Saturday, February 19, 2011

Counting Down to examinations...

The monthly examinations will be held this coming week, and mind you, the examinations are dang EARLY this time-February! Just imagine-isn't this insane? Well, this cuts both sides:

POSITIVE SIDE OF VIEW: Oh yeah, having a monthly test early means that I will be more motivated to push myself to work meticulously towards my studies. Besides, I have more time to prepare for the mid-year examinations, Trial SPM and SPM! Hooray!

NEGATIVE SIDE OF VIEW: What on earth is the examinations hold that early? TMGS is the EARLIEST. No time to prepare and Sports Day is just around the corner... Somebody's crazy, somebody hurts you... (Modified from Enrique Iglesias' "Somebody's Me"...haha!)

Well, what do you think? I am a half-and half...!!! However, cramming everything together is rather MAD...and all the teacher and students are currently UNDER STRESS...!!!

What about Sports Day? Well, it is currently fixed at 5th March 2011, which is just after the examinations. In this case, is there enough time for the students to have marching practice? How about the mascots for the Sports Houses? I can tell you something...


But, no. There are some unspeakable problems behind all this commotions.

This means that we cannot gain independence even AFTER examinations. Imagine-my friends and I have to attend practices DAILY from 3-5pm. That is alright, but I have tuition classes-Accounting Principles and Additional Mathematics...!!!

As for the saringan, well, the track events are on next Friday. The examinations are not yet over for the Science students... Can I do it?

everyone is so depressed that Puan Sharifah suggested us to do light exercises and take a stroll around the school during her English class a couple of days ago. Thank you teacher!

It's okay, It's alright, I will try with all my might. And all the best for all...

Namo Amitabha Buddha...

Of course, I dared not aim too high, especially History... XP

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