Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Rewind!

Ring out the old, ring in the new!

For now, it is merely more than two hours away to the next day-and a whole new year ahead...

2012. A whole new year. A whole new life which is yet to begin in the next few hours.

2011. A fascinating, important year and an eye-opener, which is yet still perplexing, oh, maybe a little.

I knew that I have to make a change in 2011, at the end of 2010. No more Internet addiction, no more getting confused in any time and any place,  no more non-stop complaining. NEVER!!!

Did I got over all those nonsensical hoo-hahs which unfortunately downed on me last year? I am uncertain of that. however, most of the people around me agreed in unison that I have indeed changed to the better. Not to brag, though. XD

I am putting in every effort to pick up the broken pieces of my life and fix them altogether into a better picture-throughout the year.

(Sharon, stop being that emotional! Head straight to the point!)

Okay, okay yeah...

Well, well, in this year, I have learnt that life is not all about endless studying and internet. Life is about LOVE, APPRECIATION to the best things around you, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to the beauty and power of GOD, and to forgive and forget.

This year is nothing but AWESOME. I meet awesome people, shared the most outta-your-mind jokes with my allies, meet good teachers which enlightened my soul (especially Puan Sharifah...)... the list is endless. however, nothing beats GOD. He saves souls!

Malay debate. Spell-It-Right. BRATs. Essay competitions. I have since then explored towards further horizons and began to think out of the box. Polishing my writing skills, learning up beautiful quotes (eh, is the word "beautiful" appropriate here? I don't know!), liaise with people around me and getting out of my shady corner beneath the thick pages and the idiot box... Yeah, it is all about living up my life! I learnt to interact with my friends more. I am no longer perplexed in managing time. I can rack all and about my brain more! I am... I am...

Nonetheless, 2011 is my final year of marathon studying, and that is the ESSENCE of the year! Now taht SPM is over, that means that there are no more mind-boggling scientific terms and long-winded facts which virtually blow my mind out!

In short, it is about letting go the scums along my life journey, and live a wholesome life. *Smiles*

However, being a school leaver, I am currently on the crossroads, lost in direction, fidgeting which direction to follow. Matriculation? A-levels? Teacher Training?

Now that there are a myriad of challenges ahead, I will have to brave through the hurricanes and move on.

Anyway, anyhow, 2011 is surely a memorable year for me and will be treasured for the years to come.

forgive and forget. Live and let live. Last but not least, to all of you,

...Time to bid adios to 2011 with glee!!!

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