Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Rewind!

Ring out the old, ring in the new!

For now, it is merely more than two hours away to the next day-and a whole new year ahead...

2012. A whole new year. A whole new life which is yet to begin in the next few hours.

2011. A fascinating, important year and an eye-opener, which is yet still perplexing, oh, maybe a little.

I knew that I have to make a change in 2011, at the end of 2010. No more Internet addiction, no more getting confused in any time and any place,  no more non-stop complaining. NEVER!!!

Did I got over all those nonsensical hoo-hahs which unfortunately downed on me last year? I am uncertain of that. however, most of the people around me agreed in unison that I have indeed changed to the better. Not to brag, though. XD

I am putting in every effort to pick up the broken pieces of my life and fix them altogether into a better picture-throughout the year.

(Sharon, stop being that emotional! Head straight to the point!)

Okay, okay yeah...

Well, well, in this year, I have learnt that life is not all about endless studying and internet. Life is about LOVE, APPRECIATION to the best things around you, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to the beauty and power of GOD, and to forgive and forget.

This year is nothing but AWESOME. I meet awesome people, shared the most outta-your-mind jokes with my allies, meet good teachers which enlightened my soul (especially Puan Sharifah...)... the list is endless. however, nothing beats GOD. He saves souls!

Malay debate. Spell-It-Right. BRATs. Essay competitions. I have since then explored towards further horizons and began to think out of the box. Polishing my writing skills, learning up beautiful quotes (eh, is the word "beautiful" appropriate here? I don't know!), liaise with people around me and getting out of my shady corner beneath the thick pages and the idiot box... Yeah, it is all about living up my life! I learnt to interact with my friends more. I am no longer perplexed in managing time. I can rack all and about my brain more! I am... I am...

Nonetheless, 2011 is my final year of marathon studying, and that is the ESSENCE of the year! Now taht SPM is over, that means that there are no more mind-boggling scientific terms and long-winded facts which virtually blow my mind out!

In short, it is about letting go the scums along my life journey, and live a wholesome life. *Smiles*

However, being a school leaver, I am currently on the crossroads, lost in direction, fidgeting which direction to follow. Matriculation? A-levels? Teacher Training?

Now that there are a myriad of challenges ahead, I will have to brave through the hurricanes and move on.

Anyway, anyhow, 2011 is surely a memorable year for me and will be treasured for the years to come.

forgive and forget. Live and let live. Last but not least, to all of you,

...Time to bid adios to 2011 with glee!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012-My Wishlist! :D

2011 is coming to an end while 2012 is drawing near. As time flies and a new phase of life-and human civilization-is about to kick off, I harbour lots of hopes, praying that 2012 will not turn out into the dreaded DOOMS DAY.

Doom's Day? Well, in religion, that is possible. However, I do hope that it will never, never come and gulp everyone. There is still a long way ahead for us all-and including ME, of course! For this coming year, I have decided on a list in order to improve myself in terms of life. (Well, i may have retired from school, but life is about improvement, and not just a dull stagnant journey!)

I will jot down my wishlist in point form... (AGAIN!!!)

1. Broaden my general knowledge.

Despite being a high school student no more, there is no reason for me to let my brain rest hundred-percent. In fact, I do not want it to "rust"! As told by our ancestors, "knowledge is the guide for life". Without knowledge,  human can do virtually nothing. Thus, I am currently picking up magazines, newspapers and occassionally novels, to indulge in good reads for the sake of language proficiency and broadening my horizons. Never mind, such reading habit is NEVER as stressful  as flipping and memorizing the endless flow of facts in the revision books, obviously. Best of all, it is suitable for all ages regardless of time and location.

2. Pass my driving tests quickly and smoothly.

This is the book of rules and regulations on the road. By the way, I have passed the computer test and currently waiting for the "L" licence.

