Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Love may be an ordinary word
But beneath it has a million meanings
Love may be great, love may be blind
Love comes in all kinds.

Love to your parents is really pure
Love to them is sweet and demure
As they raise you, with their heart pure
No matter any tire or any sore.

Love to your friends is very kind
As we live together as the same kind
Never leave anyone behind
Even when they are in the blind.

Love to the God is hard to find
As the riches in the world turn us blind
But if you have a heart pure and kind
There the love to God is easy to find.

Love to the environment will be hailed forever
As the beauty of nature will be beauty never
If we have a development fever
The nature will be demolished forever.

Saturday, September 26, 2009






-懒人 著-







Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,
The Earth was a heaven.
The rivers run free, the birds chirp happily
And the lush greenery covers the land.

And the inhibitants live in glee
Exploring the gift of God
Farming, mining, and more
For a beautiful lifestyle.

But for now, the Earth is ill
In fact, human greed might kill
The Earth's peace and tranquil
Until we suffer today.

Once upon a time,
Girls can barely get free
They ca only work in the kitchen
When boys went to study.

Some were even cruel
To tie the girls' legs
So that they cannot even walk
So they cannot show themselves.

It is different now
As girls no longer stay in the kitchen
They now attend school and work
And can compete with the boys.

Once upon a time
Everything is manual and tough
Horses to transport, Bulls to plough
And the road is always rough.

No gadgets to use
No phones and PCs to communicate
No cars for a quick journey
And no machines for splendid houses.

Now everything is easy
Gadgets for our lives no longer queasy
And transport to go anywhere in a jiffy
Brings joy to the whole family.

Once upon a time
Has its pros and cons.
The yesterdays have lighted us
To improve our lifestyle.

The todays have brought advantage
To a comfortable and happy life
But we should not forget the glorious past
And treat it as dust.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yay! My Birthday!生日

My 15th birthday today! I am really happy. Here are the events that happened during these days.

21 September: Dinner with family at Sushi King. I pigged out there! 5 plates of sushi and a plate of soba. Gluttony, right? Hahaha!

22 September: Sis gave me a "lucky draw". I drew a paper which stated that I will gain RM 0.20. Miniscule but special...

23 September: My official birthday. My friends on Facebook greeted me. Thanks...You can add me there. I use the e-mail address as displayed in my Profile. Preferably those who have Pet Society... ;)





Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mooncake Festival Legend

Mooncake Festival is around the corner! As I may not be able to blog during that day, I will tell them now!

Legend #1: The Moon Fairy

Once upon a time, there were ten suns which made the world hot. People were enduring the immense heat and the crops died. Fortunately, there was a hero, Hou-Yi who shot the suns down. When he was about to shoot the last, the villagers stopped him as they need a Sun for warmth.

Later, he got a special medicine and soon married Chang-E, a renowned beauty. The medicine was meant to preserve youth and become a God. Chang-E was ordered to avoid eating the medicine. However, when Hou-Yi left, his evil disciple tried to take advantage of Chang-E. Desperately, she swallowed the medicine and left the Earth forever. She missed her hubby so she went to the nearest Moon. Since then, the Chinese prayed her every Mooncake Festival.

Legend #2: Wu Gang and the tree.

Wu Gang was once a God. However, he offended the rules once. Therefore, he was punished to chop a "Gui" tree which grows again after being chopped.

Legend #3: Mooncakes

In the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the Chinese wished to banish the tyrant. However, the security was so strict that transmitting information seemed impossible. Finally a brilliant General thought of an idea by hiding paper strips which have the message of rebelling the government at the 15th day of the eighth moon, in cakes. His plan succeeded, and people eat mooncakes since that day to celebrate the victory.









The door of the cupboard collapsed when I want to take my clothes. It banged on my head! Ouch! I called mum and she ordered me to block it with a chair and apply ointment on my head. Crazy door...just 5 years...XO

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pesan Kepada Bidadari

Angin oh angin,
Datanglah menghembus nafas segarmu
Supaya dapat kami rasai nikmatnya

Angin oh angin
Bawalah seuntai kata saya
Ke pengetahuan saudara dan saudari.

