Thursday, May 15, 2014

Study Week? Nah...

EXAMS? Oh no, I barely even touched anything! Having performed badly in my assignments, I cannot help but to push myself during this precious 5-days study week. I don't think I am pushing myself that far too, otherwise I wouldn't have been blogging here in the icy-cold library, with my frozen fingers shivering and stomping on the keyboard with that last little ounce of energy.

So, here goes my study week...

Monday marks the beginning of the study week. A good breakfast marks a good start, right? He he. I gave my study week a sweet start with this 20-minute breakfast. 20 minutes, yes, because I factor in the time to wash and cut the fruits, nuts and nori sheets, apart from preparing the oats.

It is really tasty with the sweetness of the fruits, savoury taste of the nori sheets, crunch of the nuts and, not to forget, the creamy oats base. At least it quelled my cravings for a big fat slice of cheesecake and extra sleep!

It seems like I can somehow study better during the final week leading to the exam, probably due to the extra stress and push factor? I'm not sure. I can UNDERSTAND the concepts well but fail to remember the facts and the precise names of the theories. God help me. I want to score at least better than my 3.82 last year, but, can I?

Tuesday is another sweet start. I think my post is more on oat story and food (Yes, I LOVE food,quality ones of course) than studying LOL.

I was very happy to be invited to a cafe called 静思书轩 a.k.a.Jing Si Books and Cafe (if I'm not mistaken) at Church Road by Yin Fang, my junior. We went there with her room mate, Shin Xuan and a senior, Milo. The Cafe was just a stone's throw away from the jetty. It looks like there are much more treasures to be unearth beneath the main channel to flee home. The environment there is a stark difference compared to that of the stuffy hostel room. It was serene with the fragrance of tea floating in the air, light music and comfortable seats. Best of all, the environment there is really Buddhist okay?(Duh,the cafe is opened by Tzu-Chi volunteers)

Unfortunately I did not take any picture there. STUDIES COME FIRST so there is no time for me to wander around and take pictures of it. The pleasant environment gave me the extra boost to read further and cram more information into my head, minus the boredom and stuffiness. Plus, there is no bed so I did not even think about sleeping.

Fast forward towards lunchtime and we went to the Quay Cafe nearby. It was Wesak Day but we neither participated in any procession nor pray, so we decided that the only way to celebrate was to BECOME VEGETARIANS ON THAT DAY, so a vegetarian lunch that is! The cafe was operated by Tzu-Chi volunteers too, and it was almost no-frills (i.e.all those romantic music, waiters teaching you to hold cutlery, thick menus that make the trees cry for mercy); just simple and inviting. A variety of food was sold there, from local favourites such as "Chicken" rice and Bak Kut Teh to international food like Japanese Bento. There was not many choices but the choices were sufficient enough to make a hungry diner happy. Plus, the price was reasonable.

My Healthy Lunch Set (RM7.50). It was really... GREEN. I chose this mainly because of the price and I need rice to feel satisfied. The portion is very healthy too-for ladies.

The crunchy sweet potato fries (RM4.00/plate). I love this but it gave me a terrible stomach pain afterwards, probably because I eat fried food once in a blue moon.

Shin Xuan's bento (RM15). Soup+jelly+Udon noodles+4 pieces of sushi+pickled ginger+sweet potato fries+wasabi dipping.
I was glad that I did not order this, considering the ginormous size. However, I must admit that the sushi is awesome and large enough, unlike the eeny-meeny tiny ones in conventional sushi stores which are so small that they can be swallowed.

Yin Fang's Quay Rice (RM7.50). Might have to try this next time...

Milo's hotpot (RM10). I forgot the name for this, but again, it was very huge. The pot was LOADED with mushrooms, bean curd pockets and bean curds with noodles on the side. It's healthy but of course, be sure to take a friend or two if you are to eat this!
The rest of the time were spent in the cafe(duh).We studied and chatted over issues in college, along with refills after refills of tea. By the way, all of us had rose tea. At RM5 per pot with endless refills, it is definitely worth relishing! I doubt anyone can refill that for too many times anyway as the fragrant aroma was so relaxing that it beckoned visitors to take their time to read, think, reflect on themselves and appreciate the finer things in life. 

We left at five and took a brief walk around that area, including the Indian street before heading back to the campus. I want to go back to the cafe again and probably satiate my cravings for some hot and spicy Indian food too? 

He he.

I had a super low fat dinner for that day, but low fat did not equal to low calories. This time, I had some rice with dessert. Yay!

By the way, the rice was 香积饭, some sort of instant rice bought at the cafe which came with dried vegetables. It was sold at RM18 per 5-pack package. It is delicious but I advise you to pump it up with something else such as raisins, cashews or some other vegetables if you are to make it a meal,unless if you truly eat like a bird. ;)

That's all for now. As you can see, it is a very short post. My fingers are screaming for mercy!

I still have a lot to post,and things to share, but to save my fingers and grades, I will see you later, okay?

Study Week is for studying, with enjoyment together. Studying like a robot amounts to...nothing.

All the best to all the students!

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