Saturday, October 4, 2014


These are my knees on 3 July 2014 when they were first injured. Note the difference between the left and right knee.
A twist, and “Wham!”
There went my knees to the ground
With my left knee puffed like aRohan fish
From blood red, to mystical purple,
To night-dark black

And there comes the centenarian
Trapped in a body of a twenty-year-old.

The legs, making circles to the music,
Dragged into irregularity
And soon, even climbing the stairs
Is a gymnastic stint.

The doctor saw that Rohan fish, and said,
“That’s bad and bad,
I’ll give you some pills to go.”

Only after three days
Where my feet stayed like rocks. Still.
Only with a pair of helping hands
Did I get to dragged the rocks
To the ambulance

Only to find out
Almost ready to render me on the surgery bed

And return with
The atrocity of swallowing

And virtually grounded
No jumping, no running, no playing!

Ah, so much for attempting something done by
A handstand! I bet everyone can do it?

Now, they can squat and jump
With a big fat creamy fluffy doughnut
Around me! (Gasp)
Pajamas became tights
Chopsticks to tree trunks
And two dumplings on my face!

Please friends, treat your knees well more than money
With money but without knees,
There you go, live in a mountain of gold
With a pair of wild eyes going nowhere

And if a stunt is what you do,
GRAB A TRAINER to get it right!
Or, just stick to ball games and jogging.

But without you, friends
My legs will be hard as rocks
Dead and still
And under the knife
I have to go
And faint under!

I am a haemophobe.


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