Sunday, March 27, 2011

Karnival Jom Masuk "U"

Hi guys! Today, I am sharing my first school trip. Actually, it was not literally a trip, rather it was a visit to "Karnival Masuk 'U'", which was held by the Counseling section in school.

This trip is aimed to let the students to explore further about the opportunities to further tertiary education after Form Five. It was led by the Counselling teachers, Puan Indra and Puan Saliza. Around 43 students joined the trip. We left Taiping for Ipoh at 8.10 a.m.

Around 9.15 in the morning, we arrived the Carnival. The first destination for us was the TOILET! XD

Before we entered the Carnival, we toured around the area, not to forget some pictures~!!!

Li San (left) and Wern Ching at the great monument.

In the spirit of 1 Malaysia... (From left: Farhana, Thibaa, me the big Momma. haha!)

The Carnival was crowded. Thus, is is not advisable to tour around the carnival alone or you will get lost... -.-'

The Slot by the Community College which caters for all skills. (Jabatan Pendidikan Kolej Komuniti)


Why is drawing this DIFFICULT?

The person in charge was looking at my childish drawing. Note the monitor.

My "masterpiece"... !!!

This is the exact way an expert will work.

Cartoon in the making.

The Awesome Foursome. From left: Siti Rohaya, Sakinah, Puteri Syahirah Ezzaty, Hasrifah, all from 504.

The carnival was crowded like a can of sardines.

It was at 11.30 when we left the carnival. Here are just some of the scenes...

MIC of TMGS branch. From left: Kayalvilly, Vaniisha, Vitthiyes, Punggodi (behing, hidden), Thavani, Shamalaa, Rajeswari, Jennifer.

Big Momma between Yus and Isnabila.

From left: Isnabila, Thibaa, Farhana, Yus.


Thibaa, Farhana and me with our "shopping bags"!

We are one step more to the university! See what we had got! From left: Anis Fadhilah, Husna, Ezzati

My gang almost went to the bus late! What a close shave! Of course, everyone returned with LOTS of information about tertiary education. It was really bad when it began to rain. Luckily we left in time or we will end up like drowned rats!

Wern Ching and Li San in the bus.

The hills are veiled with thick fog, drizzled with rain too.

Anis and Husna

Blur~ -.-'

At 1.00 p.m, we stopped at the Sungai Perak R&R station to have lunch. We had a forty-five minute break.

Camwhoring time!

The meals served there were slightly costly but of course, they came in LARGE portions. I shuddered when I saw the portion of "nasi campur" served as it was way too big for me. I had two "paus" and a boc of milk. The pau cost RM1.40 each. Somehow I forgot to take the picture to show the exact size. Sorry guys!

Here are just part of the scene at the beautiful rest station. It was clean and comfortable.

We love our lunch! Clockwise from left: Alifah, Ezzati, Anis Fadhilah, Husna, Adila

Sisters forever...

A warm scene at the Sungai Perak R&R station.

Farhana and me.

Fruits and snacks galore!

Back into the bus, everyone was ready home. However, the bus had a little mishap at Simpang.. O.O The engine SMOKED! Some of my friends took the chance to have some CRAZY shots. Haha!


Someone's been CALM...

Someone's getting RELIGIOUS! Look at the centre of the picture!


WAIT! What is next?

Finally, the commotion is OVER!

Luckily, we managed to return home safe. It was at 2.45 p.m, which was a little later than expected.

I had a wonderful journey and this trip was really beneficial. I got more information about the pathways to further my tertiary education. I hope the school will organize such activities again in the future.

Good night, everyone! Ciao~

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