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Sorry for being on the other side of the Internet for a few days! Besides visiting my relatives during Chinese New Year, I was terribly under the weather these days, perhaps due to excessive overeating, being a darn couch potato and, oh whatever. 

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

22 January 2012

It was the Chinese New Year Eve. Just as most Chinese families will, my family had thrown a sumptuous Chinese New Year feast to usher into the new lunar year-the year of the Water Dragon. Frankly, we do not have much guests then-my paternal grandparents and an uncle. Anyway, that was enough to make up a REUNION...

Have a look! Disclaimer: It is just a feast for your eyes! Do not lick the monitor screen yeah, ha ha!

Purely homecooked reunion dinner.

Here the menu went in random order: Roasted pork, mixed vegetables, steamed fish, steamed chicken, braised mushroom with sea cucumber and "koh dao". Yum! Simple as they seem to be, it was a totally different feeling as you savour every bite of the food infused with dilligence and love.

Unless if you are a vegetarian, this feast is bound to make your mouth water, and even the most hardcore dieter will be off the track! *evil laugh*

By the way, no Chinese New Year is complete without decorations around the house. Thus, my home got a total makeover! Heck, it was just some decorations here and there. A total makeover costs a BOMB, man! Initially mom wanted the house to be repainted, but that was difficult to justify the cost.

Biscuits and pomelo, anyone?

Come midnight, mom prepared for the daily prayers. as for me, well, exhaustion crept on me, thus I could not stay up for the Spring Gala Show as usual, which aired on midnight. Sigh, I missed out everything...

23 January 2012

"gong Xi Fa Cai!" (Congratulations for gaining wealth!)

Real common. That is the first phrase coming out from my mouth whenever I wish my relatives during Chinese New Year. Till today, I am still wondering any suitable auspicious phrases besides "Gong Xi Fa Cai".  Frankly speaking, not all of us are working or earning money, please...

Money, is important. Yet, health, studies, life... they are equally important too!!! Any phrase besides that, huh?

No more rantings, Sharon. This is Chinese New Year, okay???!!!

Okay, OKAY!!!

Paternal grandparents' house-that was my family's first destination. Later, my mom's old classmate dropped over to my family's. They were from Ipoh....

(Maybe, I got to skip this. Visit, Visit and Visit, it was very monotonous, really! It was only the adults who chat till the world ends; we children and teenagers did nothing but kept our mouths sealed)

24 January 2012

I can tell you're looking at me
I know what you see
Any closer and you'll feel the heat

That was my alarm tone, by the way. It was "The Boys" by Girls Generation. I fell in love with this song...


4.00 a.m.!!! It was time to rise and shine for "Balik Kampung"! Wait, what "balik kampung"? To be precise, it was "balik bandar" because we were heading to Kuala Lumpur. To arrive there early, we had no choice but to begin the three-hour journey at the break of dawn. The entire road was virtually OURS!!! Yes, the best time to go to Kuala Lumpur is during the festive season. The road is yours!!! No more traffic congestion and whatsoever nonsense!

After unpacking the bags at my first aunt's house, off the entire family went to visit Seng Koo Kong's(Youngest granduncle) and Chit Koo kong's families. Their houses were just ginormous and elegant.

Seng Koo Kong's was just large with a flair of sheer elegance. I could not tell if it was just a house, a library, or a hotel! Bookshelves were everywhere, and there were almost THIRTY fans in the ENTIRE house!!! At there, Seng Kim Poh (Seng Koo Kong's wife) and me chatted about my career choices. 

This is how seng kim poh talks.

She talked as though as she was hurrying for a...

Anyway, it was a precious talk. From a seventeen-going-to-eighteen full of delusion and confusion, I am now quite enlightened about career choices. Maybe, I am better off as an accountant, or computer programmer, or to dwell myself in the fascinating world of multimedia?

Later, there we went-Chit Koo Kong's house. His house was much more simple-a sweet green bungalow amidst the healthy green pasture. (Sorry no pictures) Uncle Daniel (Chit Koo Kong's eldest son) even advised me about jobs (once again)-Mass communication this time, due to my passion in languages. Maybe, I should just devote myself into journalism? 

I am just-mystified. Here are my choices...

I simply cannot make decision easily.
Time to ponder. No more honeymoon! 

SPM wannabe announced on 22 March...

Anyway, my Chinese New Year was okay, but a little boring though... :(

By the way, this year is supposed to be the WATER DRAGON YEAR. However, the days were just freaking hot, so would it better if I call it as the YEAR OF THE FIRE DRAGON???!!! Ha ha!

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