Monday, January 31, 2011

Majlis Ikrar Gemilang

It was the Majlis Ikrar Gemilang last Friday. Well, as its name suggests, it was about PMR and SPM candidates taking an oath to success. Surely, the hall is a little too small to accomodate ALL the Form Three and Form Five students, but the people who were present were class representatives. And mind you, the atmosphere was GRAND! There was a band from King Edward (VII) Secondary School to cheer up the atmosphere.

Before the event, I have actually snapped some pictures of my friends, and some scenes around the school. They were more to billboards, actually...
Billboard for Keir (Blue) House.

Billboard for Horley (Green) House.

Billboard for Craven (Yellow) house.

Billboard for Olson (Orange) house.

Billboard for Thoburn (Purple) House.

Billboard for Treacher (Red) House.

Later, it was the Majlis Ikrar Gemilang. My goodness, we had to wait for an hour before the VIP, Tuan Mohd. Rauhi bin Mohd. Isa, the Perak state Education officer came. The event began with the National anthem, prayers and a Malay dance, the Tarian Jawa Kepang. Enjoy the video below!

After that, it was speeches and speeches before we actually took our oath. Later it was the singing performance by the songbirds, Puteri Aifaa Alyanna, Cynthia Jothi and Tan Hui Yeng, singing "Warisan".

The ceremony ended at around half past four in the evening with the School song.

Last but not least...


She is Proud and Racist... :(

Last week was another insane week. First and foremost, I am sorry for the late update as I am quite busy. As for the songs, well, I rarely updated them as most of them have bad meanings. Therefore I BADLY need your suggestions. Thanks!

Anyway, I have some news and pictures to share here. Well, I noticed somebody really vain this week. Do you know what did the roll-call said? Well, I know the meaning roughly...

"The meaningful music played is for making students more motivated to study."

Hey, did I hear it wrong? The music is all about the main religion in Malaysia. Aren't there any other religions? The song is all about prayers and I wonder who will be happy over it? Oh my God. I do not mind if they play Malay songs or whatsoever, but please, THIS IS BIAS! I had enough of hearing that word in the State song!

I am now really MAD! I miss the songs played last year-most of them were good. WHAT ABOUT NOW??!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Crazy Week

Okay, I have just edited the picture above. How is it?

Now I am going to tell you about my week, but an INSANE one this time. I am not going to talk about homework and tuition anymore, but yes, I had a Sports House practice last Tuesday. I had to run with a hurt leg! Oh my god, of course I actually limped and the teachers said me SLOW. I wonder when the hurting ordeal ever ends...

The next day, it was the Cooperation Assistants' meeting. The meeting is alright, but I was actually SCOLDED by somebody "LEMBIK". What was more, she even suggested the school to sell VEILS. Who on earth is going to buy VEILS in school???!!!

Thursday was the best day of the week. Since it was Thaipusam, school was off then. It was another escape from this tiring lesson schedule (The school timetable has changed)-two lessons of Bahasa Melayu, two lessons of Physics, two lessons of Chemistry and two lessons of Biology. WHY ALL THE SCIENCE SUBJECTS ARE PUT TOGETHER IN A DAY?


Yesterday, in the middle of History class, we were shocked by a news-HANAN WAS KNOCKED DOWN BY A CAR!
Silly driver. She fell right on the ZEBRA CROSSING. Luckily the driver was a doctor and sent her to the hospiital immediately. I am not that close to her, but anyway I wish her a quick recovery.

And for today, it was the cross-country racing. I am sorry for the absence of pictures as CAMERAS AND CELLPHONES ARE PROHIBITED. The aerobics was FUNNY-more to dance for me, though. Yet, I did not win the race-what to do if I hurt my legs and have a speed like a TORTOISE? :(

Yet, I can remember the top three for the Upper-Form category. Congratulations!
1st: Lu Pei Hua
2nd: Naomi Selvamalar
3rd: Yin Jia Yi

Well, basically there is not really much for this week. Another two weeks and it is CHINESE NEW YEAR! Yet, there is still more to study...

Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week's Blues

Okay, this is the second week of school. Well, this week is simply PLAIN... Homework, tuition... all as usual. Yet, I have a BIG HOPE for this week...

  • I want to take part in the school sports events!
  • I want to join the English competitions! (I do not mean those in school... I WANT TO EXPLORE FURTHER!!!)-something like debate, drama... but can I do them?

Haha... very emotional, right? Yet, there are some downfalls...

  • I am SEVERELY LACKED OF SLEEP! To be frank, I slept at 12am every day and went to school like a blur panda.
  • I am totally SICK OF HOMEWORK! Now, there are no longer days which I do not have ANY homework. Instead, there comes MOUNTAINS of homework...
  • I am backbitten... again...

Well, basically, there was nothing really special. Yet, there is something really special in my society-The Cooperation Society, because I am a Cooperative Shop assistant. I hope all the activities have a roaring success!

We have planned some activities, but of course, I cannot remember them in the correct order.
Here are just some of them...

Cute soft ornaments (like those in fruits or vegetable shape which you can see in stores)
Greeting cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day
National Day dedications
Bookmarks (as usual-we have it every year)
Stationery sets
Sweet sets

Yet, there is something quite INSANE here... and there was the Principal again...

RM50000 this year!

I think people in my school (including me) must have sweet tooth. Majority of the food sold are chocolates! Picnic, Nips, Crunchie... what is next?

