Friday, September 23, 2011

ReLaX T1Me!!

Hah, it was a fierce and fearful three-week battle with the trial SPM before I finally landed... here from Outer Space.

Just joking... anyway, I wish I afford for a Cosmo-escapade (which actually costs MILLIONS...!!!)

Well, now that I am a year older and a year closer towards adulthood (In four years time, physically), I might just have to stop speaking and acting childishly. Let me tell you guys about the latest, oh well, I wonder if it is really special?

Let me tell you about my Trial first. Honestly, it is a hundred-percent DISASTER...

This "Good Luck" card is specially made by my Mak Angkat in school, Puan sharifah. It motivates me a lot to strive for the best!
I LOVE YOU...!!! <3
Modern Mathematics and languages were exceptions. I finally managed to get hold of an "A+" for my Modern Mathematics after a four-month wait! 87 to 92! Wee...!!! Anyway, it was due to stupid careless mistake and a sheer lack of time in all those numerous calculations and mind-twisting questions.

My disaster was not in History, unfortunately, they were in Science subjects, especially...


Well, I blame the disaster on nobody but MYSELF. Serve me right for a little too over-confident! I must admit that I paid quite little attention on this subject... or maybe a lack of rest? Concentration? Or... whatsoever.

My Paper One is the most disastrous ever. 37/50! Never once in my life did I get less that 40 rights in my Paper One! As for paper two, well, I have no comment. It is time that I work harder.

Okay, let me stop all the boring examination hoo-has.

today is my day,
today is my BIRTHDAY,
Happy happy Birthday to ME...!!!

Sharon is officially seventeen now... She can actually go for driving classes but the SPM is drawing near... She just simply cannot wait to DRIVE!

She cannot wait to step into the world of tertiary education...

However,she will miss the life as a high-school student too.

My birthday? Well, It is simple, yet memorable. Being seventeen marks another milestone in my life journey. However, it signifies the day that my mom endured all those pain to bring me to this wonderful world.  What is the point of a lavish party grandeur when you have to burn through your parents' pockets? Well, that is my opinion.

There is no eat-outs. However, I am proud to announce that I will have an exclusive birthday cake-specially for ME!

A little bragging? Haha. Actually, the cake has a humble appearance. There are neither fresh cream nor intricate decorations on it. It is, in fact, a nutty cake. Why is that the cake special?

The answer is: MOTHER'S LOVE. Later, I will post a picture of it.

However, I will not post about all the notifications from my facebook or whatsoever. It is a long story.

Happy brithday to me!

P/S: I share my birthday with these friends as well (just a few)

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