Monday, May 2, 2011

Ƥɛƨтα Яια 2011

It was the long-awaited food fair last Saturday! My class was doing the Ghost House-Screaming Apartment. My, how we had screamed out loud!

Okay, here is just the pictorial chronology...

Picture with Friends!

Anis and Atikah

Amirah and Fatin

Me and Latha

Ghost House-Behind The Scenes

Ameera and Fatin.

The GHOSTS...!!!

I will HUNT YOU DOWN! Hush...Hush...

Da Team Work Cafe. (From class 300)


The beautiful orange atmosphere.

Come! Come! RM5 per box of spaghetti! First come, first served!

The ultimate hullabaloo

Wait, I am BUSY!!!

Spaghetti and float from Da Team Work (300). The spaghetti was LOADED with sausages. Both are YUMMY!!! Me having my breakfast. XD

Walking Round-and-Round.

Please come and have some Curry puffs and Sarawak Chicken in Honey! :p (204 stall)

Another scene in front of the Form 1 Block, which is Block C. You can get food, bookmarks, decorative ornaments and tattoos here. Besides, there was the Kota Sesat behind for a thrill.

(From left: Sharizat, Hajar, ???, Syehnaz, sorry because I am not sure of the third girl!)
We are the 500 crew!

The crew from 402


P/S: Please use Google Translate for this. Thanks!

A snapshot of the 503 cafe.

(From left: Patricia, Joan, Michelle, Jia Ling)
Come and buy our sandwiches!

We are ready to SPLURGE! Mari, Mari...!!!

Tattoos from 502

Come, let me help you. (Ying Qian)

Suba and Faith with their beautiful tattoos.

The artist is-- Wern Ching!

Drawing the tattoo.

My tattoo. I love it! However, it was temporary, of course. This design costs RM2.

The SCREAM APARTMENT-Behind the scenes

The queue in front of our ghost house-The Scream Apartment.

This is the ticket.

When is my turn? I cannot wait any longer!

I was the receptionist for the second shift, which was from 10.30 am till12.30 am. There were many visitors. Nevertheless, I felt unsavory as one woman started reprimanding us in front of the public. According to her, we were not systematic and efficient enough until the visitors were kept waiting. Besides, she wanted a refund. I was really infuriated by her words: "I AM YOUR SENIOR! I WANT A REFUND! CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" What a rotter she was! In my opinion, it was nothing grand at all to bully someone younger than you-even if you are in your forties! Nevertheless, my friends and I were firm enough not to allow her a refund.


Another friend of mine who was the mascot for her class as well.

(Sorry, I cannot figure out who she is...!!!)

My friend, Thibaa, who was the mascot for her class, 503.

Her class sold yummy sardine sandwiches. However, my tummy was too small to try everything! (They sold ais kacang, spaghetti, nasi lemak, etc. as well.)

The scene when the Food Fair was coming to an end.

Later, I worked IN the Ghost House with my friends as there were insufficient "ghosts" and disturbers. The scene was DARK. I was fortunate to be the disturber as I cannot even act as a ghost well! Unfortunately, when it comes to a batch of boys, they ended up destroying the house. They slammed hard at the tables, mocked at us and even crossed over the tables. I was STEPPED ON! Luckily, they did not get to do anything bad on me. What nasty craps they were!

Cleanup Time!

After all those fun moments, it was time for us to clean up the classrooms and restore the original study atmosphere. Sorry for not having the pictures of cleaning up, because everyone was really exhausted!

The classroom was finally back to normal after all those mess.

I became really SHORT in front of the uneven mirror. LOL

Rogi and Saras.

Water wastage! Hey, save our Mother Earth-lah!

(Clockwise from left: Hew Chen, Saras, Ameera, Song, Atilia)
PEACE!!! Obviously, someone was not ready yet... O.O

(Clockwise from bottom left: Anis, me, Hew Chen, Atikah)
After a day's work, it is time to rest and take some pictures! Note our faces.

(From left: Thavani, Atikah, Hew Chen, Saras, Ameera)
The ONLOOKERS! What's next?

I am tired, I just want to sleep... (Far right)

The Food Fair was fun. I am not really sure the amount my class earned for the fair, but my class got RM80 of fake coupons! What the Hell... Anyway, that was the last year of me ACTUALLY getting involved in the Fair. Food Fair is always my favorite school event and I will be missing it really badly!

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