Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week's Blues

Okay, this is the second week of school. Well, this week is simply PLAIN... Homework, tuition... all as usual. Yet, I have a BIG HOPE for this week...

  • I want to take part in the school sports events!
  • I want to join the English competitions! (I do not mean those in school... I WANT TO EXPLORE FURTHER!!!)-something like debate, drama... but can I do them?

Haha... very emotional, right? Yet, there are some downfalls...

  • I am SEVERELY LACKED OF SLEEP! To be frank, I slept at 12am every day and went to school like a blur panda.
  • I am totally SICK OF HOMEWORK! Now, there are no longer days which I do not have ANY homework. Instead, there comes MOUNTAINS of homework...
  • I am backbitten... again...

Well, basically, there was nothing really special. Yet, there is something really special in my society-The Cooperation Society, because I am a Cooperative Shop assistant. I hope all the activities have a roaring success!

We have planned some activities, but of course, I cannot remember them in the correct order.
Here are just some of them...

Cute soft ornaments (like those in fruits or vegetable shape which you can see in stores)
Greeting cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day
National Day dedications
Bookmarks (as usual-we have it every year)
Stationery sets
Sweet sets

Yet, there is something quite INSANE here... and there was the Principal again...

RM50000 this year!

I think people in my school (including me) must have sweet tooth. Majority of the food sold are chocolates! Picnic, Nips, Crunchie... what is next?

The worst day of the week was Wednesday. IDIOT DAY! All the Cooperation Shop assistants from Form 5 were supposed to to have a meeting. However, we actually WASTED 50 minutes there doing NOTHING! the principal never came. I am SICK! I HATE TIME WASTAGE!

Anyway, I love this week and I hope everything will be alright! See you guys next week!

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