Sunday, July 17, 2011

After a Month...

...and I am back to blogging! Sorry for the long wait! I am actually really busy and tensed p throughout the ENTIRE month after the fortnight-long school vacations! After racing with the time to complete my Additional Mathematics assignment, Moral Education project and of course, my Accounts Coursework, when I was just about to sit back and have a light moment...

 (SPM is around the corner! Focus! Must get straight "A"s!"

Get it? I bet you can fidget what I was doing all this while.
Okay, let me ship the prologue and get to the point. It is an extremely long story, after all... I have many posts in hand too.

To begin with, let me share with you guys some cool pictures I found online...

Waka-Waka Cake

Blue Forest Wedding Cake

Cute Bugs Bunny and carrots-My favorite vegetable!

Pink teddy in a "pool" of roses. Well, pink is my favorite color, teddy bear s my passion and I love roses the most out of the myriad of flowers out there

A classic yet elegant and simple wedding cake.

Pink + Brown + White! What a sweet stuff! I really want this cake for my birthday...!!!

Cinderella's carriage! It is mainly pink and white in color with a hint of cuteness and loaded with intrinsic artistic value.

This may be a little "Chinese"...and beautiful as well.

Bookworms should eat this.

Aren't they lovely? Well, actually, I did not find them for fun. They were part of my Additional Mathematics project. However, I did not take a picture of my project for safety purposes.

Seriously, the decoration was quite elaborate, with unlimited usage of glitters, yet the content in it was freaking simple and short! According my friends, my coursework was more to an art piece than a typical Additional Mathematics book.

Seriously, I love to go crazy with color, glitter and anything floral. Yet, I will draw the line when it comes to the choice of clothes. For fashion, I love a simple, not-too-elaborate style.

HUNGRY???!!! :D

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