Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Back!

I am back! Finally I managed to tend my Apple Garden again after my struggle with the final examinations for almost three weeks! I suppose it is filled with weed and the plants in dismal condition now, therefore it is time for me to tell my story before reconstructing my garden again!
Let me tell you what was going on lately...
Wednesday, 13 October 2010
I was feeling under the weather early in the morning. The triad came-dizzy, headache, stomache! Oh my goodness, I was feeling sad because I had to be absent on that day. Just imagine-missing important school lessons and having TONS of homework! Furthermore, I was supposed to hand in my Accounts coursework and have a History presentation on that day. That was even the last History lesson we had for Form 4! It spoiled my near-to-perfect school attendance record and was also the first day of the year when I was absent. :-x
Thursday, 14 October 2010
It was the first day of the Final Examinations. We had Chinese Language and Civic Education on that day. Although there were no longer objective questions in the Chinese Language test,I was fortunate that the test was not really tough. As for Civic Education, I merely used my common sense and a bit of knowledge which Puan Nurul Huda (Civic Education teacher) tought previously.
Monday, 18 October 2010
It was the Malay Language examinations. Well, it was not too difficult for me. I wrote on "The Characteristics that I Need for a United Nation" for B section (Continuous Writing) in Paper 1. I wonder if my teacher will accept my long-winded paragraphs.
Tuesday, 19 October 2010
English Language examinations. I was at the worst condition during the English Language Paper 1 examinations. Well, I rushed up to class 300 (the examination site) after helping out at the Cooperation Shop. I simply FALL IN LOVE with the brand-new cooperation shop. It may look as simple as a little orange house, but it was air-conditioned and far more spacious than the old lot near the canteen. Back to my essay-I must say that it was the WORST IN MY LIFE-short essay with ridiculously long paragraphs and it was merely two pages when my usual length was around three to four pages. I doubt if I can hit a score of 95 this time. Later it was the Physical Education Examination. It was alright but I simply answered some as some of the facts slipped my mind-I studied last minute! Haha!
Wednesday, 20 October 2010
The day of "DEATH"- History Examinations. I did not know how to answer the Essay questions that I actually messed up the facts! I wrote the facts on Reformation when the question was asking on Renaissance. Oh my goodness. I was fortunate that I managed to get some of the facts right. Phew! After both History papers, it was now the Additional Mathematics Paper 1 and I was lucky that it was not really difficult. I was also relieved that I finally managed to hand in my Account Principles coursework after weeks of hard work and tension.
Thursday, 21 October 2010
It was the Moral examination and yes, it was not as difficult as the one in the Monthly Examinations. Unfortunately, it was a big waste of time for me to mesmerize the numerous definitions when there was only one question on it. Yet, it was a blessing in disguise as I actually forgot those definitions in the final chapters. I spent a lot of time in the Cooperation Shop during and after recess as there were no examinations after that-helping out and chit-chatting with my friends. When I returned to class, I did some revision on Modern Mahtematics. Later I helped the teachers to clean the school hall along with my non-Muslim friends. Best of all-we went home 40 minutes earlier than usual on that day! XDXDXD
Monday, 25 October 2010
It was the Chemistry Examinations. Paper 2 was quite difficult for me and I even left some of them blank as I did not understand them. Worse of all, I drew the diagram for the empirical formula experiment wrongly. Fortunately I managed to finish the paper on time.
It was the Paper 3 later after recess. Gosh, Electrochemical Series was my Achilles' heel! Unfortunately, I focused on the Group 1 elements instead. Fortunately I managed to remember the method to calculate the position of metals in the series. As for the experiment section, well, I guessed I actually CREATED the experiment to detect the effect of alloying on the hardness of metal instead!
Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Today was the Physics Examinations. I was fortunate that the paper was not tough exceot for Question 5, which was on the triangle of forces. As for Paper 1,the difficulty of the questions were acceptable. We were even allocated almost an hour's time to revise the experiments after handing in paper 1. Boy, it was not good news after all, and do you know why?
My goodness, Paper 3 was damn difficult. The questions were so confusing that the whole class spent the first half hour just to figure out the questions. I was livid when the Physics teacher came in to give the errata 45 minutes after the examination started. I was fortunate that I managed to finish the questions, unexpectedly, 20 minutes before it ended. Yet, I can only keep my fingers crossed so that I can score at least an "A" in Physics this time.
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Biology Examinations. Boy, wasn't the Biology Paper 2 difficult? I did not even study the photosynthesis in plants and therefore, simply answered the questions. (Many crosses for sure, I guess...) Worse of all, I got the equations of digestions the other way round! Paper 3 was alright since we just did both experiments on the energy content in food and the Vitamin C concentration in fruit juices recently, except that I got the unit for the concentration of Vitamin C wrong. Paper 1 was great! Gosh, I finished the paper within 10 minutes and I wondered if I did any mistakes.
Thursday, 28 October 2010
Bah! The Paper 2 for the Additional Mathematics was a TERRIBLE START of the day. The questions can really kill-REALLY, REALLY DIFFICULT especially on the last four questions. I even left Question 10 blank. Question 12, which was on price indices should be the easiest, but this time, it was the other way round. All the data were numbered as zero and to my sheer disgust, the teacher even claimed that the questions were problemless! I doubt if I could get an "A" this time-at least 20 marks gone! T.T
Later, when the rest of the class were celebrating independence, Hui Yeng, Jia Yi, Komathy ang I sat for the Paper 2 for Accounting Principles with three students from class 404. I cannot seem to get the "Kunci Kira-Kira" balanced, and I forgot the ways to do the "Buku Tunai Runcit"! I even left the questions on Islamic Accounting blank! I hope I can get at least an "A-" in this subject.
Friday, 30 October 2010
My God! No Accounting Principles Paper 1 examinations today, which actually meant late independence for me and the other Accounting Principles takers as well. (Not from Accounting class which is class 403) Today was the Hari Graduasi and the ceremony was quite grand. All the high-achievers in Form 5 which were good in academics and active in extra-curricular activities were chosen for the awards. They were all dressed elegantly and with smiles decorating their faces. My, I doubt if a "kayu" like me can qualify for the award next year...
Okay, that was what which happened after the "torrturing" three weeks! I will be redecorating my blog and adding new songs later! See ya!

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