Friday, April 1, 2011

Push Me Further

This week was indeed an insanity streak. Besides having to help my friends to prepare scripts for the Malay language Parliamentary Debate competition, I am joining some Essay Competitions and not to forget, LOADS of essay homework to do!

However, I managed to steal some time out for some shout-outs in my website. Yet, my eyed are damn unlucky-facing the computer at least two hours a day! Somehow, this is the CRAZIEST WEEK ever.

Okay, first and foremost, I was slightly terrified to know the theme song for the English week-Justin Bieber's "Pray". (No offense to beliebers, okay? ) JB? Oh my gosh. Yet, to me, the song is fairly acceptable due to the lyrics.

Secondly, I wish to take this opportunity to express my congratulations to those who excelled in SPM 2010, especially for those from my school of course. To those who obtained straight A's, continue to shine in the future! To the rest, strive and you will excel and be competitive. Never give up! (Of course, I am going to dedicate the latter to this year's batch too... )

Thirdly, I wish all the best to Latha, Cynthia, Durga, Hanan and Saras as they joined the Parliamentary Debates. My friends and I are there to support and we promise we will work all-out for your best. YOU GUYS ROCKS! Congratulations for winning the second preliminary round! Now we are against SMK DARUL RIDWAN.


Today, I helped to time my friends during the physical endurance test in the Physical Education class. I went to weigh myself for fun. What...???

67kg???!!! goodness, despite eating relatively small portions (less than half plate of rice), my stubborn weight did not seem to drop even a bit! Maybe it was due to stress and lack of rest? Heavens!

Lastly, I was actually quite happy as I got to join quite many activities this year-especially writing. I actually thought of pursuing a career in this field. However, I was quite grieved for having horrible results and lost my MERIT CARD...!!! =='

And now, there are some things for me to look for: Diligence, hope and good memory, as I seem to slip items off my head too easily... :( Oh yeah, haven't I said that I had became a great PANDA? XD

It is late now and I have to go offline. See you guys next week... :D

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