Angin oh angin
Sejukkanlah hari ini
Dengan menghalau panas hari

Mentari oh mentari
Sedekahkan sinar harapanmu
Supaya kami tabah mengharungi kehidupan

Mentari oh mentari
Sedekahkan sinar keceriaanmu
Supaya kabus kesedihan hilang

Mentari oh mentari
Sedekahkan sinar keyakinanmu
Supaya kami yakin dalam semua.

Hujan oh hujan
Jelmalah dalam tarianmu
Tatkala berlaku kemarau

Hujan oh hujan
Hilangkanlah keletihan kami
Setelah berusaha di panas hari.

Hujan oh hujan
Segarkanlah bunga keceriaan kami
Agar tidak layulah kami.

Raya Wishes

Few days later, the Muslims will celebrate Hari Raya Puasa after fasting for a month. To celebrate this day, all Malaysians are given a one-week break. To all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. To all non-Muslims, happy holidays and Happy Birthday to the Birthday girls. Anyway, take this chance to study, not just Raya, Raya, Raya! Remember to take care of your health and fingers! Haha! ^^ XD ;)

Mencapai Bintang

Kuhulurkan tangan kecilku
Untuk mencapai langit
Untuk memetik bintang-bintang
Yang berkerlipan di cakerawala.

Tapi, tanganku tidak tercapai
Kerana bintang terlalu tinggi
Kerana bintang ini dari
pokok Syurga yang suci

Namun, kita masih dapat mencapai
Bintang kecemerlangan, bintang kegemilangan
Dengan merenangi seribu lautan langit
Dengan memanjat tiang kerajinan.

Asalkan dapat menggarap bintang harapan
Mengisi kekosongan jiwa
Memikul bintang berat
Maka bersinarlah bintang gemilang kita.

Test, so what to do next?!

Aaarrghhh! Test is here!
I am going to be crazy,
For I am not ready yet!

Hey, wait for a minute!
Look at what can you do,
And see what is the best for you!

All you have to do is to understand yourself.
Where is your ideal place to study?
What is your best time?
Then, plan yourself,
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Some love noise, some love silence,
Some love the day and some are night owls.
Some like fun but not for some
Some love study for long but some do not.

Next, look for anything which distracts you.
TV? Games? Chatting?!!
Now cut down time on these, and use the time to study
Have fun after the exam, so be patient.

Now try to determine your Achilles' heel
History? Geography? Languages?
Pay more attention to them,
But don't forget the others!
No heavy mesmorizing,
but you must understand them.

And here is the time to school
Pay full attention to every lessons,
Do not chat, do not play, avoid the loo during lessons.
Never hate any teacher,
You might as well hate the subject!

Do your homework, hand it in time
No copying, or you will not learn
Always ask if you don't understand a topic.

And...never neglect your health
Good food, good rest
And adequate exercise
Or you will be ill and can't sit for exams

Lastly, be devout to God
Never neglect your prayers
Get blessings, courage and strength
To sit for the exams

Good luck to all!!!
Excel in your test
And get ready for a bright future.

-Sharon Muackz- ^^







Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Selagi kau di dunia,
Selagi ramailah yang hidup merana
Selagi ramailah yang sengsara
Selagi ramailah yang derita

Anak kau memang ramai
Orang ingat makan boleh damai
Tetapi akhirnya jadi pokai

Kau yang durjana
AIDS, barah, penyakit saraf
Semuanya sebab anda
Mka kita perlu tanggung akibatnya

Tanpa kau, lagilah kita gembira
Menyambut masa depan tanpa gelisah
Tanpa pasrah, matahari menunggu kita
Untuk tiba di kemuncak kejayaan.


3 weeks to PMR! Well, well, more homework, more time at home. And banned from almost ALL online activities. Homework till midnight, and being scolded by "Da Big Mouth". That's fine, but after PMR I am still NOT ALLOWED for any games!(Another person-not "Da Big Mouth") Why? The game is DEVIL. Aiyo...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Bila kau mula dinyalakan
Keluarlah asap berkepul-kepul
Di mana orang ramai diriangkan
Dan kemudiannya menjadi sugul.

Bau busuk kau keluarkan
Bau yang membawa bencana, petaka
Paru-paru menjadi mangsa
Begitu juga anggota badan yang lain.

