Saturday, September 3, 2011

Long Way Back Here...

Ah, it has been more than a month since I had last blogged...

Cobwebs were hanging around the branches, fruits were unpicked, and soils were infertile... XD Well, it was due to the dreaded double words...

Okay, let me skip the boring complaints and head straight to the point. Last month all Form-Fivers were scheduled into an endless round of preparation for the upcoming SPM. Every morning, during the roll-call, I was anticipating for the lessons of the day when Radio TMGS voiced out:



Of course, I comprehend the message behind this repeated announcement. The more frequent you remind a same subject, the more motivated you are. However, as students, I think we need a break sometimes, lah... *giggles*

I told myself, there is no time to fool around anymore. SHARON, TIME TO PUT YOUR ILDEST DREAMS ASIDE FOR A LITTLE WHILE, FOCUS ON YOUR SPM!!!

Who does not have dreams? Sigh...

Let me move on to the happier side of my story.

It was a yummylicious gourmet facade this holiday. Firstly, it was my aunt and grandaunt who paid us a visit. Their arrival kicked off with a meal at La Promise.

Next, it was the raya feast at Puteri's house. The double-storey house built at the hilltop has certainly a rainbow and story hidden inside. Vitthiyes, Thavani, Hew Chen, Yee Ying, Song and Fatin were there too. The laksa was certainly finger-licking good. However, I perspired after the first bite although it was not spicy...

Puteri was certainly a good baker. Her lemon cake and chocolate cake were of the right texture. Mmm...!!!

We even had a joyride on Hew Chen's car, but the "chauffeur" was Puteri though. Stable drive... =)

Today, I paid a visit to my monitor, Atilia's house. There were more friends present, and the house at Taman Tupai Mas radiated a more Malay Atmosphere. The chicken pieces were so big that a piece is sufficient to fill your tummy to the brim.

Whatever it is, a picture speaks a thousand words. I will upload them later after the Trial examination, maybe on my birthdaY?

Later, there will be more stories to tell, but for the time being, the day is yet to come.

See you soon...

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