Monday, October 5, 2009

Diet Story

I was a glutton. Believe me or not, I can once gobble up three plates of rice and a burger too!

When I was in Year One, I ate snacks DAILY. No snacks, no meal. I must have a big Mac or a waffle each time I stepped into the supermarket. At once, my BMI reached 21.7. Look at my age then-This is healthy for adults, but not for kids!

I was heavily addicted to anything sweet that you can imagine-ce cream, chocolate, mooncakes...And two years later, I was one of the famous fatties in school! Enjoy your life by eating, right? Muahahaha!

It was 2006 when I found that I was OBESE! Oh no! Now there was no more ice cream and titbits for me. My clothes must be tailor-made! I must undo this! After replacing the sweeties with oats, fruits and veggies, with some exercises, I managed to reduce my weight. Yahoo!

But the circulation came again. I became addicted to eating once more.

"Sharon, once you managed to reduce your weight. Will you become a fatty again?"

"Sharon, enjoy your life. you can enjoy only your youth once!"

What? I was stunned. Oh yeah, I need to guard my health. So the choice is the latter. Oats and fruits, my breakfast to avoid obesity and constipation! No supper, light meals.

Recently, my dad contracted gout. What? Olive oil meals, brown rice, veggies. No peanuts, no snacks, less chicken. Therefore, the family's weight reduced. Daddy lost 10kg and lost his "barrel". Hurrah!

Where there is a will, there is a way. Hope he will recover soon and continue on his diet.










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