Sunday, June 23, 2013


Let me be your candle
And guide you through the dark.
We swim through the bleak darkness
To see the ray of hope.

Let me be your camcorder
And listen to your sorrows.
I may not play words like wonders
But I promise to keep them in the burrows.

Let me be your breeze 
To cool your burning soul to peace.
I will carry away stuffs that make you freeze
And relieve you at the least.

Let me forgive thy misdemeanants,
Forgive and forget.
Nobody is perfect
So we grow and learn together.

Let me not lead you
Or be your faithful follower.
Let me walk side-by-side with you
And be your friend forever.

Friends are meant to be walk through long years
To bring you laughter and carry your fears.

Friends are meant for you to grow with
And with them, we learn and grow along.

Friends are the beautiful rays of sunshine
To let your soul shine through.

Friends are the morning dew drops
To help you grow strong and healthy.

Friends are meant to be celebrated 
To cheer our lives together,
Forever and always.

Friends are like a bowl of salad.
We are different yet similar to each other.
We respect individual differences, accept and celebrate them. It is the difference between us that pull us together to learn and laugh along with each other.

Fight CANCER together with Relay for Life!

Celebrate, Remember, FIGHT BACK!

Yes, that was basically what Relay for Life is about at the first glance. Organised by the National Cancer Society Malaysia, this charitable activity was held as a means to support the cancer survivors who triumphed cancer victoriously, commemorate the victims who lost their battle in cancer, and also to raise the awareness against cancer among the public.

I was indeed privileged to be a part of the Relay this year, since this was my first Relay in my life and I enjoy charity activities. It did not matter even if I had to sacrifice an extra day of holidays or raise funds from my parents' friends (Thanks to my parents)-most importantly, I could learn, explore and socialise.

For your information, Relay For Life 2013 was held in Youth Park, Penang. The park was huge and wide, with a children's playground separated from the lush field by a road. Before I proceed, let me show you around first!
 photo DSC_0708_zpsbe879d58.jpg
The Relay track
 photo DSC_0707_zpscfa0f2ca.jpg  
I was unsure why PURPLE was used extensively in this event. Anyhow, purple is beautiful and evokes a feel of mystery. 
 photo DSC_0709_zps32fdf684.jpg
Hearts and flowers... we wish all cancer survivors to stay optimistic and win the battle against cancer.

I took part in the aerobics which was held before the Relay. Initially I was a little shy to get on the groove because there were many people around and neither my course mates nor seniors joined. I was hesitating when my seniors asked me to join the aerobics with them. 
 photo DSC_0711_zps16625605.jpg
Some performers before the relay.
I must say, when I began mirroring the aerobics (while perspiring GALLONS of saline solution as well), THERE IS NO STOPPING ME until the booming music ceased to silence. Aerobics was such a fun workout, especially when it was done with a group of friends, because it helped me to actually release my stress and embrace music through movements while working myself out without pushing myself. 

Apart from that, I think that performing aerobics with the triumphant cancer survivors is a simple gesture of supporting them and dancing to the melodious rhythm of life with them. They must have had incredulously strong determination and optimism to battle with cancer cells.

 photo DSC_0712_zpsc51f4a2d.jpg
The crowded food court.

Hungry? Head towards the food stalls to satiate your hunger! There were a myriad of stalls selling various food to tailor all appetites. 

I was overjoyed as there were two stalls selling VEGAN food man! My dinner of the day was vegetarian fried rice at RM5. While RM5 may be a little pricey, it was sold for a good cause. Besides, the fried rice was CHOCK FULL OF LONG BEANS AND MIXED VEGETABLES! I was so hungry that I actually gobbled the entire plate without taking a picture of it LOL.

