Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo Diary Flashback: Touring Georgetown! (Part 4: 小娘惹)

Penang boasts its rich cultural heritage of the Baba and Nyonya community as well as Malacca. Here in Penang, let me show you the legacy of the Chinese Peranakans in the Malaysian Pearl of Orient-all in the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum!

 photo DSCN0311_zps3919c4bc.jpg
A door of Peranakan style
 photo DSCN0313_zps422fbb8d.jpg 
 photo DSCN0315_zpscd9a4d5e.jpg
The courtyard
 photo DSCN0316_zpse7a152c0.jpg
Pictures of the ancestors
 photo DSCN0319_zps73ba70c8.jpg 
 photo DSCN0323_zps9171f8d8.jpg
ROGER: Let it rain over me...
HO: My roomie's crazy and I'm HANDSOME.

 photo DSCN0319_zps73ba70c8.jpg  photo DSCN0321_zps03026e61.jpg  photo DSCN0325_zps7f5f74ff.jpg  photo DSCN0328_zpsc6e22f8d.jpg 
 photo DSCN0333_zps2b97ee16.jpg 
 photo DSCN0335_zps5496ec85.jpg 
 photo DSCN0336_zps23ac5cf1.jpg
Jade chair
 photo DSCN0339_zps1d294bb1.jpg
An intricately-carved décor in front of a mirror
 photo DSCN0342_zpsc215b4fa.jpg 
 photo DSCN0346_zpsce16fb0c.jpg
Mahjong with my group mates... hehe
 photo DSCN0349_zps7b068679.jpg 
 photo DSCN0350_zpsad8fc1b3.jpg
Marble furniture
 photo DSCN0351_zpsba4db79c.jpg
Intricately and meticulously carved and decorated dressing mirror
 photo DSCN0352_zpse923ce11.jpg 
 photo DSCN0354_zpsb06d09c5.jpg
Guest room with chairs and drawings of ancestors
 photo DSCN0356_zps846837da.jpg
Glass flowers
 photo DSCN0357_zps695fb4ca.jpg 
 photo DSCN0359_zps61dfa110.jpg
Colourful painted ceramic dinnerware
 photo DSCN0360_zps9a716a56.jpg
Blue and white ceramic dinnerware
 photo DSCN0361_zpsbf3dc6f8.jpg
Pink ceramic dinnerware
 photo DSCN0363_zps6c6a8baa.jpg
Nyonya Beaded shoes 娘惹珠鞋
 photo DSCN0367_zps762b541f.jpg
Bridal bed
 photo DSCN0370_zpsa83f4067.jpg
Colourful and beautiful Nyonya Kebaya... I wish I was slim enough to wear a Kebaya LOL

To be continued...

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