The worst day of the week was Wednesday. IDIOT DAY! All the Cooperation Shop assistants from Form 5 were supposed to to have a meeting. However, we actually WASTED 50 minutes there doing NOTHING! the principal never came. I am SICK! I HATE TIME WASTAGE!

Anyway, I love this week and I hope everything will be alright! See you guys next week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 First Post About My Life

Hello friends! This is Sharon back to blogging, but I am currently in form 5 now. That explains the reason I no longer go online that often, sorry for the long wait!

I am going to share some of my recent happenings here. Yet, I must say that Form Five is not at all easy! I am not going to tell the reason anymore-I have repeated it TOO MANY times.

Saturday, 1st January 2011

It was the New Year. I did nothing but watched the television whole day long. Yet, there was something quite special for me-dinner. It was a home-cooked Australian dinner. Of course, the dishes were quite simple, yet delightfully tasty.

Cooking the sauce for spaghetti.

Potato salad, anyone?

Potato and bacon salad. The potatoes may be firm but they taste GOOD!

All-Australian meal... with almost NO CHEESE! Of course the spaghetti is creamy-not very good for dieters!

Monday, 3rd January 2011

That was my first day in Form 5. I went very early that day to get the best places for my friends, Latha and Sarasvaathey. As the saying goes, "the early bird catches the worm". I was glad to have Miss Ng as my class teacher as I always hoped for a lady teacher for my class.

I was also glad that I got some very good teachers. For instant, Puan Wong (Senior Assistant for School Adminstration) is my Modern Mathematics teacher. Mind you, her explainations are clear! What an escapade. At the same time, she is not really fierce. I was also happy to get back Puan Sharifah, Puan Fatimah, Puan Norani... as my teachers, but NOT FOR HISTORY!

The tuition ordeal started that day too...

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

All the nightmares began at this day. Homework, examination stress and all... Fortunately I managed to finish my homework in school that day, so that I could study at home. At the same time, I am feeling really SICK when the teachers constantly reminded us about SPM. Hello, I do not honeymoon! My brain is ready to EXPLODE! I was feeling even more sick when I knew that the first monthly test is on FEBRUARY. At least, I know where to read for my History now.

Yet, I was happy when my Chinese Language teacher, Mr On suggested me to join a writing competition. I love WRITING! Oh mu God. I want to submit POEMS AND POEMS... Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 5th January 2011

It was the Rangers Meeting and I was elected as a Committee member in the fourth unit. I was THRILLED TO THE MAX when we were told that we were going to make some handicrafts for the upcoming 90th Anniversary for the Girl Guides' Association. What is the handicraft?


Thursday, 6th January 2011

That was yesterday. I was elected as the Treasurer in the Aerobics Club. YES! I GOT A POSITION! Yet, I totally disgust it if some people refuse to pay the fees on time! Never mind, I will just tolerate with them. That was not my first time. However, the best day in Thursday is that it was the only day which I have NO TUITION CLASSES!

Friday, 7th January 2011

I HATE THIS DAY! I got the most homework on this day, when I managed to finished all my homework in school in the previous days. Additional Mathematics, Physics... what's next? My goodness.

Ah, before I forget, today was the Sports House Meeting. The person I suggested got the place as the captain-Ong Huei Chern! She is good in sports and to me, she is just suitable. GO HORLEY GO! DO YOUR BEST!!!

I will be online every Friday night except when there were special cases. Stay tuned!

Lady Antebellum-Hello World

Traffic crawls, cell phone calls
Talk radio screams at me through my tinted window I see
A little girl, rust red minivan, she’s got chocolate on her face
Got little hands and she waves at me
Yeah, she smiles at me

Well, hello world
How you been
Good to see you, my old friend
Sometimes I feel cold as steel
Broken like I’m never gonna heal
And I see a light, a little hope in a little girl
Hello world

Every day I drive by a little white church
It’s got these little white crosses
Like angels in the yard
Maybe I should stop on in, say a prayer
Maybe talk to God like he is there
Oh, I know he’s there
Yeah, I know he’s there

Well hello world
How you been
Good to see you, my old friend
Sometimes I feel as cold as steel
And broken like I’m never gonna heal
And I see a light, a little grace, a little faith unfurls
Well hello world

Sometimes I forget what living’s for
And I hear my life through my front door
And I breathe it in
Oh, I’m home again
And I see my wife
Little boy and little girl
Hello world
Hello world

Well the empty disappears
I remember why I’m here
Just surrender and believe
I fall down on my knees
Well hello world
Hello world
Hello world

Lady Antebellum-Can't Take My Eyes off You

I know that the bridges that I've burned
Along the way
Have left me with these walls and these scars
That won't go away
And opening up, has always been the hardest thing
Until you came

So lay here, beside me, just hold me, and don't let go
This feeling, I'm feeling, is something I've never known
And I just can't take my eyes off you
And I just can't take my eyes off you

I love when you tell me that I'm pretty
When I just wake up
And I love how you tease me when I'm moody
But it's never too much.
I'm falling fast, and the truth is I'm not scared at all
You climbed my walls

So lay here, beside me, just hold me and don't let go
This feeling, I'm feeling, is something I've never known
And I just can't take my eyes off you
And I just can't take my eyes off you

Off you
Off you

So lay here, beside me, just hold me and don't let go
Oh this feeling, I'm feeling, is something I've never known
And I just can't take my eyes off you
And I just can't take my eyes off you