Who says that school leavers do not go to school? Of course they DO! However, the classes are not as long as those in academic schools. They showcase two sessions of long lectures, practical driving sessions and driving tests of course. As I am taking only car lessons, ! hope that I will somehow go through the entire lesson well and who knows, I can take my family and friends for a joyride one day! I am longing for that.

By the way, most importantly, driving is a priority these days. You can almost go nowhere without a vehicle in at least two wheels, in spite of the fact that the world iss getting smaller.

3. Stay fitter than before!

Can I possibly become like that? Well, hopefully yes.
To be frank, I am quite chubby yeah. I will stay away from fast foods and snacks whenever possible. Besides, I am opting for a vegetarian diet, which is quite difficult as I am an avid seafood lover and a fan of eggs. No, I still consume meat for now of course, but I will watch my diet in order to keep diseases and bulges away. Exercise, well, that is a must, but I am quite uncertain on the best type of exercise for me. Most importantly, I must stay happy everyday! Laughter is the best medicine!

4. Learn up cooking.

We are not cavemen who eat only raw food. Thus, I want to learn up cooking as a step towards independence. I can cut vegetables quite well but meat products are problems to me. I hope I can cook as well as my mom. (Hey Sharon, dream on!) Anyway, I love the kitchen more than the classroom. I love cooking up a storm, erm, well, at least I know how to fry rice. Ha ha!

5. Play the keyboard.

I will not describe more about the keyboard as I had mentioned about it in my previous post. I am currently learning up some Chinese New Year songs, yet it is still in a messy manner. My mom always question me where I learn the songs from. In terms of precision, I am still way below par. Never mind, I love the keyboard, and I will never give up!

6. Seek a part time job

My dad allows me to look for a job only AFTER I pass the driving examinations. That will be almost two months later. I am looking for jobs such as temporary clerk or shop helper. Waitress? No way!!! I want to gain some working experience before stepping into the doors of the campus.

7. Get a laptop.

I will need it for campus assignments and all. Most importantly, it is MOBILE! I hope for a Sony VAIO because it is sleek and stylish.

8. Get straight A+'s in my SPM, of course!

The results will only be out next year. After all the hard work and frustration in studies, I hope that I will pass the examinations in flying colours. No, but 11 A+'s!!! God, help me!!!

New Year, New Life. I am keeping my fingers crossed while fidgeting about my future and further studies for now, besides doing lots of nonsense. I pray that 2012 is much peaceful than this year, and that everyone will live happily in comfort, just peace, no disasters, no war. That makes a paradise-UTOPIA.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ɔняιƨтмαƨ Єʌɛ

Christmas Eve, a day for Thanksgiving, a day for family gatherings, a day for the ultimate get-together with friends.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, I do not celebrate Christmas. I have neither a rich turkey dinner nor a grand Christmas tree glistening with colourful lights nor whatsoever. Nevertheless, I have TWO main items to accompany me for Christmas: Computer and an electronic keyboard. <3

As for the electronic keyboard, well, my dad bought it for my sister and me yesterday during a sales campaign in Tesco. It is not sophisticated at all, rather, it is the relatively cheap, kiddie variety, made-in China variety which costs around RM60. Ha ha! Anyway, I am quite contented with that already as I had yearned for a keyboard for long.

Speaking about PMR 2011, well, the results were announced yesterday and the overall performance is okay. As for my sister, Magdalene (, she scored 6A's and 1B, where B for History. Congratulations, sister, you have did it pretty well! Do not rest on your laurels yeah!!!

Form Four is waiting for you! HA HA!!!


Of course, I will tell my Christmas wishes here:

-Get 11 A+ in SPM
-Sony Vaio laptop
-gain height and lose weight (the downside is, I freaking love food!!! XD)
-Helping the needy
-Meet up with friends and cousins
-More ideas to make greeting cards...

Damn simple, right? I am keeping my fingers crossed for these.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Ѧɛяяʏ Ɔняιƨтмαƨ Єʌɛяʏσиɛ!

