Friday, April 15, 2011

I need a break...

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for the past week! I was busy with the Parliamentary Debate competition and fighting against HOMEWORK.

Okay, well, I am not accustomed to grumble that much. Yet, seriously, GIVE ME A BREAK!
Do you know why?

Well, Form 5 students are going to battle at the examination hall at the end of the year. It is just a few months away. My class was put under HIGH PRESSURE!!!
It was on a typical schoolday last week. I forgot which day and what time it was, but that event happened during Mathematics class, if I am not mistaken. The "Great One" (*cough-cough*) STORMED into the class and began droning, and speaking loudly.

"I did a large mistake by focusing on only one girl to get straight A's in SPM lat year, so I decided to focus on the WHOLE class this year.
I am going to make many programs just for you. Your teachers are committed to help you all. I understand that you are tired to continue studying after school. Therefore, I decide to make you come to extra classes after school."

There comes the point where I got really HEATED!

"You all ah, cannot study at home. Many Form 5 girls missed 'A' due to study lift. You really need more GUIDANCE!" That was after I told her that I have my own study plan, which is to make notes for reading subjects, such as Biology and History. I improved in History due to that method. It is just a matter of time.

In my point of view, students in examination classes should be given a chance to relax while studying. Overstress can backfire as students will be left with little stamina. In turn, they will lack energy and concentration to continu
e studying. Thus, their studies will suffer in turn. Thus, I must say that we are NEITHER BATTERY-CHARGED HUMANOIDS OR EXAMINATION ROBOTS!!!

Poor teachers and students. The teachers get angered easily and tend to throw a tantrum.Let us see...

"Kalau awak tak dapat 'A' bagi mata pelajaran cikgu, jumpalah ********!"
(If you do not score an 'A' for my subject, get ready to meet the *********!)

"Hang pi mampus lah! Tak baca subjek aku!"
(Go and die for not reading my subject!) Oh my dreadful goodness.

However, everything goes to the relevant department, and it keeps sticking on the examination-orientated system until the School authorities got mad, the teachers got the blame, and the students get insane!

Oh yeah, another word of hers flashed into my mind... (I translated it to English)

"Students, stop joining activities and concentrate on only STUDIES! UNDERSTAND???!!!"

Hell yeah, you are a great help for the holistic development in students, I must say! Without sports and extra-curricular activities, how on earth the students are to be excellent future leaders, huh?

Okay, I am not going to grumble more until I look old! I am going my way on, and I am moving on. After all, it is only around 200 days until I can reach the GREAT ESCAPADE...!!!

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