Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paradise of Romance

Welcome to the Lavender Garden, a relatively new tourist attraction at Cameron Highlands...

Before arriving there, feast yourself with the misty mountains which look like paradise in movies... through the car window.

Let's go to Lavender Garden! Children under 12 are charged RM3.00; adults RM5.00. No time limit imposed during the visit so you can immerse yourself in the ocean of beautiful flowers as long as your heart desires.

Lavender flowers symbolise purity, silence, devotion and caution. (Source)

If  the ocean of purple is enough to mesmerize you, just wait...

I'm not sure what car is this!

Here are the little huts for you to cast your wishes on: for health, friend, love etc. They look so cute that I wish I have these little huts in my future home, for the little birds to rest.

COUPLES ALERT: You can literally lock your love under these cute pastel-coloured arches!

The romantic purple ocean aside, there's this golden yellow bushes of coreopsis (金鸡菊), beaming wide to the sunshine.

It's Christmas! Why not have a romantic purple Christmas? (Okay I think I should stop here. I'm single. Haha)

Just as if you think that's all, wait till you walk a scenic little path leading up to some little hills and gardens which otherwise only appear in fairytales...

Now THIS is a great way to utilise rubbish (old rubber boots)! If you have enough space for a garden, you may want to try this money-saving idea. It looks cute too. Just be sure to clean the boots first.

Look at these flowers! God is so great that he created such seeds of the beauty. As human, we are responsible to preserve this beauty and pass them down across generations.

Celebrate REAL beauty like these, because they make the earth beautiful, unlike the plastic flower decors which involve using up the Earth's resources and make the earth sick!

Here are the strawberries growing. Visitors can pick them but if they do, they have to pick at least 200g of strawberries, which worth RM10.00.

Look at the happy koi frolicking in the water...

If you are hungry, you can always have some coffee at the cafe with a nice little dessert while chatting with your loved ones (in my case, it's family)

Strawberry cake that's not too sweet. 

Thank you for taking this virtual tour with me. I hope that you enjoyed it. :)

Please come again!

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