most damn scene I ever viewed
Is a scene, entertaining to many
But yet is gory and misleading
It may portray eternal bliss
But it is the door to eternal
The most damn sound I ever heard
Is the sound of the Devil
A sweet, seductive sound
Pleading all beings to give in
To its unholy, dirty desires
To the path of agony and endless sufferings.

Busy Week

I must decide that I love Form Four, after all. This year is the last year I am eligible for the "Bulan Kecergasan". However, I will be extremely busy due to this event too...

I joined three events, two are voluntary, one been chosen by teacher.

I joined the aerobics and the gunny race. Since I am the oldest in aerobics, I had to do some choreography and train the ones from the lower form. Aaarggghhh!!! Never mind, I'll try my best. I will upload some videos on the event later, which will be held on 28 July. The gunny race is part of the Traditional Games. I bet It will be fun!

However, Puan Indra (counselling teacher cum Horley house advisor) wants me to join the Fashion Show for the Futuristic style category. OH MY GOD! I have just a plain look and a pear-shaped figure. Yet, there was no choice. Never mind, once again. I'll try my best with my friends to show that HORLEY CAN DO IT!!!

Then, for this Wednesday, the Aerobics Club is going to have a competition among Aerobics Club members for the Upper Form. Aerobics or poco-poco are allowed and the members are supposed to perform in groups. My group consists of Sze Nee, Wern Ching, Durga and me. We will perform Aerobics. Well, there are too many groups performing poco-poco! We had to stay back for that! Oh my God! I will have to skip my Additional Mathematics tuition...

Tommorow is the Parents' Day. I still shudder upon thinking of taking my results...






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Friday, July 2, 2010

Double Day #2

Sorry for not arranging the chronology (I don't know if its spelling is correct! In Bahasa Melayu it is 'kronologi") but everything comes to my mind just like that! In this post, I will tell you about the day before the day mentioned in my last post. This is on Wednesday, 30 June 2010.

Activity #1: Book Exhibition

Book Exhibition! This was held to celebrate the upcoming Hari Koperasi on the next day. It was held at the basketball court. Various books were sold, especially revision books, workbooks and Islamic books. The students and teachers of TMGS gave a warm response on this activity. However, I returned empty-handed because I had many revision books (Not to say too many, as I attend tuition classes.) Besides, I did not bring enough money to school that day.

Activity #2: Environmental Talk

Well, this was open especially to Form Four students, so I can consider myself pretty lucky! I can escape from the usual tense in class for only two precious hours, but I was happy with that! The speech giver, Encik Ahmad Bakri bin Jamaluddin, was really great! He delivered the speech in an entertaining yet gruesome way. Can you imagine a river metallic black Ferrari? Wow! That's what he said on the Larut River.

I was grateful because it was not an ordinary boring Powerpoint Slideshow. He gave many facts on the environmental issues. Simply ask any Form Four girl studying in SMK (P) Treacher Methodist, Taiping and maybe they can tell you.

To end up the speech, he gave us a quiz. I got a beautiful pink pen with a miniature calendar! I really hope that it would be longer as the speech was amazing...

To all my friends, GO GREEN!!!

Double Day

Yesterday, my school held two activities simultaneously, therefore I named this post "Double Day". Find out why!

Activity #1: Hari Koperasi

All of us gathered at the basketball court after Roll-Call. The cooperative shop assistants (including me) were donned in the school's cooperative shop uniform. Meanwhile, the teachers were dressed in green (My sports house colour. So happy...) After the national anthem and the speeches, there was an appointment ceremony. After that we were appointed as the cooperative shop assistants for the 2010 session, the head, Cheah Shee Ping from 502 took the pledge.

Later, the Best Cooperative Shop Assistant award was awarded. For this year, the recipient is Leong Voon Hui from 403. There were quite many Cooperative Shop teachers as well. They were Puan Deena, Cik Afifah, Puan Zarina, Encik Suhainizam, Encik Mahathir and Encik Kamirun. (Why all of them are Malays???!!! Where is the 1 Malaysia spirit? Haha...) A quiz on the Cooperative Shop was later held by Nur Afefah binti Rosli from 504. 20 questions were presented and the winners were given a little gift. Of course, I cannot join, lah! ^^

Activity #2: Go Green Week

After that, all the Cooperative Shop assistants collected the old newspaper from the teachers and put them near the recycle bin to be recycled. Later, the Go Green week was launched. Every class is required to do the same as the Cooperative Shop assistants by putting the newspapers near the bin as well. Obviously, the response was great! The newspapers piled up like a hill.

The Go Green week will be held until next Thursday. During this week, the use of plastic bags in school is banned.

Let us hope that the Cooperative Shop assistants of TMGS will be able to provide better service to the customers, I mean, improve to be the BEST IN BEST!!! Besides, let us help save Mother Earth as well...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Biology results finally revealed!!!

Chiang chiang chiang chiang... The long-awaited Biology result is finally revealed last Monday. I will tell you mine... 83... Just moderately fine... but at least I have improved from an A- to an A!

I got 3A+ 5A 2A- 1B in total. My percentage is merely 81.9. Not very good right... XD