Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 First Post About My Life

Hello friends! This is Sharon back to blogging, but I am currently in form 5 now. That explains the reason I no longer go online that often, sorry for the long wait!

I am going to share some of my recent happenings here. Yet, I must say that Form Five is not at all easy! I am not going to tell the reason anymore-I have repeated it TOO MANY times.

Saturday, 1st January 2011

It was the New Year. I did nothing but watched the television whole day long. Yet, there was something quite special for me-dinner. It was a home-cooked Australian dinner. Of course, the dishes were quite simple, yet delightfully tasty.

Cooking the sauce for spaghetti.

Potato salad, anyone?

Potato and bacon salad. The potatoes may be firm but they taste GOOD!

All-Australian meal... with almost NO CHEESE! Of course the spaghetti is creamy-not very good for dieters!

Monday, 3rd January 2011

That was my first day in Form 5. I went very early that day to get the best places for my friends, Latha and Sarasvaathey. As the saying goes, "the early bird catches the worm". I was glad to have Miss Ng as my class teacher as I always hoped for a lady teacher for my class.

I was also glad that I got some very good teachers. For instant, Puan Wong (Senior Assistant for School Adminstration) is my Modern Mathematics teacher. Mind you, her explainations are clear! What an escapade. At the same time, she is not really fierce. I was also happy to get back Puan Sharifah, Puan Fatimah, Puan Norani... as my teachers, but NOT FOR HISTORY!

The tuition ordeal started that day too...

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

All the nightmares began at this day. Homework, examination stress and all... Fortunately I managed to finish my homework in school that day, so that I could study at home. At the same time, I am feeling really SICK when the teachers constantly reminded us about SPM. Hello, I do not honeymoon! My brain is ready to EXPLODE! I was feeling even more sick when I knew that the first monthly test is on FEBRUARY. At least, I know where to read for my History now.

Yet, I was happy when my Chinese Language teacher, Mr On suggested me to join a writing competition. I love WRITING! Oh mu God. I want to submit POEMS AND POEMS... Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 5th January 2011

It was the Rangers Meeting and I was elected as a Committee member in the fourth unit. I was THRILLED TO THE MAX when we were told that we were going to make some handicrafts for the upcoming 90th Anniversary for the Girl Guides' Association. What is the handicraft?


Thursday, 6th January 2011

That was yesterday. I was elected as the Treasurer in the Aerobics Club. YES! I GOT A POSITION! Yet, I totally disgust it if some people refuse to pay the fees on time! Never mind, I will just tolerate with them. That was not my first time. However, the best day in Thursday is that it was the only day which I have NO TUITION CLASSES!

Friday, 7th January 2011

I HATE THIS DAY! I got the most homework on this day, when I managed to finished all my homework in school in the previous days. Additional Mathematics, Physics... what's next? My goodness.

Ah, before I forget, today was the Sports House Meeting. The person I suggested got the place as the captain-Ong Huei Chern! She is good in sports and to me, she is just suitable. GO HORLEY GO! DO YOUR BEST!!!

I will be online every Friday night except when there were special cases. Stay tuned!

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