However, the place was so crowded that I did not actually manage to capture the pictures. Le sigh.

 photo DSC_0713_zpsa2b0ca17.jpg  photo DSC_0714_zps7573a834.jpg 
Fancy some fun and games? The game stalls might cater for the fun-loving youngsters around. I was particularly amused with the game stall by Advance Tertiary College (ATC). They offered fun hair-highlighting and braiding. Besides, at RM2, we could even sponge our friends or the students there. (Naughty, Naughty!) 
Nevertheless, my coupons were quite limited and I thought those stuffs were pretty impractical, so yeah, I just ignored them although I was tempted to have my hair coloured at first. Teachers are NOT supposed to wear rainbow-coloured hair, anyway.
As the clock stroke 6pm, the Relay for Life begun.
 photo DSC_0717_zps0399412b.jpg  photo DSC_0718_zps15d37a24.jpg
Us teacher trainees stand with solidarity to combat cancer and give cancer patients HOPE.
The Relay kick-started with a grandeur.  
 photo DSC_0719_zpsbfd0d657.jpg
*Drum rolls* 
What followed the drum rolls was a grand procession featuring the societies for cancer survivors, who marched in pride to tell the world that cancer is not a death sentence; rather, it is an opportunity for us homo sapiens to rethink our deeds and be more concerned about our health for the days to come-in a hard way.
 photo DSC_0721_zps2a2eacf9.jpg 
 photo DSC_0723_zpsf888d9f6.jpg
The Candy Girls, a dance society for cancer patients came all the way from the Capital.
I particularly admire this group as they danced in the rain despite the torrents faced while battling cancer.
 photo DSC_0724_zpse3c69a28.jpg 
 photo DSC_0727_zps86c11e24.jpg
Here is the Line Dance Troupe.
 photo DSC_0729_zps7f8999f4.jpg
The ultimate PURPLE army! Notice the Mohawk sported by some men there?
 photo DSC_0731_zps12e684ad.jpg 
 photo DSC_0732_zps6864ce38.jpg
I4P-ians showed their UNDYING support to cancer patients and survivors.
 We relayed by walking behind the societies and cheering behind them. Well, since it was a relay, we exchanged people who held the banners while walking. Holding the banner up high was so damn tiring that my hands felt weak after holding them. It required strong strength of the arms.
Come nightfall, there is a marathon of feasts-performances meant to be carried out for a staggering SIXTEEN hours of the relay.
 photo DSC_0735_zpsfda65f9e.jpg
A singing performance
 People with their loved ones struggling with cancer or lost to the battle bought some light-bags (well, that was how I called these paper lamps) from the Luminaria to pray for them. The paper lamps lighted up the field like a beautiful lighted wreath in the dark.
 photo DSC_0739_zps4c8ff536.jpg   photo DSC_0741_zpsf5d24b6b.jpg  photo DSC_0742_zps6d0f47b4.jpg  photo DSC_0744_zps376eba5c.jpg
Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the performance as the stage was really crowded. I did not want my pictures to have many human heads instead of the highlights on the stage. (Perfectionist, much?)
I actually walked in the relay from 8pm to 10:15pm with only three 5-minute breaks to pass the information to my course mates and, of course, buying at the Candy Girls' stall. Here are what I bought at relatively budget-friendly prices. Sometimes, you can hunt for bargains at charity sales too, if you are lucky. I should count my blessings then... Tee hee.
ABOVE: faux leather bracelets, RM3 per piece, RM5 for two. The designs are pretty ethnic-based.
BELOW: Twilight Breaking Dawn soundtrack. I got this for RM6 by the "Bursting the Balloons" game, where I could find a number in each balloon, hence I got this album.
I do not really like the soundtracks from Twilight though. Nevertheless, I am still grateful. At least I have an album of beautiful lullabies!
Come Day Two (16 June 2013), we performed aerobics to begin the second and final day of the Relay.
What followed was the shaving ceremony, where some volunteers went bald as a token of support to the fighting cancer patients who had to lose their hair due to the various therapies underwent. 
 photo DSC_0752_zps223b065e.jpg  photo DSC_0753_zpscdbd267e.jpg
SIDE-BY-SIDE: Pre and while shaving.

Before going back to IPG, I bagged myself another bargain...


I was like, seriously, a free lunch? I wish to thank my course mate, Ng Jia Ying for informing me that the vegetarian stall, having its donation box given to the organizers, were clearing their food by  giving them out for free. Otherwise, I would have to pay RM5 for this yummy, veggie-laden spaghetti. 

