Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Week aftermath...

Oh my gosh, it was a while since I last updated my blog, and it was because of nothing but the upcoming monthly examinations. As you can see, I have deleted several unwanted posts off my blog and changed my Chat Box as my blog is seriously POLLUTED...!!!

Let me tell you about the week before this week in this post. Sorry for the late update...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

It was the notorious timetable change again! It was due to the class exchange in the Form Three classes. Originally there were six classes, but now there are only five classes left as the number of students in Form Three is too little for six classes to be opened. I feel sorry for those students who have to change their classes. Here comes the problem: can they catch up with the syllabus?

Well, it was an advantage for my class, though, as we do not have to suffer the continuously double-period regime for every subjects in Thursday anymore. At least, my brain will not have to be crammed up as before. However, I have to carry SUPER-HEAVY school bags every Monday and Tuesday, as we have to study EIGHT subjects...

Serves that woman right for acting clever! Poor students... :(

In the evening, I went for the Sukantara, of course. I was quite delirious as I scored two points out of three in the 100 meter race. I just want to be...

Haha, guess yourself! XD

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I was fortunate for not starting the chandelier making as all the handicraft making projects for the 90th Anniversary for the Girl Guides' Association in Perak were called off. However, does that mean that all our previous efforts were going DOWN THE DRAIN? What a WASTE! :'(

It was the day to recruit the Rangers in the March for Sports Day too. I was happy as Vitthiyeswary was chosen as the squad leader-responsible, hardworking and has good leadership -she has those qualities. However, some Form Five students just managed to escape from joining the team and chit-chatted in the class instead. Poor Vitthiyes, poor Song-and what a waste of SOUND ENERGY!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The English teacher was under the weather, thus I have plenty of time to complete my schoolwork. However, I know that I will be busy after the monthly examinations as I have MOUNTAINS of work to complete. I have to complete my Moral Education assignments, nd design greeting card samples for the Cooperative Society (but the cards are officially sold only at near May, haha!). Nevertheless, I am joining some Essay competitions too. No independence after the test, duh!

That evening was the first day of the Rangers' march practice. Vitthiyeswary was very humourous and patient but of course, strict. (Squad leaders need to be like that... :D) I made a huge blunder when I chanted the wrong words during the practice, that was during the demonstration to newcomers. I actually chanted "Kiri-Kanan-Horley" instead of "Kiri-Kanan-Renjer"! Oh my God... Yet, I wonder if the "Kiri-Kanan" thing is good as many houses are using it.

Yet, there was a Form Five girl who laughed for nothing, especially towards Hooi Tinh who caught up quite slowly. What about herself?

Friday, 11 February 2011

I was initially happy for being chosen for the "Saringan" for the 100m, 400m and the javelin event, although I am not really sure if I can do the last.However, everything was cancelled as the Sports Day was postponed to June, as directed by the Education Department. Hey, June is the month in which the mid-year examinations were held. How are students supposed to juggle between both examinations and sports at the same time?

(Some of the details were out-of-date. I will tell later as this post is long.)

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