Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School is here! Wait, Who cares?

Well, that is in my case as a high school leaver.

Witnessing my sister smartly donned in her school uniform and got geared up for school to get her textbooks for Form Four lessons which are about to kick start tomorrow, I reminisced on my gloomy Form Four days. Those struggles with the complicated lessons, endless tuition classes... Which were actually OVER!

Unfortunately, being stuck amidst the crossroads and thick clouds looming over my head, I view the future with infinite angst. Where to further my studies? should I go for Matriculation? Teacher's Training? Polytechnic? Form Six? Being born and raised in a middle-class family, I have definitely crossed private college out of my list. I am highly passionate in multimedia, but alas at the same time, languages and accountancy are my loves as well! 

My parents constantly remind me to follow where my heart belongs. Meanwhile, my friends suggest that I take up Teacher Training as I am okay (well, really?) in languages. I, on the other hand, am fascinated with the colourful graphics and a sea of information across the cyberspace.

Sigh, I really do not know where is my destiny, my life path.

Seriously, the post-SPM days are no child's play. Yes, I may regard it as honeymoon, but in fact, it is all about future planning and pursuing my hobbies and all. As I look at the promotion campaigns in the supermarkets and my Alma mater, I start to remember those school days. (Well, I will not repeat all these. Lazy, right)

As the days dragged by, I cannot help but sigh and pray. The long-awaited yet heart-thumping SPM results are to be announced not long soon, maybe on the end of February, maybe on March. Now, I will just leave these to God!

Now, it is a long holiday (I am not chosen for the National Service, ha ha!!!), but it does not mean that my mind will be allowed to rust. I hate to be lazy, really!

To fellow students out there, Happy schooling! Schools are not just merely about studies and homework; it is about cultivating a wholesome life for a bright future ahead. Who knows, you may be the next Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison or Confucius? Live up your school life! Good luck!!!
As for school leavers like me, enjoy this holidays but do not go overboard. To those who:

National Service: Good Luck and remember to take care of your safety! It is a chance to gain experience, do loads of extreme activities and make friends.

Work: Grab this golden chance for work experience and social skills.

Stay at home (That's me!) : holidays are never drab, if you can utilise your holidays well. Honestly, it is a golden privilege for us school leavers to enjoy long vacations for almost five months! (If I am not mistaken) Do whatever you like but cannot be done during school hours, however, bear in mind that do not go too crazy and wild.

Happy School days and advanced Chinese New Year!!! :D


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