Thank God I had a yummy free lunch for that day. Om nom nom...

Of course, I added the cherry tomatoes myself!


Being part of the event was indeed a blessing for me. Besides being able to hunt for bargains (surprise, surprise!) I realised that we are indeed blessed to be in a clean bill of health. Thus, we should always look after our health from a young age. I always believe that we cannot blame anyone when we fell ill. God gave us the responsibility to look after our bodies. Remember that "You are what you eat".

Apart from that, I learnt to be optimistic when walking through the path of life. Life is short, thus we should celebrate the days with optimism and treasure every single second. I saluted the cancer survivors for braving through that perceived "death sentence" in stride. This "Relay for Life" event reminded me of my tuition teacher who triumphed nose cancer and my mother's friends who won the battle against certain cancers but can no longer consume chicken and durians. They are indeed brave and determined. As the saying goes, "God helps those who help themselves".

Thank you Buddha and my lecturer, Miss Loke Khoon Ee who provided us the golden ticket to participate in this life-enriching event. Given the opportunity, I will like to participate in the Relays in the future.

Relay for Life, please COME TO TAIPING!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Photo Diary Flashback: Touring Georgetown! (Part 7: Masjid Kapitan Keling)

Masjid Kapitan Keling is an Indian-Muslim Mosque in George Town, Penang.
It was built in the Nineteenth Century by some Indian-Muslim traders.
 photo 716772470625_zpscf3ff189.jpg 
 photo 716772470626_zpsd45d728e.jpg 
 photo 716772470627_zpsf57d41b6.jpg
Even the railings are intricately designed!
 photo 716772470628_zps1dcaf7c7.jpg 
 photo 716772470629_zpsf397a71d.jpg 
 photo 716772470630_zps2b5fcd42.jpg 
 photo 716772470632_zpsc6ea8fa7.jpg
Don't know the time? This Digital clock will help, complete with the praying hours too.
 photo 716772470633_zps6ed7665b.jpg
I am Sharonina binti blablabla. He he.

Georgetown is indeed a Heritage site so astounding that I cannot actually put them into words. Nevertheless, I must say that Georgetown is chock-full of valuable heritage of Penang which reflects the colours in the Malaysian community. You'll have to explore it personally to comprehend the infinite beauty of Penang.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Photo Diary Flashback: Touring Georgetown! (Part 6: Teochew Ancestral Temple + Chinese Architecture)

Welcome to Teochew Ancestral temple, which is located at Lebuh Chulia, George Town!
Well, it is just a stone's throw away from the Sri Mahamariamman Temple mentioned in my previous post. Formed in 1855 by six Teochew migrants,
George Town. It is within a short distance from the Sri Mahamariamman Templeand the Nagore Durgha Sheriff. It is the community temple of the Penang Teochew Association. The association was form in 1855 by six Teochew migrants.
 photo DSCN0224_zps2f0a9eb0.jpg 
 photo DSCN0225_zpsdf6ca6f3.jpg  photo DSCN0227_zps3db3ad67.jpg  photo DSCN0230_zps6e57010c.jpg 
Some information about Teochew Ancestral temple...
 photo DSCN0231_zps3e733267.jpg

 photo DSCN0232_zps30685b22.jpg 
 photo DSCN0233_zpsd908248b.jpg 
 photo DSCN0234_zps02a57180.jpg 

 photo DSCN0237_zps73d0cfdc.jpg

 photo DSCN0235_zps7cc578e0.jpg 
 photo DSCN0242_zps7d825498.jpg  photo DSCN0244_zps0e933e89.jpg 

There's another Ancestral Temple situated nearby the Teochew Ancestral temple too! Here, the roof design shoes the element of FIRE.

 photo DSCN0267_zpsdf90c1b8.jpg  photo DSCN0268_zps17630606.jpg  photo DSCN0270_zpsb6fe1242.jpg  photo DSCN0276_zps1032724f.jpg  photo DSCN0278_zpsf320ad1a.jpg  photo DSCN0288_zps79d16c80.jpg  photo DSCN0289_zps62d3566e.jpg  photo DSCN0291_zps3cc601fb.jpg

(To be continued...)