Happy Holidays from Google!

Haha, I got the image from Google. I love the neon colours!!! :D

First and foremost, for your information, I am not a Christian despite my name. In fact, my Western name was given by my aunt who is a Christian. Most of my maternal relatives are Christians as well.

Anyway, everyone can indulge in the infectious and merry Yuletide Cheer, right? *grins*

Well, I bet everyone would have known the story of Christmas, so I will not elaborate about it. (Lazy!)

I drew some Christmas pictorials for fun and information. However, they are in black and white. Do they look okay? XP

Note: I write some of the text left-handed because my dominant hand hurts terribly at that time! I hope they are not illegible...

As for the last picture, I added some clip art from Photoscape because I forgot to draw anything there.

Sorry for my sheer carelessness!

To all Christians,

To the rest of you, happy holidays and together, let us count down to 2012! Stay happy as the day is long!

(In fact, I NEVER believe in Doom's Day. Hahahaha!!!)


Since my computer's Chinese input system went on and off, I might just type this in English. Sorry yeah! :-(

To all Chinese, regardless of religion and location, Sharon cordially wishes all of you a...

For the Cantonese, Winter solstice Festival is a grand event because it is regarded as being more important than chinese New Year. In chinese, we call "dong zhi da guo nian". For Chinese, I hope you understand.

Every year, mom made these "tang-yuen" for this festival. Seriously, my family does not believe in purchasing "tang yuen". For this year, we do not have any pink "tang yuen"; instead, my mom made her "tang-yuen" in FIVE COLOURS: white, orange, green, purple and blue.

Is this weird? Relax! Be rest assured that the "tang yuen" is a hundred-percent natural. (My dad frowns at ANYTHING with artificial colouring, and we like it neither.) Sweet potatoes, screwpine leaves, bunga telang... Those were the source of colourings used. =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sharon's Cooking Madness

As a food lover, I am interested in cooking as  well. Thus, cooking is part of my holiday to-do list. Mom has always have me to prepare the ngredients. I was fortunate last Monday because I could prepare my first dish at last!

The dish was steamed cauliflower. there are only six ingredients used:  cauliflower, red capsicum, green capsicum, margarine, salt and ground black pepper. After cutting the vegetables, the next steps were to mix them up and steam for ten to fifteen minutes. Yes, it was THAT easy, but it did not guarantee success.

I do not reveal the entire recipe here (well, the amount of ingredients) because I got the recipe from a food magazine.

this is the steamed cauliflower dish.

My favourite meal! It is freaking colourful... due to LOTS of vegetables! :-D

The dish was still okay, but it was too soft and spicy though. My dad commented that it was overcooked as well. What a flip-flop!

Nevertheless, in fact, I cherish every moment in the kitchen and the problems were absolutely nothing. That will not deter me from cooking up a storm during vacation. NEVER!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Savouring the Rich Heritage in Malacca :)

12 December 2011

It was the third day and final day of my family trip. It was also the time to say adios to Johor Bahru, the place where my family stayed with my relatives. Early in the morning, after a rich (yet expensive) breakfast, my family made our way to the renowned City of Historical Heritage-Malacca.

Since it was a brief trip, I will just let the pictures do the talking.

Lime drink at Hainamko Cafe.
Later, we went to...

... and we bought...

The Historical Malacca Red Houses, built during the Hollander era.

Fancy a trishaw ride around the Malacca city for RM8.00 per person?

Christ Church built in the eighteenth century. 


Me in front of the Malacca Art Gallery.

Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower.

A busy market selling mainly souvenirs.

Scenes at Stadhuys

Muzium Pemerintahan Demokrasi
Fort A' Famosa

Statue of St. Francis Xavier

Pictures tell you thousands of words!

Boat ride is available too!

St Francis Xavier Church.
Souvenirs. Mind you, I paid merely RM10 for six key chains, which is among the cheapest souvenir I have ever seen!