Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life is Simple

As we first opened our eyes
to see the light;
As we first opened our ears
to hear mummy's voice;
As we first opened our mouth
and cry;

Our voyage begins
A voyage from Mum's Cradle
To Never-Ending Land

Brains and brawns are we
just like our non-human friends around;
God gave us the faith, the hope
that we can give rainbows and build bridges
to make this world a Utopia.

He gave us special brains as a gift
so languages we create to speak
and to pass down to our children and grandchildren;
ideas and logics we manifest
to create good livelihood, but

Our life ain't as simple.

As the trees and flowers and shrubs
grow strong from the ground
felicitate under the warmth of the sun
taste the nectar from dew drops

The land animals roam free and wild
across hills and savannahs;
The hummingbirds, magpies and parrots reate melodies
and sing in Mother Nature's choir.
The fish danced in the clear blue rivers
and deep blue seas, along with red shrimps and crabby crabs
while Mother Oyster painstakingly produces
Nature's jewels.

And Man, the Rulers of the World
pay to live with every single cent,
to rewrite God's prescription and ode to live
into a version man fancy. 

For the luscious candies of nature grown 
underwent surgeries and genetic modifications
before slapping them as being super-healthy.
Those, hand-created by God, freshly from the ground
bear the burden of an extra adjective:
with the price-tag triple of that of their counterparts'
and send goosebumps down the laymen's spine.
Where is "ORGANIC" food before World War Two?
None, because ALL food is pure and natural
without the burden of an extra adjective. 

The food, the skin care, the house-wash
Once attainable with oil and soil
Now required a millionwillion ingredients
with a list longer than a professor's thesis
Improved livelihoods and civilization? Yes-
Obesity, cancer, allergies, heart attack
Are our bosom friends now.
So cheap, so fragrant, so beautiful, so dear
Yet deadly
As we put these into our bodies to save money,
Our poor bodies are screaming for mercy.

Juicy, thick fat steak
Becomes a sign of social status.
Got milk? How about some pus and hormones with that?
Got egg? Oh, yummy hen period
produced with the expense of the happiness of the hens.
Why harm our animal friends? To nourish?
We gnaw the nerves and muscles off our FRIENDS
and bathed in their blood
and make merry out of a big fat roasted turkey
when there they are in a massive concentration camp
spanning hundreds of years, with their wings clipped and feet bound
to see their family members torn apart from them
every DAY.

We want to move-no more.
These are the days where
Extracting petroleum hydrocarbons for PET, 
polymerization, producing PET pellets, stretch blow molding
cooling down the mold and checking for leftover PET 
are deemed easier than
because we are disposable. We eat, we sleep, we wear, we poo, we throw.

And why the fur, hides and leather for clothes and arm candies?
Why, we are born with our own skin and
insecurity and lack of confidence prevail
so much that
we need to hide under others' skins and coats
the fox, the minks, the rabbits, the tigers, the leopards, the goats?
and we mass produce them through concentration camps
and process it with heavy metal just to rid bacteria and all that jazz
slap a 10K price tag onto it
and have them making their ways into fashion runways,
a symbol of success, and a symbol of pride
when we can have them cheap and easy with
something without flesh and blood-cotton? cool and fresh,

Why we need to pitch knives and swords
against our friends? Why the bloodshed
for a common land? We are all homo sapiens
with 99% similar DNA. It's the skin colour, location and brains
that set us apart, apparently.
For resources and an uber race, 
we set our friends'house on fire
and deport them as slaves or to their ends
and have to pay the price of war
and to sign neverending treaties in the end...


Life is meant to be simple and easy for all
As long as we walk the path
as prescribed by God because
He has painted a picture of life
and designed the seas, the mountains, the plains,
the plants, the animals, and the humans, supposed to be the smartest.
With our brains, we should have make the world of better place
but instead we stabbed against Him and made him cry in fury
and end up with a circle of malaise

Sharon Ng Huey Yuek
6.29 a.m.

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