Friday, January 27, 2012

βαвʏ Ɔнαяℓɛƨ...

"Wei..." there was a gentle, meek voice coming from the phone. That was mom.

Kim Poh (My super-talkative yet friendly grandaunt) will be visiting my home! That was the end of silence at home!

That was what she did. Oh wait, guess who was along too?


He is kim poh's first grandson, who came to this world in 2010. Born in the year of Tiger, He was an unstoppable, super-active and cute little cub as well! My goodness, he was just simply cute and cheerful! However, he could never sit still. Carrying him around was by no means easy!

Come here, cutie boy...

I just saw something...

Arrow root chips, and nothing else!

Budding musician.

He is slightly over a year old, and here, he craved for nothing but ARROW ROOT CHIPS! When my parents and kim poh ordered him to sit still on the rocking chair, he sat-but for merely three seconds! He would pick up almost anything to play and eat-but biscuits. Getting him was like playing hide-and-seek, you can never fathom where will he be next. That was little wonder that kim poh was as fit as a fiddle!

Well, had I been given the responsibility to look after baby Charles, my diet plan would have succeed! Wait, he would have drive me mad! 

Boys will be boys, and so do babies. Babies messing up the house-that was just oh-so-normal! His infinite cuteness has awed every member in my family! 

By the way, he is left-handed.

I cannot wait to see him again in the future! Hopefully, by the time he would have grown and pushed asifde his mischievous antics, but remain as cute as before! Plus, I would like him to visit my family more before he leaves for Australia...

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