Si pengguna dapat bencana
Begitu juga dengan saudaranya
Semuanya angkara kau yang durjana
Tanpa kau, kita gembira.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Mrs Xiao, I am DEPRESSED!!!疯狂日子

Today I am really depressed, because:
7.20 am: Called by Principal. All girls who get between 5A's to 8A's were required to meet her at "Balai Ilmu". OMG!!!We were reprimanded! That is a simple reason: only 5 people who achieved straight A's, when she aimed for 50! We were scolded for not guiding them. Are we going to be freaks?!

11.00 am: Teachers' meeting. We were having Moral class. After the teacher returned, she scolded us badly! Poor teachers, all been pressured by "Mrs Xiao" again!

12.00pm: Mrs Surinder came in during the Malay Language lessons. All the students who get only 80 marks or less had to attend extra classes for English Language. Thank God my English Language marks is 94 so I need not attend the class! Phew...

12.20 pm: Geography worksheets are delivered. There are almost 280 questions! going to be crazy...Aaarghhh!!!

7:20 am:全部五至八科A的学生得见校长。我们竟然被骂!原因非常简单:只有五个人考全科特优,远远少过校长五十人标准。我们还被责问为何不教成绩较差的朋友。救命!难道我们要成为自动上门的教师吗?朋友一定称我为“自恋狂”!

11。00 am:教师会议。当时是道德教育课。结果老师一回来就臭骂我们一顿。为什么?因为所有老师被骂!可怜!

12.00 pm:英文老师突然进班。所有英文考试拿不到“A”或仅有八十分的学生得上辅导班。谢天谢地,因为我的英文考获94分!

12。20 pm:分发地理功课。天啊!我们得做约280题!救命!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009









Mixed Thoughts...

I am really Depressed,
Get 91.75 marks as balance for Trial Exam,

but hard to maintain...

To imagine all problems coming for now,
More and more homework,
Less time to rest.

But I am happy,

For my marks encouraged me to a higher altitude,

To fulfill the parents' and teachers' hopes

And I am happy
For I know the meaning of time...
It is life, it is money for life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PC Frenzy!!! #2: Insects Attack!

Just a couple of days ago, my computer went blackout that I had to turn it on again-3 times! That's still tolerable, but at night, it CANNOT be on again! No second option, send nit to Computer man. The crazy insect which actually NESTED in my CPU costs me RM70! Aaarghhh!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sebuah Hati untuk Diungkapkan

Hatiku menjadi biru, pilu
Bila kulihat dunia yang haru biru
Bila dunia ini mengacau

Hatiku menjadi merah
Bila kunampak semuanya pemarah
Zalim, malas, pasrah...

Hatiku menjadi hijau
Bila kunampak padang yang menghijau
Seindah, seaman dapat kutinjau

Hatiku menjadi kuning
Bila petang menjadi hening.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's going on in September?!!九月日子

September, like other months, has many events. Let me list out one by one!
September 1: Bye-bye to holidays...
September 6: Nuzul al-Quran for Muslims.
September 9: Many couples choose to marry on this day, because in Chinese it is pronounced as "jiu-jiu", which meant long lasting.
September 20, 21: Hari Raya Puasa. A feast to Muslims after fasting for a month.
September 23: Want the answer? Calculate using countdown! Haha!!!


Are you ready?!!
Ready, set...GO!!!

Ehh, wait! There is one month to go!
It determines the destiny of the Form Threes...
It proves your ambition to be a reality, or a fantasy
So it is important, damn important.

One month looks long
But time flies, one month will become one second!
So now put in your effort
To reach your derams, to excel
Because this is your stepping stone
To a brighter life.

September Diaries九月日记

Ola! Today I started my first September post! In fact, this is the most important month of my life, because I will celebrate my birthday three weeks later! Don't know the date? Calculate by using the Countdown Timer provided!
Okay, yesterday I got my BM results. Drop by 2 marks! Into 92...still okay but better luck next time...But somehow most of the subjects did not pass the teachers' target...:( Anyway, have fun this September and remember what will be on next month!!! Good luck for all! (Actually this is repeated MANY times...Muahahaha!!!)
好啦,开门见山。昨天我拿到国文成绩,下了两分。现在92分,应该没关系啦。。。XP 不过还没达到老师高耸的要求!!!在这九月,好好享受吧,别忘了下个月要做什么哦...(其实我已重复很多次了,哈哈!) 朋友们,加油吧!