Friday, April 1, 2011


(Note: This is my first poem for this year, as I was too busy for all the time. I just sneaked some time out... It is about a story of an alley child based on an essay I wrote in school. Do enjoy guys! You can try to rap it as well in the middle verse... )

Left alone on a lonely street
And living, lost and forlorn
Watching people come to-and-fro
Leaving me all alone

In this dark, cold alley
There with my friends I lived
In poverty, cold and filth
There was the place I belongs.

On the run were always we,
To hide from those cruel eyes
Who point and sneer and laugh at us,
Yet we do not cry.

Freedom was where I used to be,
Until a lady picked me up
A huge mansion was where I went
And my freedom drifted away.


House rules, school rules, family rules,
I hate rules and regulations
And I want to break FREE!

Free from home, free from school
And I just want to ESCAPE!
I will never ever be the good girl
Which you want me to be.

I entered the jail with high walls
Not to study, not to be in class
And c'mon and see what you can do to me!


There comes the sickening Headmaster
And his world-renowned "army camp"
And when my name went through the loudspeaker,
There I was to face the doom.

Yet I was lucky, freaking lucky
When he doze off to slumber
I crept out as quiet as a rat
And back to the wild, I am


My life entered a brand new chapter
Where I became an ultimate GANGSTER
There I get high with all sorts of stuff
And I am no longer clean and nice.

There we got boozy and get HIGH and cool
And turned the silent night into a disco
We rocked on with little care and pain,
We are born to be young and free and who the heck cares?
The lonely roads become our racing tracks and nobody seems to bother, Yeah!


It was on a Sunday night when my life entered into a new chapter
When the plainly-dressed stormed into the clubhouse full-forced
And with a yelp and gasp all my buddies went to an escapade
And I jumped off the third floor with a loud CRASH onto the ground.

There the hospital was my temporary home
And I can no longer go on the run...


The warm tears rolled like pearls over my face
And there I faced the court with sheer disgrace
Heavens, how can I recover my tarnished little face?

Into the Juvenile School I went
With a sense of regret and no consent
And it was here,
which I underwent various torment

There is no liberty in this living hell
Which is deep down like a well
And here I am, screaming but
No one can come to help...

Please, save me, save me
From this living dungeon
Please, save me, save me
From more shame and regret

But I know that
There is sunshine and rainbow
Behind the storms and hurricanes
There is dew
In the desert
There is love
In my world, my world

And I hear God says,
"Girl, please come and listen to me,
there is never too late
To turn back and reach for the stars."

There is love in the dungeon
With my friends of the same fate
They are with me, always with me
And they whispered to me,
"You are not alone. You have just got the path wrong."


Goodbye, beer, goodbye, cigar
Hello to the kitchen, hello to a new life;
Goodbye to evil, goodbye to despair
And hello to a beautiful new world."

And there was, I am,
After leaving the school
Maybe I am lost and unwanted
But there is a faint voice, behind me:

"You are never lost and you are not forlorn,
You are still young and strong,
Come follow me, to the ultimate
Path of beauty and hope."

There was an old friend, who beckoned me
To follow her down the alley
And there was when my messy life
Got a good start ahead...

And my life was never like before.

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