I am ShArOn...

At Tzu Chi CNY dinner-February

Malacca Trip-May

It's All About Me, a total music lover and crazy dreamer.

First Peek!

Name        : Sharon Ng Huey Yuek

Birthday    : 23 September 1994

Zodiac Sign : Libra (with some Virgo characteristics of course-I'm a Cuspian)

Status      : Single (waiting for a miracle as well... :P )

Hometown  : Raintown (Obviously in Taiping, Perak! Here, it is always raining! Urgh!)

Currently a student taking Teaching as a Second Language course in the Penang Teachers' Training Institute, better known by the acronym IPGKPP which stands for "Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Pulau Pinang".

Sharon's Facts

I like Buddhist songs and classical music.

I love reading, drawing, surfing the net and daydreaming. Oh, dancing too!

I am an easygoing perfectionist.

I believe that there are miracles in life.

I believe that every happening in this world is caused by our thoughts and ideas. As humans, we can either destroy the world or make it a better place. THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS.

I am a vegetarian since 3 April 2013. Go green, go healthy, go vegetarian! I hope to eventually become a vegan too.

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