Friday, June 11, 2010

Hadyai Trip

Today, I will talk about my trip to Hadyai, Thailand.

Day 1 (6/6/2010)
My family and the other Kwangtung Associaion members gathered at the Kwangtung Association at 1 am before leaving for Hadyai by bus. The bus was cold. Everyone fell asleep despite there was a television show going on. The oldies which were broadcasted later made a good lullaby!

It was almost four hours later when we arrived at Changloon. Here, we changed our currencies. 1 Ringgit equals to 10 Baht! Wow! Two hours later, we arrived at the customs department. Checking was fast and easy.

Thailand, here we come! Oh my, the SMS charge rates are more expensive than usual. Later, we went to the duty-free shop. My,my, the items were damn expensive!

The first place we visited was a chicken rice shop for breakfast. According the tour guide, this is one of the most famous chicken rice shop in Hadyai. However, I do not like it at all. After a long journey, we arrived a temple near the rubber estate. The temple was grand and there were many Buddha statues there.

Boddhisatva and me

Laughing Buddha

Avalokiteshvara Boddhisatva


Sleeping Buddha

After that, we went to a shop selling local goods and birds' nest. The birds' nest soup is cheap-only 200 Baht (RM 20). We bought some ornaments there at a low price (20% off, wow!) My sister and I bought ice creams there before we left. The ice cream is special-coconut flavoured with sea coconut, sweet potatoes, dried bread, peanuts and glutinous rice.

We visited a local produce shop nearby after that. The shop was big but hot, and the items were sold in bulk. Of course, the items were cheap. We bought many items which worth around 700 Baht altogether. Try to calculate them in Ringgit! We then went for lunch at a restaurant which was quite far away. It was very hot but the food was worth the cost.

In the evening, we checked into Sakura Hotel. It was elegant and had a pleasant ambience. Our room may be of the lowest grade but it was very comfortable. We then went shopping and then to Washington Restaurant for dinner. I HATE the combination ordered: pig trotter was served when there was a roasted suckling pig, and there were two kinds of soup. Gosh!

The Entrance of Sakura Hotel

Sayuri Ancient Massage Centre, pictured from downstairs

Grand View Restaurant serves yummy food.

Look at the magnificent staircase!

Lobby Bar

I went to bed late as I enjoyed the day. I will tell you about the next day in my next post. The related pictures will be published later. Bye!

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