Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spell-It-Right (S.I.R.) Challenge

It was the Spell-It-Right (S.I.R.) Challenge on the 15th of May in Taiping Sentral. I joined the event along with Ashreyna, Janusyia, Peraavinah and some six other representatives from my school.

Before the Competition

The relatively LARGE crowd.

I had my tag number as 101. Wow, it was strategic! However, that meant that I would had to wait for quite some time before my turn. All of us were seated with students from the other schools in Perak, which is my state.

The competition began at around 10.00 a.m, after those opening speeches and briefings about the competition. Time to TWIST your brains, guys and girls!!!

The Competition Scene...

And you have to do nothing but to spell-it-right.
The 12 chairs, where the participants are seated. In the preliminary rounds, participants who spelled their first word wrong were eliminated. The second round, third round, etc. are held at the same time to choose the participant who made it into the final.

Here are just what happened during the competition... The words given were quite difficult, and we had to face the judges, participants and curious shoppers as well!

The first batch.

Aleysha in action!

The second batch.

Kamini's turn.

The third batch.

Swarna: Okay, take a deep breath and FOCUS...

The fourth batch.

The sixth batch.

The seventh batch.

The eighth batch.

The ninth batch.

The tenth batch-my batch! I am 101.

Me trying to spell out loud. However, I did not make it to the final because of the word "kedgeree"... duh!

The eleventh batch.

Eleventh batch ft. Peraavinah

The twelfth batch.

Farhana's turn. She was the first representative from my school to make it into the finals after about three rounds with another girl.

The thirteenth batch.

Janusyia: What? XD

The fourteenth batch.

Ashreyna was next from my school to enter the final.

The fifteenth batch-which was the last batch to end the day.

Iffa went into the final too.

The Final

The words spelled in the final were damn difficult (in fact, I did not came across any of them before this! They were mouthfuls to spell too...)

However, the three finalists from my school won Consolation prizes. Congratulations!

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