Friday, October 1, 2010

Co-crriculum Day 2010

It was the Co-curriculum Day on the 30th September 2010. The day was meant to acknowledge the students and teachers who participated actively in extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

I was in the "perbarisan" for the Rangers, therefore we had to make a "border" at the field. Somehow before arranging ourselves, we took some pictures.

We are a team! Yay! ^^

Both are the same pictures actually, except that the poses are different. Clockwise from top left: Amirah Ilyani, Komathy, Vaniisha, Sarasvaathey, Sharon (me), Keerthana, Cynthia, Song, Hew Chen.

From left: Sarasvaathey, Keerthana, me.

After that, we made a border along with the other uniformed units. Hell! The VIPs were late AGAIN! Fortunately, they were better this time-half an hour instead of the usual one hour and above, if I am not mistaken. We had to stand under the hot sun for hours to listen the speeches from the principal and VIP Datuk Ong Chin Choon.

Later, there was a gimmick to symbolise the opening of the ceremony. However, the teachers started the gimmick too fast before Datuk Ong managed to hit the gong! Smoke was pouring out continuously. Anyway, the gimmick was beautiful and I saluted Encik Ikhwan, my form teacher cum Physics teacher for creating it.

We then did a formation to the side of the field to give way to the performances. This is the Static March performance...

And this is the cheer performance, under the guidance of Puan Haslina, Puan Madiah, Puan Balkis and Puan Rohaizah. To me, it was BETTER than last year. ;)

Later, it was the awards ceremony. There were three categories: Gold for participation in extra-curricular activities till the international level, silver for participation till the national level, and Bronze for participation till the state level. I am not that active, so of course I did not get any! XD

Esther Hor got the Gold for winning the Bronze in the Commenwealth Essay Writing Competition. My, to tell you the truth, she is an ULTIMATE GENIUS, ALL-ROUNDER & GREAT LEADER! She won many awards even before this.

Some of the other award recipients.

Role Model for Uniformed Units Category, Nur Izzati binti Andul Halim, for being active in the Civil Defence Cadet Activities-reached the National Level too!

Nurul Syuhaidah for being the Champion in the State Level Badminton Tournament-Role Model for Sports and Games Category

Ang Hooi Xin for winning the fourth place in the State-Level Chinese Speech Competition-Role Model for Co-academics Category.

Esther Hor Shan Lin, the overall Co-curricular Activities Role Model for being good in both academics and extra-curricular activities.

The ceremony ended at 10.10 a.m. We were fortunate to have an hour's rest! No lessons for today, except for Civic Education lessons with homework as well. What a thing to SPOIL the day!

Anyway, GO TREACHERIANS GO! Ale Ale Ale...!!!

P/S: 1. Thanks to Yin Jia Yi for helping me to record the videos and taking the photographs.

2. Pictures are snapped from distant. Sorry but students are not allowed to stand near for better picture effect.

3. Any error in name spelling is regretted. Please leave a comment if I mispelled anyone's name. Thanks!

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