Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo Diary Flashback: Touring Georgetown! (Part 1)

This visit was held during the Heritage Walk, which was actually part of my assignment for Social Studies last year. Unfortunately I did not have time to update it and I have barely time for refreshing my memories to recreate the entire scene in words. Hence, here is a picture diary specially by me. I hope you will like it and enjoy the story behind the pictures.

A picture speaks a thousand words. (I have a good excuse for laziness and business, huh? Tee hee! ^^ ) 


 photo DSCN0134_zps5031e738.jpg 

 photo DSCN0137_zps2cc7d869.jpg

Welcome to Chew Jetty, a historical settlement of the Khoo clan in the Pearl of Orient, PENANG!

 photo DSCN0154_zps8a942bb2.jpg

 photo DSCN0151_zpscd825d76.jpg

 photo DSCN0152_zpsdd1b9401.jpg

The jetty reflected the Chinese lifestyle strongly.

 photo DSCN0149_zps0b1b290e.jpg  photo DSCN0146_zps5089099c.jpg

Look at the sampans and the houses on stilts! Obviously, this is a fishing settlement. 
Town kids should see this and appreciate such beauty in simplicity away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

 photo DSCN0148_zpsea5f46a6.jpg

 photo DSCN0147_zpsd5e7c022.jpg

Posing with the infamous wall paintings

 photo DSCN0138_zps1df4c159.jpg  photo DSCN0144_zps62e1db20.jpg

Fancy a shopping spree at the grocery stores? Let's turn the clock back!

 photo DSCN0143_zpscd68c094.jpg

 photo DSCN0142_zpsa43ceb4f.jpg

Did I mention that Chew Jetty was used for the filming of the famous Malaysian Chinese comedy-romance, "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" (初恋红豆冰) too?

 photo DSCN0132_zps50710b57.jpg

Don't forget to pray for a safe journey for everyone. :)

Picture diary to be continued after 4 June 2013...

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