Friday, March 4, 2011

Exam is OVER...!!!

Well, after the one-week battle over the monthly examinations, I can finally take a break. I have TONS of activities, well, mainly on essays, of course. I have to design card samples for the Cooperative Shop as well.

Last Monday, it was the Cooperative Shop meeting. The talk kept on droning and droning, and I had to suggest many stuffs. That is okay. Yet, I had to miss the 100m selection race due to the meeting!

Poor Yeeling was injured. Fortunately she healed now...

Okay, later, it comes the 400m race. Heavens, I am the BIGGEST there! It was okay on the first round (We were supposed to run two rounds in a 400m race), but in the second round, I got quite exhausted. I think it is high time for more exercise, haha!

Let me tell you about my monthly examinations. Frankly, I am not really well-prepared... The papers were still alright for me but I bet I will not score well especially in Chemistry and History. LOL

After the examinations, it was a non-stop schedule for the Marching practice. Last Friday, someone really disgusting called me to be a busybody. She wanted me to call the students off the banner surrounding the gazebo! Who cares? I do not want to spoil my reputation among my friends. I am "lurus" enough-I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PUPPET!

The results do not come out fast. Somehow I got my Bahasa Malaysia Paper 2 results: 104/110. It may seem good, but a MALAY BEAT ME BY ONE MARK Now, Mrs Racist has something to say.

It will be the Sports Day tomorrow. I was really happy to be chosen for the race, but I will have to face STRONG contenders. Besides, I am joining the Rangers march too. GO RANGERS! GO HORLEY! I hope our efforts in the Rangers do not go down the drain.

However, here comes another insane stuff: We have to copy 300 questions for History and hand it in before the holidays! Now, my right hand is going to get a perfect workout.

I am just praying to get the best out of my results so far...

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