Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly Happenings...

There are quite many items which happen this week. I'll tell you guys one by one:

  • The profits for Canteen Day is unknown. Yet we were reprimanded for not being able to earn as much as the Methodist Girls' School, which gained six-figures for their Canteen Day, despite the hard work and dedication we had poured in. Hello, you want RM33000, now the profit was unknown and we were scolded just because we are not as siperior as the others? WE ARE HUMANS AND WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST!!!

  • Yeah, school Chinese teacher has showed some progress at least. More hardworking now! Hurrah!
  • Renjer Puteri "Adat Istiadat" Practice. Hehe, I don't know how to say that in English... Sorry ya! Quit hot all right... T.T

  • The Physics tuition again. The teacher thought about the safety features in a car. Later when she talked about air resistance, she related it with the athletes. According to her, the athletes with a flat front cannot run fast. Thus, it is quite unfair as some athletes do not have flat fronts and can run fast. Don't faint when she offers the "Best" solution: Every athletes, tie a board at your front and run!


  • I love this day. Treasure Hunt and Spelling Bee for English Week! Treasure Hunt needs brains and brawn. My sports house, Horley (Green House) managed to reach the end FIRST!!! Somehow the winner is yet to be found.
  • The Speeling Bee (Open Category) was held right after the Treasure Hunt. it was so fun spelling around with friends. And oh my, how cruel is Puan Surinder's remarks towards those who were expelled!


  • What has happened to the youths today? Simply dump their babies everywhere. That was what I saw on the school noticeboard. Babies for prayers! Oh my, the God will be angry!
  • To my horror demerits are everywhere. Late homework and Facebooking about the teachers were wrong as well! Merit points were hard to find... Even prefects are not spared...
  • But the good news is... No schooling time on Monday! Yay! But as a result, we have a super-duper BIG "HOLIDAY PACKAGE"! Oh my God, can't you spare us just for three days?!!
  • And there was no electricity for the night. Cannot enjoy online hours... T.T

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