Friday, May 27, 2011

Awards Giving Ceremony

The decoration for the stage.

While waiting for the ceremony, I strolled around the school and saw the "Pledge of Excellence" which consists of the aims of the Form Five students in my school. My oh my, I actually aimed for only 10A+ and 1A ( because I have little confidence in History) but they put my aim as 11A+ ! The problem is: CAN I POSSIBLY ACHIEVE IT???!!!

Here are some of the snapshots of my friends in the school hall.
Thibaa. She is a cutie, and is good at heart, too.

I cannot wait this anymore...!!!

When the V.I.P finally arrived (sorry, I forgot the name of the V.I.P. ) There were the usual events: Singing of the National Anthem, school songs, and prayer recital session. To start the ceremony, a dance performance which showcased the traditional attire of the various races in Malaysia was held.

The Principal delivered the opening speech.

The V.I.P. had her say. The ceremony was officially opened after that.

The gimmick. Aye, I was TIRED of the same old music!
After all those speeches, video presentations and gimmicks, it was the long-awaited Prize-Giving Session! I am in some of the pictures-try to identify them! :D I was the third in Form Four last year.

It was the singing performance by the trio after that, right before the prize-giving event for the high-achievers in SPM 2010.

Here is the list of the high achievers last year:
  • Top PMR scorer: Dashini a/p Suras Varan
  • Top SPM scorer: Esther Hor Shan Lin
  • Della Olson Award for Service Beyond Self: Chai Sze Nee, Nadiatul Hanan bt Mohd. Amin
  • Anugerah Pekerti Mulia: Aisyah bt. Ahmad Azhar
  • Puteri TMGS: Ameera Suaida bt. Roslee

Picture Picture Time...

Cynthia and her family (without Sylvia)

Sze Nee and Hanan

All together now   

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