Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Crazy Week

Okay, I have just edited the picture above. How is it?

Now I am going to tell you about my week, but an INSANE one this time. I am not going to talk about homework and tuition anymore, but yes, I had a Sports House practice last Tuesday. I had to run with a hurt leg! Oh my god, of course I actually limped and the teachers said me SLOW. I wonder when the hurting ordeal ever ends...

The next day, it was the Cooperation Assistants' meeting. The meeting is alright, but I was actually SCOLDED by somebody "LEMBIK". What was more, she even suggested the school to sell VEILS. Who on earth is going to buy VEILS in school???!!!

Thursday was the best day of the week. Since it was Thaipusam, school was off then. It was another escape from this tiring lesson schedule (The school timetable has changed)-two lessons of Bahasa Melayu, two lessons of Physics, two lessons of Chemistry and two lessons of Biology. WHY ALL THE SCIENCE SUBJECTS ARE PUT TOGETHER IN A DAY?


Yesterday, in the middle of History class, we were shocked by a news-HANAN WAS KNOCKED DOWN BY A CAR!
Silly driver. She fell right on the ZEBRA CROSSING. Luckily the driver was a doctor and sent her to the hospiital immediately. I am not that close to her, but anyway I wish her a quick recovery.

And for today, it was the cross-country racing. I am sorry for the absence of pictures as CAMERAS AND CELLPHONES ARE PROHIBITED. The aerobics was FUNNY-more to dance for me, though. Yet, I did not win the race-what to do if I hurt my legs and have a speed like a TORTOISE? :(

Yet, I can remember the top three for the Upper-Form category. Congratulations!
1st: Lu Pei Hua
2nd: Naomi Selvamalar
3rd: Yin Jia Yi

Well, basically there is not really much for this week. Another two weeks and it is CHINESE NEW YEAR! Yet, there is still more to study...

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