Sunday, July 6, 2014

Language Acquisition vs Language Learning

This poem is actually one of my ELT tutorial project with some of my coursemates. Enjoy!

* “Sagen Sie mir, wo ist dein Song,
Sie können in der Klasse schlafen?“
How can I learn it,
When nobody speaks to me?
How can I learn Deutsch,
When all speak in English and French?
How can I write a song,
When I get my Subject-Object-Verb all wrong?
I was born in the country with the Sun to see,
And after a winter I learned my A-B-C.
“A is for apple, B is for boy;
C is for cow, and D is for donkey!”
Papa taught me ‘Alphabets Song’,
Mama taught me ‘Old Mc Donald’,
So I babbled in English as long as I grow old.

Then I want to make wedding gowns,
So I flew to Paris.
‘Bonjour!’ ‘ Merci!’ God, help me!
I even pronounced ‘croissant’ as ‘croy-sen’.
The Parisian gave me that stare (Ha Ha Ha),
But thank God, French words grace the streets.
When I speak in English,
They replied in French instead,
The French pronunciation is like a Rubik cube,
Fun to explore, pain to solve,
By rolling my tongue into a ball,
To talk more and erase my woes, once and for all.
The French pronunciation is like a Rubik cube,
But it is peanuts, as when I learn German off YouTube,
I talked to all but a huge eye piercing screen,
With no friend to talk to but a mirror to preen.
So I pranced down the streets of Berlin,
When I say *“Guten Tag”, they replied “How are you”!
* Translation: “Good Day.”
Like a wandering monkey in the alley,
I tried, in vain, to look for a German-speaking ally,
So I went to a class and bought many books,
And burned the midnight oil to get my language right,
Even a *“Zwei Frühstücks” cannot show its might!
“Sagen Sie mir, wo ist dein Song,
Sie können in der Klasse schlafen?“
To write a song, a city of aliens,
Is like me, drowning slowly, into the deepest seas.
Down, down, and down,
Unless if someone rescues me, speak to me. 

*1. Translation: “Tell me, where is your song,
              You can sleep in the class?“  
*2. Translation: "Excuse me?"
*3. Translation: “Good Day.”
*4. Translation: “Two breakfast.”

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