Sunday, July 17, 2011

! Malaysia ! Murid ! Sukan Run

2 July 2011 was the day of the 1Murid, 1Sukan, 1Malaysia Run. I woke up really early on that day to get myself prepared for the big day. Well, attendance was COMPULSORY. Poor parents, sister and me had to sacrifice our slumber just for this activity... :-o

Those from my school were required to wear blue and white ribbons as an identity for TMGS students. (Blue and white are the colors symbolizing my school.) 

The pictures below show just how early we were in school. That was a golden experience for me to shoot some pictures at the break of dawn..

We walk to the right and we walk to the left, and we walked, and we walked, and we walked all night... (Hey, Sharon, have you got the time wrong?) 

Sarasvaathey and Keerthana

Long way to go. Actually, The Esplanade was just a stone's throw away from my school.

At Esplanade.

Well, I could hardly see anything in front...

Daybreak! There was a sea of eager students and onlooking teachers, waiting to start the run. Well, it was actually a walk as there were more than 15,000 students. How was it possible to RUN?

My friends filled with high spirits..



The opening ceremony... Balloons were released all over the clear, blue sky.

Freaking-crowded road

Treacherians GO!

We have many slogans made to lift up the spirits of fellow Treacherians... Among them are:
  • La (x14) Treacherians gonna walk on the road.. (Adapted from Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor")
  • (From Spongebob Squarepants) T-M-G-S- (x3)
  • Treacherians, Unstoppable!
  • Go, Treacher, Go!
Treacherians, UNSTOPPABLE!!!

In the spirit of the Treacherians...

Admiring the picturesque at the Lakegarden at the same time.

From left: Aza, Amalina and Adilah

The blue-and-white army.
It was a twenty-minute walk as the crowd was extremely large. As we inched throughout the journey, there were some pushed and shoves. Thank God that we were all safe... :-)

The food served was okay. I did not eat the burger because I was a temporary vegetarian... ;-)

Sarasvaathey and me.

Latha and me.

The beautiful balloon decoration.

Later, it was the performances and games. I watched the cheer with my friends. Honestly, the boys' were way better than the girls. They had really difficult moves. However, I did not know the results as I returned early.

The activity was quite fun but exhausting. By the way, this activity has made its way into the Malaysian Book of Records for "The Longest Participation of School Students in a Run". What was this? *Sweat and sighs

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