Tuesday, December 2, 2014



                It was the very day that I lived the first day of the second decade of my life. I am a teen no more. No more fangirling (Not that I really fangirled that much anyway), no more being drama Queen, no more yelling at anyone, no more splurging on teenage fashion… okay the list can literally go on but long story short:

                I AM MORPHING INTO AN ADULT.

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                Granted, the legal age for anything considered “adult” is eighteen, but hey, I am still a kid at heart and I am not interested in the things commonly regarded as “restricted for adults”-dance clubs, blue films, alcohol… whatever. To me, being an adult encompasses many aspects. For one, an adult must be mature and responsible. He or she should be able to think wisely and make decisions based on the best interests of themselves AND the community around them. Neither should one make decisions that benefit oneself and harm the others; nor one should choose to neglect oneself for the sake of “benefitting the community”. Besides, an adult should pay attention to the details in life, such as relationships, finances, etc. Well, I can go on speaking for three days straight but hey, I am still a student and not really mature enough, so these factors are enough to discredit me from giving lectures on becoming adults, no?

Being an adult does not give you the licence of living a YOLO lifestyle.
Rather, it means a new stage in life, a rebirth, and a precious period to live life purposefully and positively to enjoy life thoroughly, even into old age.
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                Anyway, let us get straight to the point. My birthday was on a blue Monday, and thank God the quiz for Phonetics and Phonology was postponed, otherwise my birthday would be even bluer. It was the daily routine of a student started all over again: wake up, get ready for class, listen to lectures which qualify as lullabies… daily college student life that is! No birthday song, no, nothing at all. Anyhow, the absence of a birthday celebration did not matter much to me. The day of my coming to Earth is the day my mother’s life hangs at the beam of life and death. Birthday celebrations should, therefore, be better off dedicated to our parents.

                23 September 2014 was one of my most insane days in this year because, like every student in the Second Semester of Degree Year One in IPGKPP, I was struggling bitterly with the then upcoming exhibition for Language Literacy. It was great enough for me to be able to keep my head above the water; survive and work despite sleeping at 1am or 3am throughout the week leading up to the exhibition.  I was glued at the screen of the laptop again when there was a loud knock at my door. It was 9pm. I was thinking: what the HELL are these people up to? I am DARN busy! I opened the door nonetheless.

                “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

                Standing at my door were some of my coursemates with gifts and a slice of carrot cake, while they greeted me with a “Happy Birthday” song. Words could not describe my gratitude. They took the trouble to buy gifts and come upstairs to celebrate my birthday. I could not describe anything else… Thank you so much.

A bookmark given in class, and a gift and carrot cake (Sorry, I ate it halfway when the pic was taken). Thank you so much and be blessed.

                Being twenty means a step towards adulthood. I just wish to be healthy, happy, and able to reach out for the people in need. 

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  1. you are still very youngggg ok! happy belated birthday! =D