Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry guys! I have not...

Updated my blog for long... and it was more than a week...

Well, there are TONS of stuff which had happened. I will only describe in brief as I am quite busy these days until I have little time left to go online. Sorry guys..

First and foremost, here is my latest drawing. Check it out!

Here are just my recent happenings...

Last Saturday, it was the School's 72nd Sports Day. I joined the Rangers March and 400m race. We had a preparatio
n frenzy early in the morning in 503 classroom. Goodness, many were not even prepared! It was a last-minute insanity streak. There were many teams preparing as well, such as the Fire Brigade Cadets and the Horley House.

We started the parade at 7.30 a.m. I was relieved when the guest of Honour, Dr Maxine Olson who came all the way from New York ca
me in time! She was soft-spoken when she gave her speech. After the speeches, it was the Dancerobics performance. Unfortunately, I cannot record the video down as cameras were forbidden. Besides, I had to get ready for the race too. It was the FIRST race for Sports Day in my life, haha!

It was not long before the 400m race for c
lass One (Upper Form) began. Oh my goodness. I went out like an arrow at the beginning, but I became tired at the second round! In the end, I lost the race... :(

Somehow, I was happy as the Rangers won the THIRD for Marching at the end of the day. It was the FIRST time we won after many years! Horley house got the second for Marching... Yahoo! My house beat Olson house in marching but lost to Treacher house. Better luck next time! My house went fourth, overall. All the best next time! =P

There comes the blues for the following week... It was barely a breather after the examinations, and there comes the results. Of course, not all of them are out yet, thus I can only tell some of them. The results were just satisfactory for me...
  • Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan-87
  • Chinese Language-84
  • Biology-83

And I am not certain if I can get at least a "B" for History as I only got 27/40 in Paper 1. It was the selection for the Debate team too. My role is only to provide information... Not only I have to waste money and paper, my role is... eh, am I minute? I need an answer... As usual, there comes the "Holiday Package" and all kinds of stuff. Never mind... I love to keep myself busy, except for homework! =P Greeting cards, essays and stuff... I will upload photos of my greeting cards once I have finished with them. Last Friday, I went to help out to make friendship bracelets for the upcoming 90th Anniversary of Rangers in Malaysia. I was happy to have Vitthiyeswary and Song to teach me the ways to make them. Check out the slide shows below... Of course, I made those at home.

Slide show 1: Double-side plait (Sorry, I do not know the exact name!)

Slide show 2: Spirals (I call it DNA...!!!)

Slide show 3: Simple Checkers

Slide show 4: Simple Checkers with handle

Slide Show 5: Candy Stripe
After much time and effort, here are what I had done so far.

My very first handmade braided bracelet.

My finished but undecorated braided ornaments.

Hang them anywhere!

It was the holidays, but not for me! Why?

My school had holiday classes for Form 3 and Form 5 students during the previous Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Somehow, there were many who were absent! XD Yet, there are lots of assignments. Luckily I was present.

Yet, I had to stayback with my friends at school until 2.30 pm for Debate Practice...!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011 was the Education Fair at Legend Inn. The hotel was terribly packed when I arrived. I met Latha, Shamalaa and some ex-students there. Of course, I went only to those sections which offer Information Technology Courses. :D I went to enquire about academic opportunities for Sunway University College. Somehow, I want to further my studies at a local government university if possible as it is more affordable...

Okay, it is almost midnight now, and I will write more later. See you soon! Bye!

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